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Before Luna's Banishment

  • In northern Equus, constant conflict between the three tribes of unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies attracts magical windigoes, spirits who feed on hatred and spread cold weather. This leads to three migration waves as the north becomes uninhabitable for ponykind: one great fleet sails south, other ponies cross the strait into the unknown lands of Griffonia, while the final group migrates south to a new fertile land.
  • The three tribes in the south threaten to fight over the land they have settled. This attracts the windigos to them, endangering their new home. Only after the tribes make peace do the windigos leave and the snows melt. The tribes unite and form Flag of Equestria Equestria. The event is celebrated each year during Hearth's Warming Eve.
  • Another group of ponies establishes the realm of Flag of Stalliongrad Severyana.
  • Many years later, two young alicorn sisters, Celestia and Luna, are crowned as the rulers of Equestria.
  • Six great heroes, the Pillars of Equestria, are gathered by unicorn Stygian to banish three monsters attempting to take over Equestria, the Sirens. Led by Starswirl the Bearded, a legendary mage, they perform great feats to defend Equestria from various threats.
  • The seed for the Tree of Harmony is planted by the Pillars of Equestria. The Pillars then confront Stygian, who had become "a Pony of Shadows", and mysteriously vanish.
  • A chaos spirit called Discord wreaks havoc in Flag of Equestria Equestria. Celestia and Luna take the Elements of Harmony from the tree and use them to imprison him in stone. Unknown to the two, Discord discards a seed which would strangle the Tree of Harmony over time.
  • King Sombra of the Flag of Crystal Empire Crystal Empire is banished by Celestia and Luna. Sombra's curse makes the Empire vanish for a thousand years.
  • A centaur from Flag of Kingdom of Senturya Kingdom of Senturya named Lord Tirek plans to steal the magic of ponies with his gargoyle brother Scorpan, but the latter befriends the ponies and reveals his plans to the Princesses. Tirek is imprisoned in Tartarus.


  • Land of the Deer, Flag of Kingdom of Olenia Olenia, consists of several petty kingdoms, with the largest ones centered around major trade ports. In 2 BLB Olenia is united under King Harald Fairantlers of Hjortland.


  • Princess Luna becomes jealous of her older sibling and is corrupted. She becomes Nightmare Moon and attacks Celestia, who has no option but to use the Elements of Harmony to banish her into the moon for a thousand years.

After Luna's Banishment


  • After Nightmare Moon's coup attempt, angry mobs of ponies lose trust in thestrals (bat ponies) and drive them out of cities and villages into their cavernous homes. The divide between the two groups is never truly healed, despite Princess Celestia's best efforts.

143 ALB

  • Deer from Flag of Kingdom of Olenia Olenia raid Flag of Equestria Equestria for the last time. Afterwards, ponies and deer make peace by signing an official treaty of friendship. The lack of raiding targets due to the treaty upsets a portion of the nobility and the warrior middle class.
  • A Huskarl named Hoef Derikson gathers a host of dissatisfied nobles and intrepid peasants from Olenia and sails west to try to find Flag of Austurland a new land to settle and rule.

~200 ALB

  • Gunpowder is invented by Equestrian alchemists, but it is used exclusively in fireworks and for other non-military purposes. Later the invention spreads to Griffonia where it is weaponized for the first time.

437 ALB

  • Meanderly Pool, an Equestrian explorer, journeys across Griffonia to meet a legendary lost pony tribe. She discovers Flag of Lake City Lake City, meets Grand Prince Bright Blossom and re-establishes communications between western and eastern ponies.

649 ALB

  • Coltlumbus founds a new colony in southwest Griffonia called Flag of Commonwealth of New Mareland New Mareland. The land is sparsely inhabited by griffons and infested with monsters, but there is great opportunity for trade with the eastern griffon realms. First pony settlers from Flag of Equestria Equestria arrive.

673 ALB

  • New Mareland settlers and the Duke of the Flag of Duchy of Talouse Duchy of Talouse sign an official treaty where the land in what is today the Hoovesplain is ceded to New Mareland in exchange for a large amount of bits. The two parties agree on a border which remains the modern day border between New Mareland and Talouse.

783 ALB

  • Flag of Nova Griffonia Nova Griffonia is founded on northeastern Equus by the Flag of Griffonian Empire Griffonian Empire. It consists of various culturally diverse griffon settlements along the coast which are for the first time united. Soon after, first inland expeditions begin, marking the start of Nova Griffonian expansion, and the melting pot culture of the colony forms.

795 ALB

  • Following a prolonged succession crisis, the boyars of Flag of Stalliongrad Severyana elect Princess Celestia of Equestria as the Tsarina of Severyana.

810 ALB

  • Jam Wutt invents the steam engine in Flag of Equestria Equestria. Eventually it is adopted in factories of Manehattan, Canterlot, Fillydelphia, Vanhoover and Las Pegasus.

847 ALB

  • Adamant Smith publishes the book "Prosperity of Countries", which revolutionized economic theory and guided Equestrian policy for years to come.

850 ALB

  • Cuty Stuffy builds a prototype steam locomotive. Her design is developed and improved and soon trains become widely used for transportation in Equestria.

860-940 ALB

  • Gradually, the industrial revolution takes place in Equestria. The old cities of Manehattan, Canterlot, Bales, Vanhoover, Fillydelphia, Las Pegasus grow rapidly and new industrial cities appear such as Albion, Whinnyapolis, Baltimare, Tall Tale, Rockville, Petershoof and Princessyn. From time to time small strikes and riots of workers, peasants and traders occur as they protest the rapid change of society.

944 ALB

  • Caramel Marks, an Equestrian unicorn, and her friend Fire Angel, write the program of their underground organization "Union of Struggle for Justice", which later becomes popular worldwide: “Social Justice Party Manifesto”. In the following years, branches of the Union appear in various parts of Equestria. The ideas of Marksism are publicized both in Equestria and abroad.

952 ALB

  • Flag of Kingdom of Olenia Olenia begins to industrialize. Many factories and companies are quickly founded during this time.

960 ALB

  • A company called Lokia is founded in Flag of Kingdom of Olenia Olenia. Decades later they become renowned across the world for their reliable and nigh unbreakable radios and other electronic devices.

962 ALB

  • King Aldar II of Olenia officially suspends the religious office of Allsherjargoði.

