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Detailed War Reform Mechanics

Warning - Detailed gameplay mechanics - Reading can spoil the experience
All the decisions below have an Evil value. These will contribute to Celestia's potential ascension to Daybreaker.

Pre-War Reforms

Equestria's economy and conscription laws are unlocked by the Urgent War Committee focus. Typically a player will do this as soon as a major begins justifying against Equestria.

However, a player can unlock also laws at 35 World Tension or 30% War Support

Gearing for War? (10PP Decision)

Choice Evil PP Effects
Don't interfere in the market 0 +20 Economic laws remain blocked
Prepare for Mobilisation 4 Economic laws unlocked

Issue of Conscription (10 PP Decision)

Choice Evil PP Effects
Peace Will Prevail 0 +20 Conscription Laws Unlocked
A Limited Draft 4 -150 Conscription Laws Unlocked

Limited Conscription Enacted

Prepare for Anything 8 -300 Conscription Laws Unlocked

Extensive Conscription Enacted

War Support: +10%

War Reforms

Princess's Speech

The Urgent War Committee focus will unlock a Military Theorist and Air Warfare theorist.

It will also unlock the Princess's Speech decision, though this cannot be used until Equestria is at war with the Changelings.

Princess's Speech (25 PP Decision)

Choice Evil PP Effects
Reluctant war 0 +300 War Support: +5%
Protect My Little Ponies 2 +300 War Support: +10%
Destroy Chrysalis 3 +300 Supremacy: +5%

War Support: +15%

Wartime Press Act

The next key focus is the Extreme Measure focus. In addition to reducing the effect of Stagnation of Harmony, it offers an event about media censorship. Censorship can prevent penalties from defeatist sentiments in the media, and the extreme version adds the Propaganda national spirit.

Choice Evil PP Effects
No Censorship 0 +20 Defeatism events can occur, cannot be censored
A little censorship 2 Defeatism events cannot occur
Control the press 6 -30 Defeatism events cannot occur

Supremacy: +3%

Daily Supremacy Support: +0.03
War Support: +7%
Ideology Drift Defense: -10%
Foreign Subversive Activities Efficiency: -10%

Put Down the Magic of Friendship

This focus will remove the Magic of Friendship, which hinders the war effort. The severity of the decision will impact the post-war return of the spirit, and the extreme version will and the Harmony in Order idea.

Choice Evil PP Effects
Mild 0 Magic of Friendship removed.

Magic of Friendship restored after war end

Moderate 2 Magic of Friendship removed
Extreme 6 -50 Magic of Friendship removed

Supremacy: +5%

Harmony in Order
Stability: -2%
Daily Supremacy Support: +0.02
Factory Output: +5%
Dockyard Output: +5%
Recruitable Population Factor: +5%
War Support: +10%
Division training time: -5%

Martial Law

The Renovate Political System focus further reduces penalties from Stagnation of Harmony, but also offers a decision about law reform.

Choice Evil PP Effects
No Martial Law 0 +20 Harmony: +5%

Extreme responses to Conscription Crisis unavailable

Martial Law 3 Prince Blueblood (Prince of Terror) unlocked;Martial Law:Effect of Partisans on us: -10%:Mobilization Laws Cost: -10%:Division Recovery Rate: +5%
Change the Law 7 -40 Supremacy: +5%

Prince Blueblood (Prince of Terror) unlocked

Militarized Law
Stability: -5%
War Support: +10%
Daily Supremacy Support: +0.01
Effect of partisans on us: -20%
Political Power Gain: +10%
Mobilization Laws Cost: -15%
Division Recovery Rate: +10%
Recruitable Population Factor: +10%

Wartime Administration

The Eradicate Bureaucracy focus removes the Stagnation of Harmony spirit, and also offers decisions for administrative reform.

Choice Evil PP Idea
Reform Civilian Admin 0 +20 Harmony: +3%
Joint Military-Civilian Admin 1 -20
Wartime Bureaucracy
Political Advisor Cost: -10%
Economy Cost: -10%
Factory Output: +10%
Dockyard Output: +10%
Military Admin 6 -60 Supremacy: +4%
Militarised Bureaucracy
Daily Supremacy Support: +0.02
Political Power Gain: +10%
Political Advisor Cost: -15%
Economy Cost: -15%
Factory Output: +10%
Dockyard Output: +10%
Subject Autonomy Gain: -0.1

War Plan

In addition to changing the economy law to Wartime Economy and granting military factories, the war plan offers a choice of War Plan ideas. These ideas provide strong bonuses but continously drain War Support and Stability whilst active. Note that the milder plans have their own advantages - in addition to a lower drain, they also provide higher factory output. The war plan may be cancelled at any time for the cost of 50PP.

