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The Equestria at War mod has its own discord server, which provides opportunities for comfortable communication for both ordinary inhabitants and players in the modification, and its developers. You can go to the discord server from the modification page on Steam, a group on VKontakte, a community on Reddit, or go to this invite: PetZvZk .

The main language of communication on the server is English, however, most channels do not have a mandatory restriction, and there is also a separate category of channels for communication in Russian (and other Cyrillic languages) and a separate channel for communication in any language.


The first thing you may encounter upon entering the server is the AltDefender [1] bot verification system installed to protect the server from raider and spam attacks. The bot sends a unique link to the private messages of the newly arrived participant, which is available within half an hour from the moment of sending. To pass verification, you must verify with AltDentifier's system using your Xbox , Twitter , Steam , Overwatch , Reddit or Youtube account .

Verification may not be required if you have been a Discord user for a long time. But in any case, the server is set to a security level that requires the discord account to have a verified email. All verified participants are assigned the «Pones Pones role.png» role .


The server rules are contained in the #server-rules channel , and are provided in Russian and English:

  1. @Comissar's have the authority to enforce specific rules and make specific decisions at their discretion when they feel it is in the best interest of the discord server and its users at large. However, they are fully accountable for their actions when they exercise this privilege.
  2. The @Comissar's decisions are final. If you have a further issue with one then you can message any @Major except Scroup. However, arguing with them over any decision will likely accomplish nothing and is moderately annoying.
  3. Rules function AS INTENDED. Just because you bend the wording of a rule into a pretzel and don't break the specific RAW (Rule As Written) does not mean you didn't break the RAI (Rule As Intended). Rules can be subject to interpretation and if the @Major's or @Comissar believes you broke a rule as it is intendedto function, you can expect the same consequences.
  4. Breaking Discord Terms of Service will lead to immediate ban. Do not organize, participate in, or encourage harassment of others. Do not organize, promote, or coordinate servers around hate speech. Do not evade user blocks or server bans. Do not make threats of violence or threaten to harm others. Do not send others viruses or malware.
  5. NSFW Content is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, NSFW Images, content that depicts gross acts of violence, murder, execution, torture and similar, or explicit erotic content, including links to such content in any of the channels, suggestive images and behaviour, explicit/erotic commentary and conversations.
  6. No Spamming. Spamming is defined as posting the same thing multiple times in a short period of time. It is okay to post similar things in succession if, and only if, it is related to the conversation topic at hand and does not break any of the Server Rules.
  7. Holocaust and genocide jokes, denial, or support, ironic or not; racial, ethnic, religious, gender, and identity attacks; promotion of terrorism; calls to violence; and physical threats are strictly forbidden.
  8. Keep appropriate discussion in the appropriate channel, #eaw-discussions is for mod related discussion. #civil-discussions channels are for any general off-topic discussion/serious conversation; #the memes of production is for related shitposting, prequel memes, or actually decent memes. #playing-hoi4 is for organizing and discussing Hearts of Iron IV Multiplayer games. #british-minecraft and #motherland-minecraft are for organizing and discussing Minecraft games. Any other channel should be self-explanatory, use common sense. In addition, if you ping the @Gamer or @Minecrafter Role without a valid reason you may lose the ability to communicate in said channels.
  9. Any language is allowed to be spoken in a channel, unless a specific language is stated in the channel description – in those channels you can still speak in other languages, with limits. Avoid holding longer conversations in non-primary language there, and please do not ask users to leave unless a longer conversation happens.
  10. Discussing and sharing political content, including but not limited to, economic theories, religion, ideologies, and identity politics are banned.
  11. Posting development leaks from unreleased versions of Equestria at War anywhere, including other Discord servers will be met with an instant permanent ban without any warning.
  12. Roleplay is banned. Completely.
  13. Ban or mute evasion is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
  14. Non-constructive criticism of other mods is not allowed.
  15. Advertising servers, unrelated to EaW, is not allowed, unless permitted by @Major's.
  16. Don't DM anyone from the server without their permission. If you wish to report a rule you may DM any of the @Comissar's. DMing someone against their will in violation of Rule 4 will result in an immediate ban.
  17. Temporary rules supersede Core rules. Certain channels may have their own specific rules. Refer to their pins or descriptions. Those rules have the same weight as the general server rules.


