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Communism refers to a very broad set of ideologies which share one thing in common: opposition to private ownership. Communism generally seeks to create a classless egalitarian society where the means of production are under common ownership, though the exact methods to achieve this goal vary greatly.

Subideologies and adherents


  • People marked with * are their countries' starting leaders.
  • Provisional leaders are not included.
  • Breakaways are in italics.
Subideology Description Adherents (Equus) Adherents (Griffonia) Adherents (Zebrica)
Agrarian Socialism
Agrarian socialism advocates for a peaceful, traditional and rural society, where all property is owned communally by villagers and all important decisions are made by peasants' councils. Forms of agrarian socialism can appear in less developed societies as well.
An ideology embracing the idea of communism as a stateless society, Anarchist Communism eschews the idea of a transitionary socialist state and favors a society based on voluntary associations and mutual aid.
A reaction to the many ideologies claiming to be successors to Marksism, Anti-Revisionism advocates retaining key elements of original revolutionary theory. Mainly opposing incorporation of capitalist economic elements into socialist systems, it is hostile to communist states that deviate from orthodox Marksism, claiming them to be "state capitalist" and "social imperialist". This hostility separates them from other Marksist movements. See custom puppets:
Democratic Socialism
Democratic socialism is a left-wing ideology that seeks to retain democratic institutions while abolishing private property, because it considers capitalism to be incompatible with true liberty and equality. See custom puppets:
Republican variant

The left wing of the National Republican Party has risen to prominence mostly in the last few years. Made up of young, idealist leaders, the party asserts that the revolutionary principles of 978 must be continued and brought into a new age. The faction claims that instead of social democracy and foreign anti-communism, worker's self management and a Skynavian thaw should be pursued. The party is vehemently against the Old Guard of the Republic, and advocates for the complete and utter dismantlement of the Kemerskai personality cult. A young and radical movement, many have criticized the NRP-Left for its "authoritarianism" and "disdain for liberal groups".

Flag of Griffonian Republic Rikard Astler
Based on the original ideas of Starlight Glimmer, Equalism seeks to totally overhaul society through massive social engineering projects. While its creator was exposed as a fraud and a hypocrite, a small core of true believers remained, mixing their own ideas with what she had proposed. With an uncompromising commitment to preempting any form of hierarchy, Equalism holds that anything less than full economic, social, and in some cases even biological equality is a betrayal of the revolution. It has drawn criticism from other socialists for its allegedly-cultlike nature, but the Equalists believe that the revolution must be to the utmost or it will inevitably produce a new ruling class. And as Starlight Glimmer said, "Join in our utopia, come out of the dark!"
Equestrian Socialism
Equestrian Socialism seeks to establish a socialist state by a vanguard party leading a revolution, overthrowing an capitalist society. Once in power, the party rules through a system whereby policies are open for internal debate until a decision has been made. In this form of communism, elections are often still present for party leaders and representatives.
Combining racial or ethnic supremacy with left-wing economics, Ethno-Socialism envisions a glorious society for the members of its chosen group, and immense suffering for the parasites who feed on them. While many other communists would call this "fascism in red," the Ethno-Socialists know that only their people deserve a better life.
Lightningist variant

Lightningism continues all of Posada's most notorious policies at an even more intense pace. Chiropterra continues to be devastated, and resources are ruthlessly extracted from North Zebrica to fuel the post-scarcity society on the home front. Calling himself the true heir of Posadism, some fear he aims to persecute ethnic minorities within Revolutionary North Zebrica due to his nationalist roots and belief in biological lumpenproletariat. Crack insists the phenomenon of biological lumpenproletarians is based upon ethnicity and direct heritage, not race, but for the zebras and ponies within Revolutionary North Zebrica, that offers a small comfort as the nebulous "superculture" they are supposed to conform to seems quite ill-defined.

Flag of Hippogriffia Crack Lightning
Futurist Socialism
Many socialists have written about the civilizational transformation that would occur for all creatures upon reaching true post-scarcity communism. To the regimes categorized as Futurist Socialism, that transformation is not something to wait for, but something to begin work on right now. Blending technocracy, communism, beautiful dreams of the future, and social engineering, these socialists tend to take an even more revolutionary line on culture than others of their ilk.
Market Socialism
Like other variants of socialism, market socialism maintains public or shared ownership but retains a competitive free market system. There can be exceptions to this rule: some private companies may also be allowed to exist as long as the majority of businesses remain collectively owned, and there can be a degree of economic planning involved. Profits either go to the state or are distributed to employees or the population in general. Flag of Colthaginian Republic Zarishat Zeirutid
Marksist politics seek to apply the theories of Caramel Marks to political practice. Class struggle and the need for transition to a society based on common ownership of the means of production characterize these ideologies. A society under Marksism claims to fight against capitalist exploitation of the working class, usually via a centrally planned economy. If democracy is present in a Marksist state, it is usually in a diminished form, only allowing other socialist parties or factions to compete.
Oligarchical Collectivism
Oligarchical collectivism is a political theory developed by the Marelander Socialist Party, otherwise known as MARESOC. It seeks to implement communist ideals by placing the means of production into the hooves of a select group of bureaucrats, who manage them on behalf of the people. This bureaucracy is strictly hierarchical and meritocratic, with little tolerance for deviancy from the Party's ideology. In oligarchical collectivism there is no concept of the past or future, only the present, and all social advances are based purely on commitment to the purity of the Party's orthodoxy. The sole goal and purpose of oligarchical collectivism is power.
Religious Socialism
Theocratic socialism is based on religious values. It sees capitalism as idolatry and sin that goes against the teachings of religious leaders. According to its advocates, the Gods intended for all living beings to be equal and not oppress one another.
Revolutionary Dictatorship
Identifying as a form of government applying and developing socialist policies, Revolutionary Dictatorship emphasizes rapid industrialization and collectivization as well as the need for a strong, authoritarian socialist state to purge any counter-revolutionary elements. This is claimed to be a necessary step on the path to an equal communist utopia.
Self-Reliance is the belief that the masses cannot self-regulate, but rather must be guided by a 'Great Leader' who is the mastermind of the working class. The Great Leader is without flaw and never commits mistakes, is always benevolent and always rules for the masses. The army is the greatest of all institutions guided by the Great Leader. Flag of County of Bronzehill Kimball Barking-Sun
Socialist Monarchism
Socialist Monarchism is a strange system which blends socialist economics with a hereditary head of state such as an emperor, king or queen. Many more-orthodox Marksists denounce such states as not proper socialists, pointing to the conservative, inegalitarian nature of monarchy and the fact that most of these states arose through reform rather than revolution.
Syndicalism is a left-wing ideology that advocates for worker-based local organisation and the advancement of socialism through strikes. Their ultimate goal is to replace the central state with a "federation" of trade unions and other voluntary organisations. It is seperate from Marksism and tends to struggle with it for dominance among the left. Where Marksism tends to regard a strong state as necessary to advance workers' interests, Syndicalism believes that this is just another form of tyranny, and that any significant change must come about through concerted, direct action by the people themselves.