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This page contains download links and short descriptions of various submods available for Equestria at War.

Official Submods

Equestria at War Music Mod

Eaw music mod.jpg

The Equestria at War team is proud to present the Equestria at War music mod. Featuring 55 atmospheric and fitting tracks from the My Little Pony fandom, including CarbonMaestro, Evening Star, JycRow, Makkon, Radiarc, AnIrishMusician, and Artem Yegorov. Please note that some music is also included in the base mod.

There is a toggle-able option to the in-game music player that lets you to choose between vanilla songs, mod songs or both! This option is included in the base mod.

Note for Streamers / Youtubers: while we have permission to use the music in this mod, we cannot guarantee that it is YouTube friendly.

Full list of songs (with links)

Warsongs Radio

Warsongs Logo.png

Since its release, Equestria at War has garnered a number of fans, both from within and outside of the pony fandom. In recognition of this fact, we at the Equestria at War Team are proud to present Warsongs. Warsongs is a collaborative effort between the EaW Team and artists from the highly acclaimed Ponies at Dawn project that seeks to introduce some of the best orchestral and ambient music the fandom has to offer to a whole new audience of potential listeners.

Warsongs adds a brand new radio station and GUI. Volume 1 adds seven new songs from the Ponies at Dawn album "Eclipse". Volume 2 adds another seven songs from various artists from the MLP community.

Warsongs is not reliant on the base Equestria at War mod, meaning can be used in vanilla Hearts of Iron games, and with any other mod.

Note for Streamers / Youtubers: while we have permission to use the music in this mod, we cannot guarantee that it is YouTube friendly.

New Content

BB Logo Banner.png

Equestria at War/Old World Blues: Balefire Blues by the Balefire Blues team

EaW/OWB: Balefire Blues is an ambitious total overhaul submod of both Equestria at War and Old World Blues that aims to bring the post apocalyptic world of Kkat's Fallout: Equestria into the HoI4 experience complete with a new map based upon EaW's Equus continent, zoomed in similar to OWB's North America map.
Discord Server

Escalation 84.jpg

Escalation 84' by Euro General

Two years after a devastating nuclear war between NATO and the USSR, remnants of humanity desperately flee through a one way dimensional portal into the magical world of Equestria. How will humans navigate this strange new world, and will their old enmities follow them? Adds 3 playable new nations (The Soviet Union, The United States of America and the Union of European Nations) with custom tech trees and equipment for the humans.
Discord Server

Tales of Griffonia by the Tales of Griffonia team

Tales of Griffonia (GaW) Logo.png

(Formerly known as Griffonia at War)

Tales of Griffonia is a passion project where we focus on reworking multiple underappreciated countries in the continent of Griffonia. ToG's current focus is on adding new content for Skynavia and Vedina. Right now only a playable version of Arantiga released, with Skynavia coming soon.
Discord Server

Ghosts of Yore

Lead Developers - AdDur and Elgioneer

Ghosts of Yore Logo.png

Ghosts of Yore is a narrative-driven submod for Equestria at War aimed at the thorough improvement of underdeveloped nations of the world: expansive focus trees, countless events, gripping stories, and challenging gameplay opportunities await you. The current release 2.0 involves three focus trees: Tir Deighe (also known as Northern Tribes from unmodded EaW), Arantiga and Griffonstone. While griffons of the south struggle to reclaim their long lost glory and splendour, the ponies of Tir Deighe continue their seemingly hopeless war against Skynavian invaders - will they be able to win the war without sacrificing their ancient traditions… Or will they become like those who they fight? As the rift between traditionalists and reformers grows, darker forces from the past long forgotten have awakened and threaten to plunge north into chaos.
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The War in the Heavens by Glorvas

War in the Heavens is a submod that focuses on expanding the scope of the Equestrian Civil War, turning it into the bloodbath it was meant to be. Ponies march to their doom unquestionably, serving their God Empress to the death. The toll of war weighs heavily upon the economy, making it liable to collapse. Desperate measures are taken, millions of ponies drafted for a seemingly unending war.