974 ALB

  • Under growing popular support for autonomy, the Equestrian government grants Dominion status to the southern island of Puerto Caballo.

980 ALB

  • Steel Stallion begins to spread word of Caramel Marks’ new radical ideology in the Severyana region.

982 ALB

  • Queen Chrysalis of Vesalipolis unites the various Changeling Hives into Flag of Changeling Lands a single nation.

991 ALB

  • After a dry summer and harsh winter caused by mismanagement of weather by pegasi, the Severyana region in Flag of Equestria Equestria experiences supply shortages. Southern regions are reluctant to share and few traders who arrive establish a price rate nearly impossible to meet for an average citizen.

~990 ALB

  • A pegasus filly named Rainbow Dash creates the Sonic Rainboom, linking the destinies of six ponies who would become the Elements of Harmony. A unicorn foal named Twilight Sparkle experiences a massive magical surge, drawing the attention of Celestia, and becomes her personal student.

995 ALB

  • A large revolt sparks in Severyana, which declares its independence from Flag of Equestria Equestria. The Supreme Soviet is established with three ponies, Vasily Pantushenko, Sinister Serov and Altidyia Revoltsova as its leading members. The new state adopts Caramel Marks’ ideology as their own. Shortly afterwards Steel Stallion dies of illness and the capital of the region, Princessyn, is renamed to Flag of Stalliongrad Stalliongrad in his honour.

996 ALB

  • Flag of Stalliongrad Stalliongrad successfully wins the Winter Revolution after Princess Celestia recalls the military from Stalliongrad, citing that she did not wish for unnecessary deaths of ponies, and fires her current Captain of the Guard for authorizing military action against the city without her approval.

997 ALB

  • Shining Armor, brother of Twilight Sparkle, is promoted to Flag of Equestria Equestria's Captain of the Guard.

1000 ALB

  • Nightmare Moon returns from her exile as prophecy foretold. However, Twilight Sparkle and her new friends become the physical forms of the Elements of Harmony, remove her corruption and turn her back into Luna. She reunites with her sister and Flag of Equestria Equestria becomes a diarchy once more.
  • Starlight Glimmer founds Flag of Our Town Our Town, a radical commune near Flag of Stalliongrad Stalliongrad where everyone is made perfectly equal with magic.

1001 ALB

  • A short conflict nicknamed ”The Apple War” erupts between Appleloosan settlers and the Flag of Buffalo Chiefdom Buffalo Chiefdom after a land dispute, but soon the two sides end up signing a peace treaty and a trade agreement.
  • Discord breaks out of his prison of stone, but is imprisoned again by the wielders of the Elements.
  • King Aldar II of Flag of Kingdom of Olenia Olenia dies under suspicious circumstances. His illegitimate son Johan quickly seizes the throne with the help of religious leaders, corrupt businessdeer and greedy nobles. Princess Velvet, the rightful heir, flees to Flag of Equestria Equestria.

1002 ALB

  • Flag of Polar Bear Communities Polar Bear Communities are established after a two-year unification war by Paw Wellington.
  • Lord Tirek escapes from his imprisonment in Tartarus.
  • Queen Chrysalis of Flag of Changeling Lands Changeling Lands infiltrates Canterlot with her swarm and attempts to take over Flag of Equestria Equestria during a royal wedding, but they are defeated by alicorn Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. The wedding proceeds afterwards and the two get married. Back in the Changeling Lands, Chrysalis’ rule is questioned, forcing her to focus on internal matters while plotting revenge.
  • The Flag of Crystal Empire Crystal Empire returns as the curse is lifted and so does King Sombra. However, with the help of the wielders of the Elements, the Crystal Heart is returned to its place and Sombra is shattered and imprisoned in Limbo. Princess Cadence and Shining Armor of Flag of Equestria Equestria become the rulers of the Crystal Empire.
  • Discord is released, reformed and becomes more benevolent. He, however, is rarely interested in solving Equestrian problems.
  • Twilight Sparkle, the wielder of the Element of Magic and the Protégé of Princess Celestia, is elevated to alicornhood.

1003 ALB

  • Twilight and the other Element Wielders discover the Tree of Harmony, which is strangled by Discord's weeds. They remove the cursed plant and restore the Tree.
  • Internal disputes within Flag of Stalliongrad Stalliongrad lead to a political deadlock as the troika, with Vasily and Sinister on one side and Altidyia on the other begin to rival each other.
  • The Equestria Games are held in Flag of Crystal Empire Crystal Empire, with Flag of Nova Griffonia Nova Griffonia participating and envoys from Flag of Saddle Arabia Saddle Arabia spectating. The Duke and Duchess of Flag of Duchy of Maretonia Maretonia visit as well, meeting with Celestia and Luna.
  • Tirek manages to gain the support of Discord and with his aid steals the magic of all Equestrian ponies, including the Princesses. However, the wielders of the Elements gain powers from the Tree of Harmony that allow them to defeat Tirek and return him to Tartarus. Discord repents and is forgiven. As a consequence of this, Twilight Sparkle becomes the Princess of Friendship.
  • The wielders of the Elements discover Flag of Our Town Starlight's commune and save the inhabitants from misery by giving them their talent marks back and exposing Starlight as a liar who never removed her own mark, therefore being more equal than others. Starlight manages to escape and plans her vengeance. The inhabitants of the town abandon Starlight's ideology.
  • Flag of Kingdom of Yakyakistan Yakyakistan ends its long isolation and Prince Rutherford goes on a diplomatic visit to Equestria. A diplomatic crisis is resolved by Pinkie Pie, who earns the friendship of the Yak leader.

1004 ALB

  • Starlight Glimmer returns for revenge and uses secret time-travel magic to change the fates of the Wielders of the Elements by ensuring the Sonic Rainboom never occurs. Twilight manages to show her the devastating, postapocalyptic consequences to Flag of Equestria Equestria - filled with total war, tyranny, bloodshed and ruin. She persuades her to abandon her plans for revenge and embrace Harmony. History is repaired, Equestria returns to normal and Starlight becomes Twilight's personal student.
  • Flurry Heart is born in Flag of Crystal Empire Crystal Empire. She is the daughter of Princess Cadance and is thus the first alicorn to be born in over a thousand years.
  • Ember succeeds her father Torch and becomes the next Dragon Lord of the Flag of United Dragon Lands Dragon Lands with the help of Spike, Twilight and Rarity. She forms good relations with Flag of Equestria Equestria in return.
  • Queen Chrysalis, who initally planned to infiltrate Equestria again, instead begins to prepare for a large-scale military invasion.

