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Solar Puppet

Spoilers below, we recommend these are best experienced in game before reading
As a colony of Equestria, if Equestria changes government, New Mareland can follow. See Solar Empire for more information about Solar Equestria.

Becoming a Solar Puppet

There are several methods to become a solar puppet.

  • Support Daybreaker when her ascension triggers a civil war
  • Be forcefully puppeted by Solar Empire
  • Agree to become a Solar Empire puppet once they win the civil war and demand submission
  • Candy Garden successfully leads a coup / civil war against a non-Solar government.

This will replace the Equestrian Loyalist / Patriation political branches with a Solar tree. Industry and military trees will remain untouched.

Solar Coup

If Mareland supports neutrality, Harmonic Equestria or Lunar Empire in response to Daybreaker, it will receive an event for a coup led by Candy Garden. This can, succeed, fail, or do neither and trigger a civil war. The AI will generally choose the civil war option, however, both other outcomes are possible.

Solar Empire's Leadership Choice

Once the Solar Empire has started on one of the 3 paths for Daybreaker's personality, it will receive an option to maintain the current New Mareland puppet government (under Jet Set or Candy Garden) or to install Arcane Nova, a loyal leader from Solar Equestria. Should the Solar Empire choose this, New Mareland may elect to break ties with the Solar Empire instead.

Solar Focus Tree

New Mareland Under the Solar Empire
In response to becoming a Solar Puppet, the government may select from 3 paths - much like the Solar Empire's 3 paths for Celestia, they offer least severe choices on the left and most severe choices on the right.

Reorganise the Government

Prerequisites - Can only be taken if Jet Set is still in office (no coup or Sol installed government), and the Solar Empire has not taken the extreme God-Empress path.

The government will aim for minimum disruption, adopting a mantra of "Keep Calm and Carry On" - a temporary governing council of leaders from across society has been formed to run the state until the chaos and war has ended.

This path notably benefits to stability and industrial output, and also provides a research slot earlier than other paths. It also unlocks Transoceanic Support and Wonderbolts from Down Under, which provide strong research and aircraft bonuses. However, the final focus cannot be taken until peace, preventing the player from removing the Great Depression spirit until the war is over.

Pacify the State

Prerequisites - None

Martial law is declared and a military government is installed, which will quickly become permanent. This path notably provides benefits to war support, 2% recruitable population, training, political law changes, and military construction. It can also access both the shared trees to its left and right, which give factories and infrastructure on the left, and military bonuses on the right.

Embrace the Sun

Prerequisites - Solar Empire installed governor Arcane Nova must be in power, and the Solar Empire cannot have selected the gentlest path of Empress-Protector.

The country becomes a Solar Empire cult, embracing extreme principles and theocratic intolerance of dissent. The path provides large Supremacist support boosts, 10% recruitable population factor, an elite unit, consumer goods factories reduction, repair, and infrastructure construction speed.


Starting leaders
Leader Leader Ideology and party Traits Description Comes to power by
Candy Garden
Military Government.png
Military Government

Solar Junta
Harmonist Sympathies
  • Acceptance of Harmonist Diplomacy: +70
Candy Garden has two passions in her life - devotion to the Princess and digging quality trenches. Her tenure as a general has been nothing short of exemplary. She has always been concerned with the state not showing proper reverence to the Princess, and the recent turn of events have resulted in her leading a coup against the traitors. With the proper order restored, she serves the Princess of the Sun once again.

Arcane Nova
Authoritarian Theocracy.png
Authoritarian Theocracy

Holy Sun Reign
Arcane Nova is one of the finer military minds that have sprung out from the new order in Equestria. Steadfast and astute, she has accepted the Empress' summons to personally oversee the troublesome colony. She ensures that the Sun is properly praised at all times, and any dissidents are swiftly removed.

Spoiler end.

Lunar Puppet

Spoilers below, we recommend these are best experienced in game before reading

When Nightmare Moon revolts against Celestia, New Mareland can decide that Celestia's actions went too far, and decide to side with Nightmare Moon's thestrals. See Lunar Empire for more information about Lunar Equestria.