Content for the Lunar Empire has been completely overhauled, with limited content for Equestria/Solar Empire and planned content for the Crystal Empire and Stalliongrad.
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Red Typhoon by the Red Typhoon team

The year is 1055 ALB. The world of friendship and magic is once again on the verge of total destruction. The world is dominated by 3 major alliances: the Equestrian Covenant - sphere of influence of the Equestrian Federation, the Weter Pact - Union of socialists of the North, and the The Coalition of Flovena - an Alliance of autocrats from the Central regions of the former Griffonian Empire. Three alliances regularly clash with each other in endless proxy wars, the last of which, namely the civil war in the River Federation, can become the very powder keg that will destroy the entire planet.
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"New Course" is dedicated to the completion of the Equus countries, and the rework of the existing countries of the bird continent to the level of elaboration as in Gryphonia, as well as the creation of unique new countries: a separate archipelago of the Edge of the Earth with its ent, countries, and plot.

Currently only Vanhoover has been changed

Talouse Focus Tree by best75

This submod for Equestria at War adds a unique focus tree for Talouse, including a path that allows the creation of a Southern Griffonia faction

Aryanne Hoofler by Kristen Reid and Feydrid Kearn

Replaces the New Mareland fascist path with a new fascist, Nazi tree led by Aryanne Hoofler.

From Rottendedam To Rijeka by Feitanakin and Hecate


From Rottendedam to Rijeka is a submod that's currently dedicated to the countries in the Herzlands and the Riverlands and it's current goal is to rework the underdeveloped nations in those two in-game geographical regions as the devs working on it see fit. FRTR has just released it's first public update, adding a new fascist path for post-LP Bronzehill, in which nationalistic and anti-imperial forces in the county coup the nation, dismantling the monarchy, cutting all of Bronzehill's ties to Griffenheim and trying to unite the ancestral lands of the Diamond Dog race, and updating Tiddo's then-defunct submod for the River Republic, in which the OHS (the spy agency of the Republic) takes over the nation to defend their lands from the Marksist menace, while also preparing the River Coalition for its inevitable fight with the Griffonian Empire.

FRTR's next updates will feature, like mentioned before, a small bunch of quality of life changes with some new paths occasionally getting sprinkled in.

Discord Server VK page

House Moonwing by Fade

This mod adds a custom faction called House Moonwing to the overhaul mod Equestria at War. This mod is still incomplete and is a WIP.

Discord Republic by Theodore Verany (Feitanakin)

Submod for modification Equestria at War. Now with English localization.

The Discord Republic is a state of editors of the Russian EaW Wiki. At the moment, there are neutral, fascist and communist paths with harmonists in development (the fascist path is under rework).

We also have unique unit models for the Republic and it's puppet.

Crisis in the Heartland by Sapare

Submod focused around the Griffonian Empire and its starting subjects. It permits you to take an alternative set of focuses that circumvent the need to annex your allies and instead introduces new puppet mechanics centered around manipulating the autonomy system added by Paradox's DLC.

Equestria at War: A Faustian Bargain by Lunar_Explorator and Superior Serperior

Submod for DEFCON. Works with the demo too!

Transports the DEFCON experience into the world of Equestria at War, from the Hearts of Iron IV total conversion mod, Equestria at War. All alliances are loosely based on those possible within the mod. Future plans include custom sound effects and custom GUI. Initial map drawn by artist Truffle Shine. Join the discord to make suggestions or organize games for playing with the mod:

Google Drive Download Link

Our Nation A fascist submod for Our Town.

"Our Town has stopped being Our Home and instead is just a Stalliongradian puppet that pretends it is free. But there are those within Our Town who wish to change things, change them for the better. For we will not live in just Our Town anymore, but live life within Our Nation."

Discord Server

Dogs of War by Rose

Buffs and expands Diamond Mountain. Adds additional options for King Rover and a new non-aligned path.

The Duchy of of Arschfick-Nirgendwo by The_Laundry

A dumb meme mod inspired by a joke made in the dev chats that adds a tiny microstate between the Empire and Yale. Long live Duke Arschloch.

Wrath of Australemus by neonthefox12

"For many, the world has been revealed. Very little still hides. And yet, during this darkest time, the world still holds some secrets. Down south, a relic of the Earth that was remains. Diamond Dingos hold the line as Emus plan their genocide. Meanwhile, an even older force watches, waiting to return to glory."