1005 ALB

  • Pinkie Pie is appointed Ambassador to the Yaks, and leads a relief effort to assist Flag of Kingdom of Yakyakistan Yakyakistan after an avalanche devastates their capital of Yakistown.
  • Twilight Sparkle publishes a journal of the adventures and lessons of her and her friends, the Journal of Friendship, for all to read.
  • Twilight Sparkle discovers the Pillars of Equestria locked away in Limbo, and frees them. However, this also frees the Pony of Shadows. The Element Bearers and the Pillars confront it together, initally planning to use the Elements to banish it into the Limbo, but Twilight manages to save Stygian from the darkness instead. The Pillars then set out to assist this strange new world.
  • The Tree of Harmony sends the wielders of the Elements to Flag of Hippogriffia Mount Aris, the home of the hippogriffs, to solve a friendship problem. However, they discover the entire population has transformed into seaponies and fled underwater to hide from the Storm King. They manage to convince the seaponies to stop hiding when they learn that Storm King is preparing to invade Equestria. The Battle of Ain Trotgourait takes place as the hippogriffs and seaponies attack the Storm King’s army. The Element Bearers confront the Storm King and his second-in-command, an Equestrian pony named Tempest Shadow. She eventually betrays her master, turning the Storm King to stone with his own magical artifact. His army is largely destroyed and Equestria is saved.
  • Princess Twilight founds the Ponyville School of Friendship in the hope of spreading values of Harmony across the world. Notably, foreign students from Flag of United Dragon Lands United Dragon Lands, Flag of Kingdom of Yakyakistan Yakyakistan, Flag of Hippogriffia Hippogriffia and Flag of Kingdom of Griffonstone Griffonstone attend.
  • The EEA (Equestria Education Association) shuts down the school after the teachers and students fail to follow their strict guidelines and rules. Twilight, with the support of Celestia, reopens the school as an independent institution. However, the foreign students have gone missing and national leaders blame each other until the students are found. It turns out they were simply enjoying a secret trip together as friends at the Castle of the Two Sisters in the Everfree Forest.

1006 ALB

  • Two element bearers, Applejack and Fluttershy, convince the Flag of Realm of Kiria Realm of Kiria to end the Silence.
  • A student of the School of Friendship, Cozy Glow, cooperates with Lord Tirek and attempts to use magical artifacts to drain all the magic in the world. She uses deceit to become the Headmare of the School of Friendship and traps the Element Bearers in Tartarus, planning to ultimately become the Empress of Friendship. Princess Celestia prepares a military intervention, but Cozy Glow's plans are foiled by other students and she is imprisoned in Tartarus.
  • After multiple narrowly averted coups, invasions and magical disasters, ponies demand more protection. Celestia commissions a committee, led by Dotted Line to perform a detailed analysis of potential threats and the adequacy of current responses.
  • Some yaks of the Yak Council in the Flag of Kingdom of Yakyakistan Kingdom of Yakyakistan disagree with Prince Rutherford’s Equestria-aligned policies and join his brother Flag of Jaki-Clan Prince Bradford instead, who promises to preserve the yak Way of Life.

1007 ALB

  • Equestria At War begins.


Before Luna's Banishment

  • Some pony tribes migrate over the channel to Northern Griffonia, fleeing the windigoes. Over several thousand years, they spread across the north and arrive in the east where they encounter griffons. After centuries of tribal warfare, the ponies settle the Riverlands.

~600 BLB

  • King Arantigos Featherin of Flag of Barony of Arantiga Sparleos establishes a vast realm stretching from Romau to Midoria, being the first griffon who comes close to uniting griffonkind. After his death, his successors fight each other and the Kingdom fractures into many successor states, most notable ones being Karthinia, Arantiga and Flag of Free City of Romau Romau.

463 BLB

453 BLB

  • One of the splinter realms from the Kingdom of Sparleos, Karthinia, is conquered by the northern Wingbard and Falcorian tribes. They would eventually carve out their own nations, Flag of Kingdom of Wingbardy Wingbardy and Flag of Falcor Principality Falcor, which become bitter rivals for centuries to come.

321 BLB

  • Flag of Kingdom of Wittenland The High Kingdom of Wittenland reaches its zenith and golden age, ruling much of the Riverlands from the southern coast to northern mountains. However, soon its slow decay and stagnation begins.

66 BLB

  • Grand Prince Blessed Sword of Flag of Lake City Lake City defeats Strategos Adynatos of Flag of Nimbusia Nimbusia at the Battle of Chaeroneigh, eliminating the last obstacle in his way. The River Empire is founded afterwards and dominates the Riverlands.

After Luna's Banishment

~100 ALB

353 ALB

  • The subjugated "Riverbank Griffons" of Flag of Gryphian Host Zaphzia revolt against their overlords in Flag of Lake City Jezeragrad.
  • Unrest spreads and soon the conflict becomes a full-blown civil war, with the former subjects of the River Empire seeking to break free.
  • King Haysil II the Lakepony Slayer restores the Flag of Kingdom of Wittenland Kingdom of Wittenland, leads a revolt against Lake City and hires deer mercenaries from a distant land. After the deer help him drive out the Lakeish occupiers, he grants a southeastern peninsula as a reward to the mercenary captain named Harald the Trotter, who founds the permanent settlement of Flag of Austurland Austurland.

357 ALB

  • End of the Princely Civil War in Flag of Lake City Jezeragrad. The provinces of Flag of River Republic Rijekograd, Flag of Kingdom of Wittenland Wittenland, Flag of Nimbusia Nimbusia, Flag of Bakaran Republic Bakara and Flag of Gryphian Host Zaphzia gain independence. This marks the end of a united Riverlands.
  • The Griffons of Zaphzia formally announce the establishment of the Kingdom of Zaphzia.
  • With the end of the Princely Civil War Flag of Austurland Austurland's contract was over. A series of strong leaders fully break with the Kingdom of Wittenland, establishing an independent state.
  • Order of the Knights of Arcturius is founded by their Archon.

437 ALB

  • Meanderly Pool, an Equestrian explorer, journeys across Griffonia to meet a legendary lost pony tribe. She discovers Flag of Lake City Jezeragrad, meets Grand Prince Bright Blossom and re-establishes communications between western and eastern ponies.