Becoming a Lunar Puppet

There are several methods to become a Lunar puppet.

  • Support Nightmare Moon when she triggers a civil war
  • Be forcefully puppeted by Nightmare Moon
  • Agree to become a Nightmare Moon puppet once they win the civil war and demand submission

This will replace the Equestrian Loyalist / Patriation political branches with a Lunar tree. Industry and military trees will remain untouched.

Lunar Empire's Leadership Choice

If New Mareland joined voluntarily, Nightmare Moon shall be able to choose the new government leader - maintaining the current government under Jet Set, putting the Shadowbolt Society under Sour Sweet in charge, or installing the loyal batpony Flawless Glow as the new Governor-General.

Lunar Focus Tree

New Mareland under Lunar Empire

Lunar New Mareland's new political focus tree consists of 3 focus tree paths, each corresponding with the leader selected by Nightmare Moon. The Shadowbolt Society path sub-divides into two more paths, a moderate one and a radical one.

Reorganise the Government

Lunar New Mareland Reorganize the Government.png

Jet Set has been allowed to maintain his leadership and will have to reorganize his government to emphasize thestral interests. The country's ideology is set to Non-Aligned.

Jet Set will maintain the status quo of constitutional and secular rule, integrate the Thestrals as citizens, and negotiate with the Lunar Empire to reaffirm New Mareland's status as an independent but allied colony to the Lunar Empire.

The final focus, "Independence Negotiations", removes the puppet status from New Mareland, but prevents New Mareland from leaving Lunar Empire's faction.

The Shadowbolt Society

Lunar New Mareland The Shadowbolt Society.png

The Shadowbolt Society, a Lunar-supporting ancient secret society of pony elites led by chairmane Sour Sweet, has been appointed to lead New Mareland.

Immediately after the Shadowbolt Society is chosen to lead New Mareland, New Mareland receives an event where the Shadowbolt Society decides on whether or not they should maintain their current moderate methods or return to their radical roots. The two options bypass "The New Society" and "A Return To Our Roots" respectively.

The New Society

The Shadowbolt Society has decided to maintain their current moderate methods. The state ideology is set to Non-Aligned.

The Shadowbolt Society will seek to develop New Mareland with their strong control over the private sector, and support Nightmare Moon by integrating the Thestrals and using media to earn public support.

A Return To Our Roots

The Shadowbolt Society has decided to go back to their radical roots. The state ideology is set to Supremacy.

The Shadowbolt Society radicalizes its members, engages in far more ruthless capitalist practises, embeds themselves as an unofficial branch of the government, and persecutes the Griffons.

The focus Spread the Darkness, which declares war on Flag of Kingdom of Wingbardy Wingbardy, is available in this path, but this path does not have a focus that removes New Mareland's puppet status, which is a prerequisite to the focus. New Mareland will have to remove its puppet status through default in-game mechanics in order to take Spread the Darkness.

Embrace the Night

Lunar New Mareland Embrace the Night.png

Evening Dew, a loyal Lunar batpony, is placed in charge of New Mareland. New Mareland's ideology becomes Supremacy, and its puppet status is downgraded from Satellite to Protectorate.

Evening Dew devoutly serves Empress Nightmare Moon, and reengineers the entire society to serve the Nightmare and stand against their enemies. The Griffons especially are considered a dangerous threat to the Equinity, and thus Evening Dew works with Picket Fence to rile up anti-Griffon sentiment, engage in systematic persecution, and eventually either expel them or send them to labor camps to redeem themselves for their crimes.

"The Prophet" removes the puppet status from New Mareland, but prevents New Mareland from leaving Lunar Empire's faction. The final focus "Spread the Darkness" declares war on the Flag of Kingdom of Wingbardy Kingdom of Wingbardy.


