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Join the Dev Team

Current Roles in Demand

  • Coder/Scripter/Developer (Creating nations, focus trees, mechanics etc.)
  • Artist (Drawing portraits as well as event pictures) (Trainee Artist - is an Artist in training and guidance is provided by our Senior Artist)
  • Modeller/3D Artist (For making 3D soldier models)
  • Writer (Write narratives and stories through events, tooltips, etc.)
  • GFX Designer (To dehumanize HOI4 and remove hands, create icons for focus trees, spirits)
  • Voice Actor (For those who deliver lines of rank and file soldiers, bonus cookie if you can replicate show voices)
  • Flag Designer (Creating flags to be used for the mod's universe)
  • Composer (Making original music)
  • Translator (For those who can convert English into Russian in large amounts)
  • Community Coordinator (Managing EaW sites like the Reddit, Wiki and the Discord as well as overseeing community events) (Community Agent is a Community Coordinator in training and his skill is yet to be tested)

Interested? See the following links:

  • Developer Signup: link
  • Artists (2D, 3D, voice, and other): link
  • Writer Applications: link
  • Translator Applications: link
  • Community Helper Applications: link


- Dev applications are always open! You can apply at any moment, though they can take time to evaluate.

- Do not change your discord handle (example: unkownUser#1562) while applying.

- If you have any questions or wondering about your application's status, head to the Discord.

Join the Writer Team

If you ever wanted to take part in writing grand stories, tragic biographies of country leaders and the dreaded air foci, then this is the application for you.

Signup Form

Hint - Participate in our yearly fiction contest to leave a good impression. Writing samples are also recommended to have on hand.

Join the Tester Team

Here you can join the exclusive SpecOps unit of testers and be on the frontline of new unexplored grounds.

If you are interested in more information: (@JackNTrade#6239 is the current Test Master on the discord)

Signup Form

Join the Community Helper Team

You want to keep sites like the Subreddit in good shape and want to make Community Contests etc. for EaW and you also want to help our devs show the magic of EaW to our community members (you serving as a bridge between them and the community) (for example live development) then here is the application form.

Signup Form (also includes Reddit Mod App)

Hint - For a good impression show presence on Reddit and Discord. I mean it makes it easier for me to notice ;-)

Join the Wiki Team

Just kidding - Wikis are open for anyone to edit, no application needed - if you'd like to help, the best way is to drop by our Discord and hop onto #wiki-discussions, ask how you can help.

Note - These Patreons/Kofi accounts are run by the respective devs - EaW is not responsible for their content.

EaW does not have a Patreon/Kofi, however some of our individual devs find it difficult to balance money with their modding obligations, and contributing to the Patreon/Kofi can help ease that burden a little.

Scroup - Scroup is the mod's lead dev and lead artist. He draws beautiful ponies and loves ear fluff. He will commission portraits in-game for those who support him.

Yard1 - Yard is the mod's head coder, with a history of popular mods, notably in GTA, behind him, having gotten >800k downloads. In Equestria at War, he mostly does technical, QA, and ensures every project works together to keep the mod running as a whole. Though Yard does his own development too, he keeps EAW's releases on track and efforts ongoing!

Featherus - Featherus is one of the mod's lead devs, behind Wingbardy, New Mareland and Riverlands - just to name a few.

Cyrus - Cyrus is the mod's head content designer, having created most of the focus trees and events in the mod.

Caspy - Caspy/Jaspy is one of the mod's lead devs, having created fan favourites Cyanolisia, Skynavia, the Manehattan Protectorate, the Equestrian Liberation Front, and Pax Chrysalia Redux, and is now working on bringing you Kirin content for Zebrica.

Printik - Printik is an artist and the lead modeller. He has drawn many portraits for the mod and he is also behind the models for the pony and griffon units.

MonAx - MonAx is one of the artists in the EaW team. Also has a Kofi:

Professional Horse - Professional Horse is a horse, professionally. Neigh. Give him money so he can cope with his cripplig carrot addiction. Cronch cronch.