559 ALB

  • Battle of Mareathon - The invading forces of the Flag of Katerin Principality Katernii Kingdom are defeated by Flag of Nimbusia Nimbusian armies lead by Strategos Manetiades, driving griffons out of Riverlands for a decade.

569 ALB

  • Battle of Thermoponylae - A group of 300 Flag of Nimbusia Nimbusians lead by Strategos Leoneighdas hold off a huge army of Griffons for 3 days, long enough for the Riverponies to evacuate to the eastern mountains. Leoneighdas died in the battle.

579 ALB

  • After many years of instability, the Flag of Gryphian Host Kingdom of Zapzhia is dismantled. Hetman (General) Borzhonets takes control. Gradually, the leader of Zaphzia simply comes to be known as "Hetman", and the Kingdom is forgotten. The Zaphzian people come to be known as "The Zaphzian Host".

649 ALB

  • Coltlumbus founds a new colony in southwest Griffonia called Flag of Commonwealth of New Mareland New Mareland. The land is sparsely inhabited by griffons and infested with monsters, but there is great opportunity for trade with the eastern griffon realms. First pony settlers from Flag of Equestria Equestria arrive.

673 ALB

  • New Mareland settlers and the Duke of the Flag of Duchy of Talouse Duchy of Talouse sign an official treaty where the land in what is today the Hoovesplain is ceded to New Mareland in exchange for a large amount of bits. The two parties agree on a border which has remained unchanged to the present day.

704 ALB

705 ALB

  • Grover I defeats the Kings of Flag of Kingdom of Aquileia Aquileia and Flag of Kingdom of Wingbardy Wingbardy and unites most of Griffonia with the power of the Idol of Boreas. He becomes the first Kaiser (Emperor) of the Flag of Griffonian Empire Griffonian Empire.

713 ALB

  • The Flag of Griffonian Republic Duchy of Cloudbury is established by Albert I of House Plumenjar, who unites the fractured counties of the North and bends the knee to Grover I, securing Imperial rule in the North and giving the Empire a stepping stone into the isolationist Flag of Kingdom of Vedina Kingdom of Vedina. Its King signs a treaty with the Emperor instead of resisting him, becoming a nominal vassal with considerable autonomy.

728 ALB

  • University of Flag of Free City of Romau Romau is founded by Grover I of Griffonia.

747 ALB

  • Emperor Grover I famously crosses the Creeper Mountains, heralding the beginning of his eastern campaigns. The principalities had expected him to attack from the north or south and were completely caught by surprise. The Flag of Principality of Lushi Principality of Lushi and the Flag of Kingdom of Brodfeld Prywhenian principalities are soon beaten and they bend the knee.
  • The Flag of Republic of Asterion Kingdom of Asterion, which formally possessed the Creeper Mountains, protests to the Emperor and demands him to cede them back. In response Grover I destroys their mainland army and seizes their coastal states, later turning them into the Flag of County of Cyanolisia County of Cyanolisia. However, he lacks an effective fleet and is unable to attack the many islands of the minotaurs and thus makes peace, leaving them alone for now.

749 ALB

  • Grover I's mercenary garrison rebuffs raids by the Cossacks of the Flag of Gryphian Host Zaphzian Host. Rather than conquer them, he offers them protection as an Imperial March, provided they agree to his terms.

752 ALB

  • Flag of Lake City Jezeragrad is sacked by Grover I's mercenaries.
  • Grand Prince Frail Spear is ousted by the population of Flag of Lake City Jezeragrad and they declare themselves a Republic.

773 ALB

  • The aging Emperor Grover I sends a small army to attack the parishes of Flag of Sicameon Sicameon, which unite to repel his scouting forces. Two years later the parishes would form a proper decentralized Federation so they could better face future threats from the north.

783 ALB

  • Flag of Nova Griffonia Nova Griffonia is founded on northeastern Equus by the Flag of Griffonian Empire Griffonian Empire. It consists of various culturally diverse griffon settlements along the coast which are for the first time united. Soon after, first inland expeditions begin, marking the start of Nova Griffonian expansion, and the melting pot culture of the colony forms.

785 ALB

  • Grover II ascends to the throne after Grover I dies.
  • The Discrets of the Flag of Kingdom of Aquileia Aquileia rebel one day after Grover II's coronation, expecting other kingdoms, duchies and counties in the Flag of Griffonian Empire Griffonian Empire to follow their lead. However, the warlike Kaiser and his mighty Imperial Army crushes the Discret armies and burns down most of Aquileia. The King is deposed and sent as a gift to the Kaiser who then proceeds to beat him to death. Peace returns and Princess Giselda Discret marries the Kaiser in the ruined Temple of Arcturius in Aquila.
  • Flag of Free City of Romau Romau also attempts to rebel against Imperial rule, but is crushed by Grover II. It loses most of its land and is reduced to a small city-state.
  • Mere days after Grover I's death, Flag of Nimbusia Nimbusia, then a significant regional power, invades the Flag of Gryphian Host Gryphian Host. The Imperial nobles stop squabbling to repulse the attack. The defense of Imperial land and subsequent punishment of Nimbusia help to solidify Grover II as a strong leader.
  • Emperor Grover II entrusts the Idol of Boreas to his brother King Guto in Flag of Kingdom of Griffonstone Griffonstone, whose descendants guard it for many generations.

792 ALB

  • A slave revolt in Flag of Diamond Mountain Diamond Mountain results in a large number of ex-slave Diamond Dogs fleeing into the Flag of Griffonian Empire Griffonian Empire. Emperor Grover II grants them the mountains north of Griffenheim to the former slaves and which becomes known as the Flag of County of Bronzehill County of Bronzehill.

799 ALB

  • Emperor Grover II, wishing to secure supply routes to the east, crushes Flag of Sicameon Sicameon with a vast invasion force. The federation is dismantled and a Grand Duchy is founded in its place. The locals would continue to resist the occupation.
  • Next he uses the might of the Imperial Navy to blockade Flag of Republic of Asterion Asterion and navally invade it. After a single engagement the King of the minotaurs declares the war to be impossible to win and surrenders. Grover II turns them into a puppet state like he had done with Sicameon.

807 ALB

  • Flag of River Republic Rijekograd invades Flag of Kingdom of Wittenland Wittenland, capturing Coltstream but taking heavy losses. Many members of the princely family perish in the brutal Siege of High Mane, where the invaders are repelled.