Starting leaders
Leader Leader Ideology and party Traits Description Comes to power by
Jet Set

United Imperial Party
Harmonist Sympathies
  • Acceptance of Harmonist Diplomacy: +70
Member of the Canterlot elite, Jet Set is staunchly devoted to the ideals of tradition and harmony. Although his detractors call him out of touch with the common ponies, his business sense is impeccable and he has the right idea of how to get New Mareland back on track. His decision to accept the Princess' invitation to the position of Governor-General came from the desire to show his peers that he is more than a shallow socialite, although his beloved wife, Upper Crust, may have encouraged him. Jet Set firmly believes in the motto of "Keep calm and carry on!" and tries to steer New Mareland into a brighter future, no matter the situation.

Sour Sweet

Shadowbolt Society
Shadowbolt Society Chairmare
  • Political Advisor Cost: −25%
  • Trade Laws Cost: −25%
  • Conscription Laws Cost: −25%
  • Economy Laws Cost: −25%
  • High Command Cost: −25%
  • Air Chief Cost: −25%
  • Army Chief Cost: −25%
  • Navy Chief Cost: −25%
Born: September 13th, 978, in Sunset

Biography: One could describe Sour Sweet's life as a mixture of luck and perseverance. While being born in New Mareland, Sour was sent to Canterlot on the mainland from the start of her education to give her a better chance to succeed by her parents, who were middle-class citizens in the capital. It was there that much of her personality manifested, including her bipolar state, her scathing remarks when it came to others failing, and her highly competitive nature. Returning to New Mareland with a degree in finance of all things, she set out with a grim determination to get the only thing she knew she wanted; success.

It did not come easy, especially when Black Wednesday hit New Mareland and her growing business threatened to crumble. But Sour Sweet hung on and became perhaps the most, if not inspirational then unconditional success story of the period. As the threats coming from Griffonia only grew more worrisome, so too did her stake and control of arms manufacturers, until the fateful day came for her to join the Shadowbolt Society. The same qualities that she gained in Canterlot served her again here, as she became the quickest elected chairmare in the Society's history.

However, things have gone very different from what she expected. Nightmare Moon has returned, and now she has entrusted Sour Sweet and the Society to lead New Mareland. Sour may personally have no great sympathy or devotion to the Night, but she knows that remaining a loyal colony of the Empire is ultimately beneficial for all parties. And while the Society may be split between old and new, Sour does her best to keep it united, especially in these new strange times.

Portrait By: Egil


Shadowbolt Society
Evening Dew

New Mareland Agency
Evening Dew comes from a long line of Nightmare Moon supporters. His family has never forgiven Princess Celestia for her actual and perceived slights against them, and they've been plotting the Nightmare's return for centuries. Until recently, this was characterised by holding seance sessions in abandoned houses and inciting other bat ponies towards rebellion. Suave and terrifying, Evening Dew was one of the first to join the Dark Mistress' side, and his devotion has not gone unrewarded.

Spoiler end.

Our Nation

Spoilers below, we recommend these are best experienced in game before reading


The Creation of Our Town

Starlight Glimmer quickly became of a powerful proponent of her new Equalist ideology

In 1000 ALB, Starlight Glimmer, a young unicorn mare, came to a radical conclusion. Cutie marks - magical symbols earned as a foal that represent a pony's special talent - promoted division and strife. Ponies became arrogant, mocked those who lacked cutie marks, promoted ponies with appropriate cutie marks and passed over those without. If everypony were equal, if everypony had no cutie mark, true friendship and harmony could be achieved.

Fortunately for Starlight, she was a pony of incredible magical talent, which she used to assemble a cult - Our Town. The ponies of Our Town had their cutie marks and associated talents magically sealed away, and replaced with the symbol of Equality. It was a town where everyone did the same jobs, looked the same and received the same.

Unfortunately for Starlight, her powerful magic that allowed her to seal away cutie marks would not function if she sealed away her own special talent. So she disguised her cutie mark to look the same as every other pony and hid her secret.

The Revelation of Starlight's Lie

Ponies of Our Town host a parade for Twilight Sparkle

Everything changed when Twilight Sparkle, protege of Princess Celestia and Princess of Friendship, arrived. Starlight attempted to convert Twilight to their way of life, but was outwitted, as Twilight and her friends revealed Starlight's own lie to the shocked town - her unsealed cutie mark.