A rather ambitious submod that adds the new continent of Australemus. Six new nations are added, ranging from the marauding warbands of the Emus, the battered-yet-strong United Austrailemus States, the modernizing Wokou, and the human remnant of Scortch. Currently in Beta, Scortch is the most complete of the nations. Future plans include fleshing out all 6 nations, a tech tree unique to the humans and emus, and new nations that can effect the balance of the world.

Discord Link

Great Feeling by Catnapper & ValenceWubs

Great Feeling and the associated music mod are about taking the Changeling Lands and turning it into a nightmare that you control. Negotiate with terrorists, feed your enemies to barely-sapient cave-things, build an army out of slaves, and spite the gods themselves by continuing to live. Why? Because you're the bad guy, and you wanted to.

Great Feeling Music Mod

Heroes & Generals by Beakwood

Heroes & Generals is a small expansion submod that brings to you more generals for commanding your troops and navy. The focus for the moment will be on Equestria, development on other nations will follow at a slower pace. Events are planned for unlocking new generals near the end of mod development. Currently adding 37 new leaders (Army/Navy), 10 new Aces, 37 new traits.

Nations (Changes/Adds): Equestria (Major) Hyppogriffia (Minor) Future Nations (Changes/Adds): United Dragon Isles (Major), Changeling Lands (Minor), Olenia (Minor), Griffonstone (Major).

Heroes & Generals

Balance / Tech Submods

Griff-tech by MiszczTheMaste

Tech tweaks and reworks for EaW, including new racial techs and more race exclusive equipment and tech.
Sub-submod - Research Time Penalty Remover by Blackjack

Impassable Areas by Kiselmann

"Equestria at War - Impassable Areas" submod follows a specific goal: to improve mountains representation on EaW's map, i.e. possibility and impossibility to travel across some of heights a player may encounter during a game.

Magical Mechanized by jnzsblzs

Re-adds magical mechanized into Equestria at War, which was removed due to balancing issues.

Etruscan_AI by Sapare

Re-write of the EAW AI with a focus on creating interesting opposition through adaptability and specialization. Giving the AI more diversity in use of technology and templates while guiding it away from fatal logic-pitfalls.

Planaway by Sapare

Removes the combat bonuses from planning and replaces them with permanent buffs. Intended for plays who do not enjoy using the automated combat AI.

Utility Submods

Coloured Buttons for Equestria at War by cijik

The popular coloured buttons for HOI4 mod, compatible with Equestria at War.

50 Construction Slots - Equestria at War by MrBlazzar™

All states have 50 construction slots. The EaW compatible edition. A cheaper construction variants with half build cost is also available.

Development Pack - Equestria by Alsinir

Adds decisions to expand mining, migrate populations, slowly core land and expand building slots.

Fast Daybreaker by Lucas Fenix

Two new focuses for Equestria's tree, both trigger a Solar or Lunar civil war.

Custom Difficulty for All - Equestria at War by MustaphaTR

Adds "Strengthen Country" custom difficulty options for every tag in the mod, including the ones that don't exist at the start of the mod.

Multiplayer Submods

Equus and Griffonia on Fire by Danior & Tassen

Splits all 'relevant' nations into four factions and forces them to fight - Used in the Weekly EaW Multiplayer (WW Mode)

Hearts of Calcium by Airkid

Re-balance of various parts of EaW for a better MP experience - Used in the Weekly EaW Multiplayer

Graphics Submods

Music Submods

  • Carbon Maestro Vocals by Biribiri - replaces instrumental with vocal versions of Carbon Maestro's song.
  • Better Main Theme by Gearheart - replaces the song at the title screen with Evening Star's Starswirl the Bearded
  • Escalation '84 Radio by Euro General - Adds the Escalation '84 Radio.
  • FO:E Music by Man of Steel + Firewire - Adds 27 Fallout Equestria inspired music pieces from the Fallout Equestria fandom.

Other Submods

Community Translations

Chinese by EaWCN Team

The Chinese translation almost finished(Current Progress 96%+), While the wiki development is still in early phase. Contact @Diffat Elicka/@Mystic Emerald for questions or to help.
Steam Workshop Link
Chinese Wiki

Also, a traditional Chinese version of this translation mod is here, modified by Tiberivs.