810 ALB

  • Grover II and the Archon of Arcturius sanction the Flag of Ordensstaat Hellquill Knights of Hellquill and they begin their Eternal Crusade against the pony menace. Grover II’s campaign leaves a trail of death and destruction in the Riverlands.

814 ALB

  • Flag of River Republic Rijekograd becomes the River Republic after heirless Grand Princess Soft Water perishes from battle wounds without having a legitimate heir, leaving power to the Sabor (Parliament) in her last will and testament.

854 ALB

  • Kaiser Grover II of the Flag of Griffonian Empire Griffonian Empire dies in battle against Flag of Nimbusia Nimbusia and Grover III ascends to the throne. He would be a far more peaceful ruler than his warmongering predecessor and later begins the Imperial attempts to create a pan-Griffonian identity, renaming many regions and vassal states.
  • A large uprising in Flag of Sicameon Sicameon motivates Grover III to grant them autonomy and abolish the Grand Duchy. The Federal Charter of 773 is restored, albeit with many changes that expand emergency powers and make Sicameon a far more militant nation.

856 ALB

  • Prince Kihai de Kissau of the Flag of Kingdom of Brodfeld Principality of Brodfeld rises to the thrones of the Principalities of Sydia and Kivessin, uniting Prywhen for the first time in its history.

862 ALB

  • Kaiser Grover III, concerned with the growing power of Kihai, organizes his assassination. His plan is successful: Kihai is killed and the Principalities become disunited once more.

898 ALB

  • After the destructive invasion by Grover II and continuing raids from Hellquill, Longsword and Gryphia, the Treaty of Coltstream is signed between Flag of Lake City Jezeragrad, Flag of River Republic River Republic, Flag of Nimbusia Nimbusia and Flag of Bakaran Republic Bakara, guaranteeing mutual defence in the event of a Griffon attack. Some years later, the Flag of Kingdom of Wittenland Wittenland, Flag of Deponya Deponya and Flag of Ponaidhean Pònaidhean join the pact.

914 ALB

  • Grover III of the Griffonian Empire dies and Grover IV ascends to the throne.

934 ALB

  • In the Flag of Kingdom of Wingbardy Kingdom of Wingbardy, the Carbonari secret society lead by Garibaldi Giuseppe successfully force King Garibald Talonuel II to adopt a liberal constitutional government, making it the first Griffon nation on Griffonia to do so. But the liberal movement was slowed when Gamillo Genso, the Count of Gavour was appointed Prime Minister of Wingbardy after the nation's first democratic election.

961 ALB

963 ALB

  • The Schreiber brothers manage to finally create a working prototype of a self-flying aeroplane in Herzland. Other inventors soon improve their model and the aircraft industry is born. Not long after the first flight the Imperial military forms plans to adopt airplanes to support their winged infantry.

970 ALB

  • Emperor Grover IV dies from a stroke and 10-year-old Grover V ascends to the throne of the Flag of Griffonian Empire Griffonian Empire. King Guto VI of Griffonstone, his distant relative, is expected to lead the regency council.

971 ALB

  • A Cyclops named Arimaspi attacks Flag of Kingdom of Griffonstone Griffonstone, slays King Guto VI and steals the Idol of Boreas. It is said that the beast was sent by Maar himself.
  • A Regency Council takes control of Griffonstone and are deadlocked on choosing a new king. They refuse to acknowledge Prince Guto VII as King due to his father's failure to protect the Idol of Boreas, viewing the Guto Dynasty having lost its divine right to rule Griffonstone.

972 ALB

  • After the assassination of King Gumberto, Garibald Talonuel III is crowned King of Flag of Kingdom of Wingbardy Wingbardy.
  • Wingbardy secedes from the Empire after accusing those close to the Emperor of covering up the assassination of King Gumberto.
  • The Flag of Kingdom of Aquileia Kingdom of Aquileia sees its chance and declares independence, following Wingbardy's example. The Imperial regency council is unable to decide on how to respond.

973 ALB

978 ALB

  • The Republican Revolution in the Flag of Griffonian Empire Griffonian Empire take place. The Republicans take control of the capital, throwing the entire nation into complete chaos. Archon Eros VII saves the young Grover V while the Regency Council is lynched.

979 ALB

  • A counter-revolution led by Duchess Gabriela of the Flag of Strawberry Duchy Strawberry Duchy is launched and the Flag of Griffonian Republic Griffonian Republic comes to an end. Republicans flee in the Long March North and Grover V is returned back on the throne. However, the Empire has utterly collapsed and continent-wide economic hardship, turmoil and chaos follow.
  • Hermann Meyer and his allies seize the Imperial airforce and flee to Flag of Haukland Haukland.
  • Flag of Skyfall Trade Federation Skyfall Trade Federation becomes independent and seizes the Imperial Navy for themselves.
  • The nobles who participated in the counter-revolution demand concessions from the Emperor. He rewards them with extensive autonomy. The Empire’s direct rule is now reduced to Griffenheim and the surrounding countryside.
  • The minotaurs of Flag of Republic of Asterion Asterion begin the Restoration war and overthrow their puppet King, liberating the archipelago and establishing a democratic government with Flag of Sicameon Sicameonese support. However, they are unable to retake their mainland states from the Flag of County of Cyanolisia County of Cyanolisia.
  • Many autonomous subjects of the Empire take advantage of the chaos and formally declare independence.

980 ALB

  • Flag of Kingdom of Aquileia Aquileia becomes a republic after a revolution. King Gerad Discret is beheaded. Various subjects break free and declare independence, such as Flag of County of Greifwald County of Greifwald and Flag of Pomovarra Pomovarra. Tarrin's Countess is overthrown, but the local republic is annexed by Count Francis VIII of the Flag of County of Francistria County of Francistria.

981 ALB

  • The Duchy of Cloudbury is overthrown by the forces of Republican officer Alexander Kemerskai. After a brutal guerrilla war, the newly-established Flag of Griffonian Republic Griffonian Republic consolidates power there, lynching the former nobility and the weak duke, Otto II.

982 ALB

  • King Tug the Boneless of Flag of Diamond Mountain Diamond Mountain dies and his hardline and vengeful son, Rover Diamondshield, inherits the throne.