Baron - Baron is the lead developer behind Sirenalia path for Hippogriffia and is currently working on the Equestria rework, as well as Sirenalia expansion and Lunar New Mareland rework.

Anja - Anja is a community coordinator and developer, and has organized many community events on the official Discord server.

Kingston - Kingston is a senior writer and has written countless events and focus descriptions for the mod.

VoidTemplar - VoidTemplar is a senior writer and community coordinator.

Support Our Artists

Please check our and support our artists below. Many EaW artists are happy to do commissions.

About Commissions

Commissions in EaW - Portrait commissions can be included in the mod, complete with a custom description. Note that acceptance of portraits and selection of a suitable nation are at the discretion of the EaW team.

Disclaimer - Artist commissions are the responsibility of the artist, not the EaW team. We recommend you do due diligence in commissioning an artist, and agree in writing on clear expectations, timeframes and conditions for payment or refund.

Our Artists

Each is in this format:

  • Typical Price (USD)
  • Contact Details
  • Example of work
  • Specialties (if any)

Scroup (Head Dev): (Closed)






  • Portraits - $60 (But can be discounted to $30 for EaW related art)
  • Complicated background is additional $10
  • Discord: amiyourhiro
  • Can draw anything if references are provided


  • $5-$40 (the price will always be suitable to you) based on demand
  • Discord: fly_over
  • Derpibooru
  • I wanna try everything



  • $15 for a portrait, $35 for full-body
  • MonAx#1934 (Discord), @monx94 (Telegram), @mon_x94 (Twitter)
  • DeviantArt profile, Twitter
  • Portraits (griffons, ponies), but up to other stuff too.



  • 15-30$ for portraits, more complex things are more expensive and discussible
  • Discord: motley_ad
  • EaW Portfolio
  • Ponies, Zebras, Griffons, Deers, etc.


  • Typical price: 6-10$ (price negotiated)
  • Discord: nheball
  • Example of work
  • Specialities: Maps of any kind (political and topographical, fantasy maps and alternative history), Full body MLP-FiM characters



  • $25-$40 for portraits. Price may vary depending on complexity.
  • Discord: princess_rari
  • Examples of art on Derpibooru
  • Will draw MLP creatures in all shapes and sizes, as well as non-MLP creatures

Rich May:

  • $30–40 (portrait), negotiable price for scene.
  • Rich May#8801 (Discord)
  • Patreon, Twitter, Deviantart
  • You can contact me anywhere from above, there are examples of arts


  • Prices shown are in order of flat, rendered, and painting respectively:
  • Portrait: $10, $30, $60
  • Feral Fullbody: $20, $45, $75-$130+ (depending on difficulty)
  • Ref Sheet: $75. Simple rendering included, 2-5 poses/faces included. Clothing only costs extra if it's very difficult.
  • Extra character is +50% of base price.
  • ryanboi (Discord), @ryanmandraws (Twitter)
  • Derpibooru portfolio, Twitter portfolio
  • Flat example
  • Render example 1, example 2, Ref Sheet example.
  • Painting example 1, example 2, example 3.

Stephen sen"/"闪电_Lightning


  • Prices indicative only - $20 (portrait), $100 (full pony)
  • Twotail813#8047 (Discord) or Tumblr
  • Deviantart


Support Our 3D Modellers

Similarly to our artists, many of our 3d modellers also take commissions. The same disclaimer preceding the artists apply to commissions with modellers. Additionally, art and models commissioned from the modelling team WILL NOT be used in the mod itself.

Our Modellers

Each is in this format:

  • Typical Price (USD)
  • Contact Details
  • Example of work
  • Specialties (if any)


  • One character 40-60$ varies with complexity and amount of clothing.
  • You will receive some pictures of the model from different angles, 360 rotation animations, model files and textures (if needed)
  • Snecy#2288 (Discord) VK
  • Sample1 Sample2 Sample3

Join the EAW FIMFiction Community

Not enough wartime ponies? There's always more here