German by Jeff Jefferson

A German translation of the mod. Contact Kurtonator#9817 (Discord) for questions. Steam Workshop Link

Korean by Boring Duck

Korean translation of EaW, currently still a work in progress. Steam Workshop Link

Unreleased Mods

Equestria at War: Redux

Redux logo.png

Lead Developers - Armed Sage, Starry Night, Aktur Fent

This submod for Equestria at War where many old countries are being reworked independently of the main Equestria at War team.

Currently, work is underway on Stalliongrad, Changeling Lands and Dread League.

Discord Server VK Group

Equestria at War: Boars Vs Goats

EaW - Boars Vs Goats Icon.png

Lead Developers - Rokim21, No Anime, The_Laundry

Boars Vs Goats is a submod which aims to bring in lore and an entire island to the most underrated race of EaW and MLP alike: goats, and even adding yet another race: boars.

The backstory of the dual island system revolves around rise and fall of empires trying to unite their own species under one banner and fighting for total dominance, that is, until an event changes everything forever to both races.

Discord Server

Twilight Rising by Phoenix

Adds a path for Twilight to breakaway in a Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker civil war, to form a completely new Harmonic nation and three-way civil war.
Discord Server

Finis Praterii

Lead Developer - kacj111

Finis Praterii is a submod which takes place in the aftermath of a nuclear war between the great powers. Many of the old nation states have fallen and in their place local tribes and communes have risen to lead the new world. Now civilization must attempt to rebuild it self and recover but the ghosts of the past still remain and haunt the present.

Discord Server

The Twilight Struggle: The Crystal Curtain

Lead Developer - TechnocommieSparkle

The Twilight Struggle: The Crystal Curtain is a EAW Cold War submod which takes place after the Great War and the various wars in Griffonia. It is the era of the ideological struggle between 3 superpowers. Only fear of the nuclear holocaust stops their warmongers. But the world isn't peaceful. Coups, civil proxy wars, diplomatic battles... Who will win?

Discord Server

Das Vaterland

Das Vaterland logo.png

Lead Developers - Lord Protectress Rose, Igzom

Das Vaterland is a dieselpunk-esque mod for Equestria at War.

The year is 1030. Equus has vanquished under the hooves of the Changeling Federation, a faltering Chiropterra struggles to find its place in the world, the Fascist State of Wingbardy and the Aquileian Republic battle over their spheres of influence, and the Reformisten sit on an unsteady throne over the River Ponies. Technology, despite advancing, has been driven towards the cold mechanisms of diesel-machinery, gearing up for the inevitable wars of the coming decade.

As the new order advances and the old struggles to stay alive, the fate of the world is on an knive's edge, with all wishing to thrust it.

Discord Server

EaW: Nova Terrae

Lead Developer - Handy Andy👋🤠#1355

Chaos, like Harmony or Friendship or Love or War, is intangible. It will remain the same no matter where you are, who you are, and the environment you are in. Discord revels in the chaos, for he is a master artist of it, but he wants more. He thinks to himself about how he can perform the most chaos with the least effort, so he explores some... alternative sources of chaos. He did have some good contenders, mainly typical anime universes or alternate history scenarios like the "Equestria Divided" universe as he calls it. The chaos in all of them are but mere mildly infuriating moments in life compared to his latest source of Chaos, The United States of America, year 2020.

This is a sub mod for the well known and loved mod Equestria at war, and this specific sub mod sets out to explore and develop a unique and lore rich scenario, in which we ask, What if 2020 America found itself in the world of EAW?

Discord Server

Pax Solaris

Pax solaris symbol.jpg

Lead Developer - Fire-Lord-Sozin

The sun rises in Equestria. Gone are the days when the land of the ponies would solve problems with friendship and understanding. Now Daybreaker is in command, hellbent on forging Equestria into a superpower stronger than any before it. A nation to rival the world. An empire to bring eternal peace or burn everything to cinders. But she has not risen alone. There are those that plot against her, from harmonists to magocrats and ancient doomsday cults. Who will reign supreme and decide the fate of the world itself?

Pax Solaris is a submod currently in development, aiming to massively overhaul the Solar Empire, adding new pathways, nations, mechanics and more.