985 ALB

  • The Discret family regains the throne of Flag of Kingdom of Aquileia Aquileia after a counter-revolution led by Albert Berthelot. The Reign of Terror begins. Aquileia becomes very decentralized, with various realms ruled by relatives of the current king.
  • War breaks out between Flag of Falcor Principality Falcor Principality and Flag of Kingdom of Wingbardy Kingdom of Wingbardy. Both sides blame the other for starting the hostilities.
  • Count Gabriel Bluecrest of Flag of Blackrock Bandits Blackhollow declares Independence from Flag of Kingdom of Griffonstone Griffonstone and breaks off from their ancestral de jure liege.

986 ALB

987 ALB

989 ALB

  • Flag of Falcor Principality Falcor and Flag of Kingdom of Wingbardy Wingbardy make peace. Falcor cedes its capital and Wingbardy's economy is in tatters.

990 ALB

  • Count Gabriel Bluecrest of Blackhollow dies and is succeeded by his son Count Caelan Bluecrest, the father of Cyrille Bluecrest.

992 ALB

  • The Regency Council demands Count Caelan of Blackhollow to renew his oaths to Flag of Kingdom of Griffonstone Griffonstone. Upon his refusal they invade. Prince Guto VII successfully convinces the Regency Council to let him lead the army, seeing it as a chance to restore his family's honour and convince them to let him take the crown. Prince Guto VII dies fighting outside Murkbeak, extinguishing the cadet branch of the Grover Dynasty. Griffonstone withdraws to lick its wounds.

995 ALB

  • The Great Famine occurs in Flag of Kingdom of Brodfeld Brodfeld. A fifth of the population dies. The King and the nobles are accused of selling all the food abroad. Communist movements such as Flag of Griffon Liberation Army GLA are founded and gain power.

999 ALB

1001 ALB

  • Count Caelen Bluecrest is slain by the former republican turned notorious bandit, Flag of Blackrock Bandits Blackrock, and is succeeded by his daughter Cyrille Bluecrest. Blackrock successfully usurps control of most of Blackhollow, forcing the nobles to hide in their estates less they meet the same fate as Count Bluecrest.
  • A former teacher, currently politician by the name of River Swirl wins the elections and becomes the Chancellor of the Flag of River Republic River Republic.

1005 ALB

1006 ALB

1007 ALB

  • Equestria At War begins.


Before Luna's Banishment

  • The Southeast region of Zebrica sees a thriving theocratic empire rise - its name lost to history - across the region. Using magic of a kind not seen since, they controlled the climate in the region and created a paradise.
  • Ponies arrive across the sea from the north and begin settling Zebrica.
  • First unification of Flag of Maregypt the Maregyptian kingdom through conquests under King Shepsher of Marephis.
  • The Southeastern Empire slowly collapses, the region falls into anarchy which soon gives rise to tribal societies, and the now uncontrolled magic emanating from the ruins of the old cities cause the entire region to become overgrown with jungles.
  • After the collapse of the south-eastern empire, Flag of Realm of Kiria Kirin tribes settle southwards into a land that later becomes known as Zaikiria.
  • Traders, marauders and explorers originating from an unknown, semi-legendary West Zebrican city establish a vast thalassocratic hegemony, dubbed Zonicia, which settles the northern coastline. Great cities like Hippone and Zur are founded. Some of these merchants move inland, fording local rivers and foraging a path through the jungles and highlands, making limited contact with the Flag of Quaggatai Quagga.

1742 BLB

  • Alleged founding of Flag of Colthaginian Republic Colthage by Queen Zido. Zido led a group of refugees from the city of Zur after being banished by her father.

c. 1350 BLB

  • First Time Of Woe, a decade of terrible disasters for the Maregyptian Kingdom. Famines, unnatural burning rain, infections of the water supply, and multiple plagues batter the country and reduce it to a husk of its former self. The kingdom falls apart as the rulers of large cities declare themselves King over the Neighle.

657 BLB

  • Last glory days of Flag of Asstyria Asstyria, the strongest independent donkey state.

623 BLB

  • Colthaginian traders establish New Colthage on the Griffonian island of Scarlet. It will soon become an important trade hub and Colthage would gain dominion over the whole island.

552 BLB

  • First Zonic War begins between Karthinia and Colthage. Tensions between the two powers had been rising for years as they competed for dominion over the Middle Sea. After Colthaginian mercenaries were sent to support minor states in what is now Asterion against Karthin, the Karthinian Senate approved a declaration of war on Colthage. Karthinian troops crossed the Jojo Straits and landed in Northern Scarlet, but soon became cut off due to the superior Colthaginian navy. Colthage however couldn’t win the land war against Karthin and after Karthinian naval reforms they were eventually defeated on land and sea.

500 - 1 BLB

  • The Maregyptian kingdom begins to slowly decline. Incompetent kings lose wars and land. Though there are intermittent bright spells, most of this time period is characterised by stagnation, failure, and the rise of rival powers such as Colthage and the Arabian princes. They are also challenged by the unification of the Hippogriff archipelago and the tribes of Abyssinia, which had spent centuries hiding from Maregyptian dominance in their mountains and deserts.

490 BLB

  • Karthinian troops land in North Zebrica and sack the city of Colthage, burning it to the ground, and starting the rapid decline of the Colthaginian Empire. The land is eventually annexed by the city state of Zur.

107 BLB

15 BLB

  • Colthage declares independence from Zur and once again becomes a powerful city-state.

After Luna's Banishment


  • Flag of Chiropterra Chiropterra is established by Lunarists fleeing from Equestria after the defeat of Nightmare Moon.

10-12 ALB

  • Queen Pawkuno, uniter of many feline tribes, declares war on the chaotic Maregyptian Kingdom. The war results in the loss of Flag of Manedalusia Manedalusia, which is annexed into Abyssinia.

58 ALB

~100 ALB

150 ALB

  • Abyssinia subjugates the donkey nations in the south.

232 ALB

  • The diamond dog tribes of south Zebrica are united under King Boqorad, founding the Flag of Qaylidi Dervishes Kingdom of Hyenia and claiming the land between the gargoyles and Great Lakes region. Intermixing and arranged marriages between the tribes slowly homogenize the population, giving them their distinct "hyena" appearance compared to other Diamond Dogs.

250 ALB

  • The Sa'adle family unifies the heartlands of what would become known as Flag of Saddle Arabia Saddle Arabia.