Furious at their leader's hypocrisy, the ponies of Our Town unsealed their cutie marks and chased Starlight out of town. They vowed to abandon their extreme practices in favour of a more moderate pursuit of their ideals, and renamed themselves the New Equality Country.

A True Believer Travels East

With Starlight Glimmer nowhere to be found, one pony was left directionless. Blueberry Frost was a true believer of Our Town, and its end shattered her. She left for the colonies of the New Mareland, hoping for a better life. And a better life she found - this was a land of freedom, without Princesses and the oppression of Equestria.

A fertile ground for the ideology of Equality...

Forming Our Nation

To form Our Nation, follow the Communist Path and select the Equalist faction. When you gain sufficient Communist support you will be able to form Our Nation.

Our Nation Focus Tree

Our Nation Focus Tree
The Our Nation tree is strange but very powerful, giving an allocation of factories, upgrading minable states, allowing for near-infinite PP and fixing New Mareland's greatest weakness - its low population. Its first focus, Memories of Our Town, provides +25% to PP. Its second focus, End Private Ownership, gives a generous 6 civilian factories and 2 military ones.

The shared middle tree has Equal Road Distribution, which sets every state's infrastructure to 5, giving an incredible 28 levels of infrastructure on the mainland.

The tree splits into two paths. Both trees have a science slot, and an end to the Griffon Minorities malus.

Equality within Reason

This tree brings the Equality doctrine, moderated from its Our Town form - Ponies get to keep their cutie marks. Has a variety of small buffs, increasing stability especially. But the highlight of the tree is Equal Defense Training (+10% attack / def on core territory) and Equality for All which gives +25% PP and +5% non-core ponypower. With this level of PP Our Town can afford to regularly switch design companies for maximum effect, and can offset aggressive combat losses through the conquest of neighbours.

Total Equality

This branch doubles down on Starlight's dream of cutie mark free Equality, which quickly spirals into authoritarian insanity. The earlier focuses give benefits to industrial flexibility, output and consumer goods. The suitably ridiculous Equal Population Distribution Equalises the population of every state. The tree's pinnacle is Equal Minds; Equal Voice, which gives 0.50 daily PP, and Equal Conscription, which gives 20% recruitable population factor, 1% recruitable population and 10% division recovery rate. Smile Smile Smile rounds the tree out with an always welcome 15% Stability, 15% War Support and 250PP.


Starting leaders
Leader Leader Ideology and party Traits Description Comes to power by
Blueberry Frost

New Equality Party
Blueberry Frost was one of the many who participated in Starlight Glimmer's idea of equality, but Starlight was exposed as a fraud. This did not deter Blueberry, who fled across the sea in search of a new ground to spread equality, which would, this time, be honest to its ideals and ensured nopony was left behind in poverty. Tired of being trapped in the woes of economical depression, the ponies have chosen her to resolve New Mareland's issues and lead them to a new, equal time.

Spoiler end.


Spoilers below, we recommend these are best experienced in game before reading
Big Sister is Watching You
— The Party
MARESOC Focus Tree.png


In the Communist Party of New Mareland, there is a third extremist faction alongside the Stallionists and the Equalists. The faction follows what they call Mareland Socialism, also known as MARESOC. MARESOC believes that capitalism can only be removed by fully rebuilding the society so that the entire society bends to the will of the party.

MARESOC rejects freedom, democracy, and equality, and the society under MARESOC is strictly hierarchical, with everything within the society being totally controlled by the party and the party's bureaucracy.