Discord Server

Equestria at War: Fractured Harmony

Lead Developer - Test4Echo, Vezja, Lord Protectress Rose

What if MARESOC reigns supreme across southern Griffonia? What if the Changelings won, taking over half of Equus? What if the Solar Empire was a shadow of Equestria's former glory? All this and more is the world of Equestria at War in the year 1048. Equus is in flames, a powder keg that needs only a single spark for all out war to reignite, while Griffonia is locked in an deadly stand-off between the great powers of the continent.

Discord Server

Eclipse: Harmony's Trial

Lead Developer - Tonkano

What would the world of Equestria at War be like if Nightmare Moon had killed Princess Celestia after returning from her Banishment? Also with some Red Flood thrown in for good measure.

Discord Server

Change of the Changelings

Lead Developer - YannaChitin

It’s 1007 ALB, and Queen Chrysalis is fighting to preserve the fragile unity between the hives. Across the Changeling Lands, separatists and rebels wait patiently for their chance to strike out against the queendom. In the forests of Soryth, Thoraxians gather their forces, ready to begin the final liberation of the changeling hives. In the north, the hive councils have begun seeking new ways to address the growing worker discontent, finding answers in the teachings of Caramel Marks. Even within the heart of the nation, the divide between the hives grows ever wider as the other queens nurse their grudges towards Queen Chrysalis for the humiliating defeat she brought upon them.

As the queen's rule fades, the future of the Changeling Lands grows more uncertain with each passing day. Will Chrysalis prevail, or will the changelings succeed in bringing about a new system for their people?

Discord Server

Tales of the North

Developer - Hue_Muelltonne

Many Ponies had enough of Celestia and her ability to let most Threats into Equestria, instead of keeping them out. The Revolution in Severyana, the Changeling Invasion of 1002 ALB and the reappearing of Sombra left their marks in the Ponies trust. And in recent years an old Name has risen from the Shadows of an Equus long gone, a Time long gone, the "North Equestrian Republic". Only few know what this State was but many know the core Princibles of it. A free Nation, a Nation ruled by Ponies not Alicorns and a Nation that is home not only to Ponies but also Thestrals and Changelings.

Will this Dream be realized, will it’s Enimies Crush it or will it’s Past come back to being? Only Time will tell.

Discord Server

Incompatible (Out of Date) Mods

If you play a mod that is not compatible with the current EaW version, please move it here.

  • Military & Economic Realism by Kylandor - Alters many aspects of Equestria at War including military equipment requirements, production cost, technology dependencies and bonuses from ideas.
  • Vedina by MiszczTheMaste - Adds focus tree(s) for Vedina. There are several paths, but some of them need more work.
  • Oleander by Soron - Adds Oleander from Them's Fightin' Herds as an EQS and NLR general.
  • zEAW-MP_Balance by tomthebarbarian and lukas - A mod specifically created for the weekly EaW multiplayer games, in order to facilitate a more balanced match.
  • EaW MP Mod by Gereval, Irma, GrandPri, and Pony-/dev/ - Multiplayer re-balancing of EaW

Discontinued Mods

  • Thorax by Tvebaknr1 - Replaces the Thorax portrait with the "skittlebug" version.
  • Equestria at War: Mirror World - Developers - Sigismund Augustus, MarkipOOn, Sunrise Sparkle, Knock Off Tito, drawingwithapitoffriendship. - Equestria at War: Mirror World (EaW: MW) is a submod of Equestria at War (EaW), inspired by IDW comics issue 18-19 combined. You can play as any nation as you like, just like EaW, with different scenarios, backgrounds and even histories! Will the Bandit 6 succeed in their journeys? Will the Four elements of Harmony guide you to victory?... It is your duty to lead nation to the success, or to prove that the Magic of Friendship is still there in Mirror World! (Currently in stagnation/dead)
  • Years of Necromancy by Dracon Lerahras - Buffs the Dread League, especially the skeleton path, for a more enjoyable experience.
  • Spanish Translation - Lead Translator - ComRed Lyuz
  • Loading Screen Quotes for EAW by Castle Three
  • Equestria at War Submod: The Chimeraling by Nyinxie
  • EaW Anthropocene - Aimed to humanize EaW portraits and graphics - Archive of the raw files can be found here
  • Better Rivers by Professional Horse - Discontinued due to its integration into the main mod.