400 ALB

  • Saddle Arabia subjugates the donkeys of Asstyria and Flag of Anseruk Anseruk, seizing the lands from Abyssinia.

404 ALB

  • Zebra tribes invade Zaikiria, being the first of many zebra-kirin wars that would come later.

420 - 440 ALB

  • Sagas speak of a legendary warrior pair of brothers, Cnoof and Ivor, who together achieved the blessings of the King of Olenia to set out west and claim Hindia for themselves and the King. Their conquests begin Olenian rule in Hindia which is known as the Deerlaw.

440 ALB

  • Meanderly Pool arrives in Colthage and meets with the Sufrit Zaalier Zenagrid.

450 ALB

  • The fractured Kirin tribes unite into a single nation for the first time, thanks to the Vermillion priests. They would eventually become the Vermillion dynasty.

467 ALB

  • The trade post of Flag of Klugetown Klugetown is founded near an oasis. It is nominally part of Abyssinia, though on the far frontier of the nation it preserves a strong spirit of independence.

510- 567 ALB

  • The Grand Prince of Saddle Arabia begins a campaign against the Maregyptian states. Over the course of fifty-seven years, Arabian forces gradually conquer more and more of the country, culminating with the capture of the city of Somnambula in 567. The Governorate of Maregypt is established, uniting the country for the first time in five centuries, albeit under foreign rule.

523 ALB

  • The noble family of Novo overthrows the ruling priest-kings and unites seaponies and hippogriffs under one nation by founding the Flag of Hippogriffia Kingdom of Hippogriffia.

525 ALB

  • The Quaggatai complete their invasion of Zonicia by capturing Hippone. The Zonician lands north and west of Coltdar are turned into vassal states, paying tribute to the Quaggatai. Khan Yaqub resettles Quagga tribes in Coltdar and the hinterlands of the steppe, to stand ready to quell potential unrest in Zonicia.

500-600 ALB

  • Saddle Arabia launches multiple campaigns southwards to unite all of horsekind under one nation, and establishes a provincial system to govern the vast new territories.

580 ALB

  • Kiria completes its conquest of Zaikiria, subjugating the last independent Kirin statelets.

672 ALB

  • Saddle Arabia attempts several incursions deep into Abyssinia but are beaten back in the rough terrain. A peace treaty is signed, making Abyssinia into an independent tributary, but Abyssinia loses Manedalusia which becomes an autonomous subject of Saddle Arabia.

675 ALB

  • Feathisian adventurers begin exploring eastern Zebrica, establishing trade posts on the coast.

~700 ALB

  • Flag of Zuid-Zebrikaansche Vrystaat Feathisian Kompels begin settling in southern Zebrica. The region is sparsely populated and devastated after a destructive campaign by the Flag of Zeblu Zeblu.
  • A Romauan legion, last remnant from an independent Romau that had been annexed by the Griffonian Empire, ventures south towards the Kompel settlements, but gets stranded in the south-eastern jungles. Eventually, they meet a local zebra King who accepts them as his personal retinue. This leads to the establishment of the Flag of Roaman Kaiserate Roaman Kaiserate.

750 ALB

  • Removal of the Clawomonic dynasty and installation of the Catwe dynasty on the Abyssinian throne. Beginning of the Abyssinian Dark Age as the nobility asserts power.

~800 ALB

  • The prosperous Flag of Imperial Mazwi Mazwi tribe unites the Great Lakes region, ending both the kingdoms of Flag of Alwani Alwani and Gelon-Zornu (among many others), and its ruler claims the title of Manza, Gold-Emperor.

825 ALB

  • Exactly 300 years after the fall of Hippone, Zinuzel Zidalid, a priest in the town of Zoea, starts a revolt against the Quaggatai Khanate, declaring that all Zonician Zebras should be freed and united under a single banner. His uprising, later dubbed the "Zonician War of Independence", inspires similar revolts all along the north coast and in Coltdar, which overwhelmed the Quaggatai garrisons.
  • Colthaginian Republic, Kingdom of Warzena and Flag of Kingdom of Zumidia Kingdom of Zumidia are re-established as sovereign countries after the attempt to create a pan-Zonician nation fails.

877 - 986 ALB

  • With the Industrial Revolution underway in Equestria, Equestrian businesses begin to invest in Maregypt. This brings great wealth and prosperity to the country, at the cost of slowly weakening the Grand Prince’s already fragile grasp over the region. Weakened by internal politicking and long periods of ease, Arabia fails to react appropriately as their vassal becomes de facto part of the Equestrian sphere of influence.

~900 ALB

  • Flag of Feathisian South Zebrides South Zebridies are formally established as a Feathisian colony under the sovereignty of the Griffonian Empire.
  • Growing decadence and impotence of the Sa’adle dynasty leads to the southern provinces becoming independent from Saddle Arabia.

901 ALB

  • Clawomonic Restoration in Abyssinia. Queen Mewodora II begins a modernization of the kingdom. End of the Abyssinian Dark Age, beginning of its Golden Age. It ceases to be a tributary of Saddle Arabia.

903 ALB

  • Noctilucent Charm of Kiria enacts the Silence, after the destruction of the capital. It would bring great change to kirin society, reverting any modernization and centralization for the sake of peace and stability. This leads to Zaikirian states becoming independent once more.

947 ALB

  • The city of Klugetown declares independence from Saddle Arabia and states its intentions to remain neutral in all future conflicts. Quickly abolishing all old laws, it becomes infamous for allowing every illicit trade imaginable.

961 ALB

  • The newly united Flag of Zarantia Zarantian tribes seize the city of Tobuck from the Kingdom of Warzena with the support of local citizens.

971 ALB

  • Noctilucent Charm of Kiria dies and is succeeded by her daughter Rain Shine, who continues to impose the Silence.

975 ALB

  • Zamilcar Zarca becomes Sufrit of Colthage. He turns the nation from a republic into an oligarchical dictatorship. He hires an influential group of academics known as the Scientific Clique to help run the nation. Their economic policies import the industrial revolution into Colthage, but at the cost of selling off their land to foreign investors. He establishes a treaty of friendship and support with the heirs of their ancient rival, Wingbardy.

979 ALB

  • Wingbardy purchases the island of Purrsia from Abyssinia in exchange for a large amount of money, which is invested into developing the nation. Wingbardy uses the islands to secure their trade routes to Saddle Arabia.