Forming Marelandia

To form Marelandia, go down the Communist focus tree path, and support the MARESOC faction during The First Socialist Conference. Once there is enough Communist support in the country, MARESOC will launch a coup and take over New Mareland. During the coup event, the country's base stability is set to 10%, political power is reduced by 300, and the country will get the national spirit Anarchy:

Resource Gain Efficiency: -50%
Monthly Population: -15%
Recruitable Population Factor: -100%
Consumer Goods Factories: 50%
Stability: -50%
Research Speed: -50%
Factory Output: -50%
Dockyard Output: -50%

MARESOC has another chance at power if they weren't chosen during The First Socialist Conference. If the Stallionists or the Equalists were chosen during the Conference, another event will fire after the Conference where MARESOC denounces the Socialist Alliance and plans to launch their coup alone. The player can leave them alone or crack down on them. If MARESOC wasn't cracked down, they will eventually launch their coup alone in around 1 year if the Communists haven't taken power during all this time, which will plunge the country into a civil war between anti-MARESOC loyalists and MARESOC.

Marelandia Focus Tree

Marelandia's focus tree replaces all of New Mareland's original focus tree.

Marelandia's focus tree opens with a transitional section where MARESOC ends the Anarchy by force and secures its control over the country. During this time, there is a chance for a counter-revolution by General Candy Garden, which will cause a civil war in Marelandia that Marelandia is unlikely to win.

  • Entrench The Revolution: Grants 150 PP, 5% Base Stability, and unlocks decisions to suppress ideologies.
    • After the focus is completed, if The Great Purge focus hasn't begun in around 30 days, Candy Garden's Counter Revolution will be triggered.
  • The Great Purge: Cannot be cancelled manually. When the focus is taken, Candy Garden's Counter Revolution will be cancelled and no longer has a chance to happen. When the focus completes, the following effects will be applied:
    • Every owned state's ponypower is reduced by 10,000.
    • Anarchy's negative effects will be reduced.
    • Generals Moonlight Poppy, Sunny Shield, Candy Garden, Grand Wingsword, Anja Snow, Sparky Starfall, and Chifundo will be unponied.
    • All remaining Political Advisor options save for the MARESOC ministries will be unponied.
    • All Theorist options save for Radiant Glow will be unponied.
    • Chief of Army options Steadfast and Iron Spear will be unponied.
    • Chief of Navy options Depth Charged and Water Drops will be unponied.
    • Chief of Airforce options Angel Wings and Star Hunter will be unponied.
    • Military High Command options Shining Shield, Thunderboom, Diggery Doo, and Nyota will be unponied.
    • The national spirit The Purge is added (it is removed through the focus The Military Reborn):
The Purge
Division Organization: -50%
Division Recovery Rate: -50%
Research Speed: -75%
Training Time: +50%
  • Collectivize the Economy: Reduces the effects of Anarchy. Locks Trade Law to Closed Economy. Adds 3 Civilian Factories and 2 Military Factories.
  • Reclass the Population: Reduces the effects of Anarchy and Great Depression.
  • Big Sister Is Watching You: Removes Anarchy, and Big Sister becomes the leader of the country.

Once Big Sister takes power, MARESOC will begin its focus tree proper to reshape the country as the Party wishes.

Notable focuses:

War Is Peace

  • War Is Peace: Unlocks the Minipax political advisor.
  • Marelandia, 'Tis For Thee: Adds 10% Base War Support, and changes Mobilization Law to Service by Requirement.
  • MARESOC Officers: Gives new Generals and national spirit that adds 1 to the starting attack skill level of new army leaders.
  • The Military Reborn: Removes The Purge and enables tactic Berserker Charge.
  • Unrestricted Experimentation: Adds 1 Research Slot (max 5 research slots), and also adds a national spirit that increases race magic and nuclear research speed at the cost of monthly population growth and stability.

Freedom Is Slavery

  • Freedom Is Slavery: Unlocks the Miniluv political advisor.
  • Expulse The Griffons: Removes 150,000 ponypower from three states, and removes Griffon Minorities. Flag of Kingdom of Wingbardy Wingbardy and Flag of Duchy of Talouse Talouse will get an event where Griffon refugees arrive in their nation.
  • Thought Police: Adds 1 Research Slot (max 5 research slots).

Ignorance Is Strength

  • Ignorance Is Strength: Unlocks the Minitrue political advisor.
  • Alter The Past: Adds 150 PP and renames most of the states in the country to expunge its colonial history.
  • Hate Campaigns: Triggers event that grants national spirit Hate Campaigns, which gives 5% Recruitable population factor, +10% War Support, and +40% Offensive and Defensive War Penalty Stability Modifier.