Choice Evil PP Idea
Mild 0 +20
War Plan (Mild)
Consumer Goods Factories: -10%
Military Factory Conversion Cost: -10%
Military Factory Construction Speed: +10%
Factory Output: +15%
Dockyard Output: +15%
Join Faction Tension Limit: +20%
War Support: +10%
Weekly War Support: -0.10%
Weekly Stability: -0.10%
Moderate 2
War Plan (Moderate)
Consumer Goods Factories: -15%
Recruitable Population: 3%
Military Factory Construction Speed: +10%
Factory Ouput: +10%
Dockyard Output: +10%
Join Faction Tension Limit: +20%
Weekly War Support: -0.20%
Weekly Stability: -0.20%
Extreme 6 -50
War Plan (Extreme)
Daily Supremacy Support: +0.01
Consumer Goods Factories: -20%
Recruitable Population: 5%
Military Factory Conversion Cost: -10%
Military Factory Construction Speed: +10%
Factory Ouput: +5%
Dockyard Output: +5%
Join Faction Tension Limit: +20%
Weekly War Support: -0.50%
Weekly Stability: -0.50%

Random Wartime Events

Media Defeatism

Media defeatism can occur at any time during the war. It has a long MTTH but is more likely to occur if losing, fighting changelings, or fighting an aggressive war. The event can fire up to once a year.

Choice Evil Effects
Allow a Free Press 0
Defeatism(180 days)
War Support: -10%
Daily Political Power Cost: +0.10
Emergency War Censorship* 2 Prevents future Defeatism events

*This option unavailable if No Censorship was selected in Wartime Press Act

Conscription Crisis

A MTTH event that can occur when conscription is set to Extensive Conscription or higher. Higher chance if <100k manpower, whilst in an offensive war. It has a lower chance if you have high surrender progress. It can occur up to once per year.

Choice Evil PP Effects
Do Nothing 0
Conscription Crisis (180 days)
Recruitable Population Factor: -20%
Stability: +5%
Crack Down 1
Extreme Crack Down* 4 -50 Stability: -5%

*Unavailable if No Martial Law is chosen in Martial Law event.

Post War Demobilisation

After the war is concluded, national spirits are impacted as follows.

  • War plan of any severity will automatically be removed. It can be readded by decision in a future war.
  • Friendship is Magic will be automatically re-added if the temporary removal option was selected. It will automatically disappear again if war resumes.
  • Wartime Bureaucracy and Martial Law will automatically be removed. They will automatically be readded if a new war occurs.
  • Extreme laws - Militarised Bureaucracy, Harmony in Order, Militarised Law, and Propaganda - will NOT be removed after war. If Celestia has <34 Evil points, a demobilization decision will be available. This will remove all extreme laws and lower fascist support. The ideas cannot be readded after removal by decision.

Spoiler end.

Daybreaker and The Solar Empire

See the Solar Empire page for further information on playing as the Solar Empire.

Warning - Detailed gameplay mechanics - Reading can spoil the experience

Celestia, under pressure for action and driven to increasingly desperate actions, has an emotional state tracked via the Toll of War decision. This decision shows Celestia's level of stress and desperation, measured by her Evil value, and also the country's support for Supremacy and drastic, militaristic action.

Celestia Evil Celestia is feeling...
0-9 Calm
10-17 Worried
18-25 Stressed
26-32 Overwhelmed
33-39 Angry
40-46 Vengeful
>46 Ready to become what she was meant to be
Supremacy Support Good Celestia (0-32) Evil Celestia (>32)
0-30% Believe in Friendship and Harmony Cling to their old ways
30-50% Think not enough is being done Are ready to follow
50-70% Demand drastic measures Will obey any orders
>70% Have dispensed with Friendship Will follow her into the gates of Tartarus

Once Celestia reaches over 32 Evil, Luna or the nobility will express concern for Celestia's shifting personalty and increasing stress. Celestia can agree, reducing evil by 4, or dismiss their concerns, increasing fascist support by 7%,

There are two ways to ascend to Daybreaker.

  • Celestia Evil >46 - will unlock a decision to become Daybreaker. The decision can be activated if at war and Supremacy is >30%, OR at peace and Supremacy is >50%
  • Celestia Evil >32 - above this number Celestia has a chance of triggering the Daybreaker event - with this event Celestia can ascend to Daybreaker even if Fascist support is insufficient. This is a MTTH event and so will vary from playthrough to playthrough. The chance of triggering can be increased by
    • Being at war
    • Being in a civil war
    • Higher evil levels (angry / vengeful / ready)
    • Losing a war badly
    • Higher Supremacy levels. (follow / obey / tartarus)

When the event triggers, Celestia can choose to become Daybreaker or attempt to back down at a cost of 300PP. Backing down will reduce fascist support by 40% and remove all extreme laws (similar to Demobilization). The event will not happen again. If Celestia's Evil is 40 or higher the attempt to back down will fail and she will become Daybreaker anyway.

The results of Daybreaker's ascension depends on whether Equestria is at peace or war. If Equestria is at war Daybreaker will ascend without issue and Luna will leave the country. The Crystal Empire may or may not become independent (chance-based). If Equestria is at peace Luna will secede and lead a Harmonic resistance against the corrupted Celestia, and the Crystal Empire will become independent.

Spoiler end.