981 ALB

  • Subdenbeg, last descendant of Ivor and ruler of Flag of Protectorate of Uusi Hirvimaa Uusi Hirvimaa, attempts to reclaim the rebellious native Hindian realm of Flag of Barasingha Barasingha and restore his authority over the industrializing Flag of Yarildom of Chital Yarildom of Chital, which he views as part of his ancestral land as per the rights of the ancient Deerlaw.

982 ALB

  • Subdenbeg lands in Kanelimpra in Eastern Chital, but is driven back by Chitali forces, including a young Jakob the Grey, who became the main target of praise for his decisive actions against the raiders. He retreats and is killed at sea, bringing an end to Uusi Hirvimaa’s claim to the Deerlaw and a start of a new native age.

986 ALB

  • Flag of Macawia Macawia invades the weakened nation of Uusi Hirvimaa with the help of pirates, who see the viking raiders as their rivals. The Protectorate of Uusi Hirvimaa is established.

987 ALB

  • The Birthday Revolt. On the Grand Prince’s birthday (a national holiday), a large group of student protestors occupy the Central Square of Somnambula in Maregypt. This leads to a series of events which result in Maregypt becoming independent from Saddle Arabia.

988 ALB

  • In the tumult following Maregypt's declaration of independence, Abyssinian troops cross the border into Manedalusia, occupying historically-feline territory. General Far Hook hastily gathers together soldiers and sends them to the west. Manedalusia is partitioned between the two Kingdoms, and any resistance by the Manedalusians is suppressed by both sides.
  • Tensions escalate between Abyssinia and Maregypt. Far Hook defeats the Abyssinian forces in the Battle of R’ataphet. Her forces drive the cats out of Sineigh, but are unable to bypass Abyssinian fortifications in Coltuba. Eventually, the war ends in a stalemate, without a formal peace agreement.

989 ALB

  • Saddle Arabia loses control of the donkey regions and Flag of Emirate of Yemane Yemane, leaving them with only their heartlands.

999 ALB

  • A single yeti unites his race under one banner and calls himself the Storm King. He begins assembling a mighty fleet of airships to support his army.

1000 ALB

  • The Queendom of Hyenia is the first to fall to the Storm King’s armies. Though fighting to the bitter end, the aging and corrupt kingdom is unable to stop the yetis, and in the end the kingdom disintegrates. Only a local cult of mystics, the Qaylidi dervishes, are able to keep up actual resistance.

1002 ALB

  • Mazwi Empire's Succession War is followed by an immediate invasion by the Storm King. Despite the intervention of the Hyena Dervishes, the Storm King pillages the region and destroys the Mazwian army in a single decisive battle.
  • The Storm King invades and plunders the peninsula of Riseia.
  • Roam defeats Flag of Talonsvaal Republiek Talonsvaal, capturing many areas from the Kompels.

1003 ALB

  • The Storm King invades Cape Hestraya, Flag of Kingdom of Gargiloya Kingdom of Gargiloya and Flag of Kingdom of Senturya Kingdom of Senturya.
  • With his forces stretched increasingly thin, the Storm King sends some of his generals to begin the Eastern Campaign.
  • Hippogriffia catches wind of the Storm King’s conquests, and begins plans for an evacuation into Seaquestria if they cannot raise an army in time.
  • Intervention of Saddle Arabia to protect Asstyria and Anseruk from the Storm King. He decides to turn north. Seeing them approaching and with no real army, the Hippogriffs retreat underwater to Seaquestria.

1004 ALB

  • Kurstanbek leads an army to conquer the weak and divided nations of Hestraya which were pillaged by the Storm King. He takes control of a large area and seizes some land from Flag of Duchy of Maretonia Maretonia and Flag of Aestlonia Aestlonia as well, forming Flag of Karkadannistan Karkadannistan.
  • The Storm King invades Maregypt, overrunning the southern defensive lines within a week. Despite a valiant defense on the coastline by Far Hook, the desperately needed Equestrian aid never arrives and the Kingdom is defeated within a few months. Maregypt is sacked, and the economy collapses.
  • Klugetown pays a hefty tribute to the Storm King and is left alone. Despite fierce resistance, Abyssinia surrenders and its capital is sacked.
  • Hippogriff evacuation to Seaquestria is completed.
  • Meeting of the Storm King and a hornless unicorn who calls herself Tempest Shadow. She tells him about Equestria and agrees to help him invade, if he in return agrees to restore her horn. He agrees.

1005 ALB

  • Pillaging of the northern Zebrican coast. The Storm King invades Colthage, destroying the unprepared army and ransacking the nation. Zamilcar Zarca dies. His sons flee to the mountains above Zur to wage a guerrilla war against the invaders.
  • Wingbardy seizes the port city of Katren and forces the greatly weakened Abyssinia to acknowledge it as theirs.
  • As the Storm King prepares for the overseas invasion of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle and her friends arrive in Mount Aris and convince the hippogriffs to come out of hiding and face the Storm King. Battle of Ain Trotgourait commences. The Storm King is betrayed by his general, Tempest Shadow, and is slain. His main army is destroyed.

1006 ALB

  • Total collapse of the Storm Kingdom. Storm King’s generals fight each other for the throne, dividing themselves into the Flag of Icepaw Provisional Directorate Icepaw, Flag of Thundarian Magocracy Thundarian, Flag of Gyzwindid Realm Gyzwindid and Flag of Stormland Regency Stormland successor states while two others establish their own nations: The Flag of Central Zebrican Empire Central Zebrican Empire and Flag of Boltrian Kingdom Boltria.
  • Military depots in Tobuck planned for the invasion of Equestria by the Storm Empire are taken over by gun traffickers, causing increased instability on the continent and proclamation of the Flag of Republic of Tobuck Republic of Tobuck.
  • Zumidia is occupied by Hippogriffia.
  • Zalathel Zarca, son of the former ruler Zamilcar Zarca, is elected Sufrit of Colthage by the Colthaginian senate.
  • The peace treaty between Talonsvaal and Roam ends, leading to a short war that quickly ends due to the rising threat of the Zeblu nearby.
  • The return of Somnambula from Limbo brings hope to Maregypt. Though not part of the government and quite out of her time, her fame is such that she becomes something of an unofficial head of state, and politicians court her approval.
  • Kiria officially ends the Silence after a visit by two of Twilight Sparkle's friends.
  • The Saddle Arabian civil war breaks out.

1007 ALB

  • Equestria At War begins.