Poverty Is Prosperity

  • Poverty Is Prosperity: Unlocks the Miniplenty political advisor.
  • War Rationing: Changes economy law to Total Mobilization. If the economy law is already on Total Mobilization, grants 150 PP instead.
  • Enforced Destitution: Converts 3 civilian factories into 3 military factories.
  • Live Long And Prosper: Triggers event that removes Great Depression, while replacing Poverty level from Negligible Poverty to Widespread Poverty. Widespread Poverty is a poverty level unique to Marelandia, and grants:
Widespread Poverty
Monthly Population: -10%
Research Speed -2.5%
Daily Communism Support: +0.01
Civilian Factory Construction speed: -10%

Marelandia Gameplay

Once Big Sister Is Watching You is completed, Marelandia unlocks decisions that allows it to launch Surprise Wars on the Flag of Kingdom of Aquileia Kingdom of Aquileia, Flag of Kingdom of Wingbardy Kingdom of Wingbardy, Flag of Duchy of Talouse Duchy of Talouse, Flag of County of Francistria County of Francistria, and the Flag of Barony of Arantiga Barony of Arantiga. The decisions cost 75 PP and 30 days to complete. The decisions can only be taken if Marelandia is bordering these countries, these countries are at war and not a civil war (or for Aquileia, its Second Revolution), and Marelandia is at peace. Once the decision completes, Marelandia gains +10% Base War Support and +5% Stability and declares war on the target country.

When Mareland expands and annexes Griffon territories, the event "Racial Harmony" will be triggered. It allows Marelandia to integrate and core Flag of Kingdom of Aquileia Aquileian, Flag of Kingdom of Wingbardy Wingbardian, and Flag of Duchy of Talouse Talousian states.


Starting leaders
Leader Leader Ideology and party Traits Description Comes to power by
Oligarchical Collectivism.png
Oligarchical Collectivism

International Pariah
  • Improve relations opinion: −75%
  • Same ideology monthly opinion: −50%
  • Trade deal opinion factor: −75%
  • Civilian intelligence to others: −10%
  • Army intelligence to others: −7.5%
  • Navy intelligence to others: −12.5%
  • Airforce intelligence to others: −7.5%
MARESOC is a Newspeak term that stands for Marelander Socialism, which gives the Party its name. The other name for their ideology is oligarchical collectivism. The two aims of MARESOC are to bring the revolution to the people and to destroy the capitalists and foreigners who wish to oppress them. The two aims of MARESOC are the complete political domination of the populace and the pursuit of power for its own sake.


Big Sister
Oligarchical Collectivism.png
Oligarchical Collectivism

  • Political Power Gain: +25%
  • AI Modifier: Desired Divisions Factor: +20%
  • Weekly War Support (Combat Casualties): +0.1%

International Pariah

  • Improve relations opinion: −75%
  • Same ideology monthly opinion: −50%
  • Trade deal opinion factor: −75%
  • Civilian intelligence to others: −10%
  • Army intelligence to others: −7.5%
  • Navy intelligence to others: −12.5%
  • Airforce intelligence to others: −7.5%
Big Sister is the leader of MARESOC and the founder of the Party. She has been the guardian of the revolution since its earliest days. She is infallible and all-powerful. All good things have come from her and her alone. It is only under her stern but gentle guidance that we flourish.

MARESOC is a Newspeak term that stands for Marelander Socialism, which gives the Party its name. The other name for their ideology is oligarchical collectivism. The two aims of MARESOC are to bring the revolution to the people and to destroy the capitalists and foreigners who wish to oppress them. The two aims of MARESOC are the complete political domination of the populace and the pursuit of power for its own sake.

There will be no loyalty, except loyalty towards the Party. There will be no love, except the love of Big Sister. There will be no laughter, except the laugh of triumph over a defeated enemy.


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Literally 1048
As Marelandia, rename Mareland state.

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