Role hierarchy

There are many different roles on the server with different purposes: color roles, status roles, distinguished roles, reward roles, administrator roles with special powers, and others.

Community Roles are the roles held by the people responsible for the development of the Equestria at War community.

  • Major are the main developers of the mod, who make the main decisions and regulate the activities of the Commissars: caspy.ai, cyrus24601, featherus, yard1, and scroup
  • Comissar Comissar role.png — server moderators who ensure its stability and have full power to make special decisions: lunar_explorator, danior6, frostru, gamermasterpro, kingston1709, lunasoneverfree, monx94, ozkoala, podrickequus, runehawk12, suddenlyzoey, Tassen#5074, vladio, and floppochkin
  • Dev Comissar — moderators in the developer camp responsible for internal disciplinary issues: strangemonk, aquamuro, neither83, and maneyan
  • Horseworder Committee Member — people responsible for coordinating and selecting writers, as well as developing lore: Kingston#1709, The 24th Pegasus#0024 and VoidTemplar2000#4424
  • Community Coordinator — people responsible for coordinating the community and the interaction of various structures, such as the submodding community, wikis, Reddit community, discord servers and others , as well as EaW promotion questions: captain_veers, voidtemplar2000, and lunar_explorator
  • Community Helper are people who help Community Coordinators, but in more specialized areas, whether it be community management on Twitter, VKontakte, Reddit, or even work as a manager of various events: apani, lunar_explorator, aquamuro, comradevasily, corktantinople, iymarra, ncblizzy, podrickequus, raiinee, and voidtemplar2000
  • Reddit Moderator — modification subreddit moderators: apani, jackntrade, kingston1709, Sigismund Augustus#6042, and mr.walsencrat
  • VKontakte Admin — administrators of the modification group in VKontakte: aquamuro, comradevasily, Leva Trotsky#7084, flakekek, and sosninsky
  • Wiki Wizard Wiki Wizard role.png are the people responsible for the development of the English-language EaW Wiki on Fandom and Miraheze; primary coordinators are ateaaddict, bigsaij, tails_floofyfloof, and biscuitcookie; others: captain_veers, aquamuro, professional_horse7777777, rokim21, vengir, and voidtemplar2000,
  • Wiki-Ведьмак Wiki-Ведьмак role.png — people responsible for the development of the Russian-language EaW Wiki on Fandom; main leader is Беспартийный#6126; others: knyazerhard, the_old_mann, and ledianye_mozgy

Developer roles — roles belonging to the developers of the modification.
Roles of contributors — the roles of people who have made any contribution to the development of the modification:

  • Contributor Contributor role.png is the shared allocated role for all contributors.
  • Artist — the role of artists involved in creating portraits or images for events.[2]
  • Scripter is the role of scripters who create new tricks, events, solutions, and write other code.
  • Writter - the role of writers who write descriptions of focuses and leaders, events, and other necessary text.
  • Model Designer — the role of modelers involved in the creation of 3D models of various types of troops.
  • Flag Designer is the role of artists who create country flags.
  • GFX Designer is the role of artists who create all kinds of icons and logos.
  • Translators — the role of translators translating texts into Russian.
  • Translation-Editor — the role of translators, various translation adjustments.
  • Voice Actor - the role of voice actors who provide voices for troops of various countries.
  • Tester Tester role.png is a distinguished role of testers who test various builds of new versions of the modification and identify errors that they report to developers . Also, testers make their own feedback about the content, which may affect the further course of development.

Senior Developers - seniority roles awarded to developers for their experience and achievements. Their responsibilities include leading and mentoring new developers:

  • Senior Scripter: caspy.ai, strangemonk, jpg7710, neither83,crnibombarder and bigsaij
  • Senior Writer: cataline, gladi, Danielle#2190, dr.gilderoy, cstriker421, kingston1709, iymarra, bigsaij, podrickequus, maneyan, the24thpegasus, and voidtemplar2000
  • Senior Model Designer: lun4, and printik
  • Senior Artist: amiyourhiro, egilcd, montley_ad, neither83, printik, and scroup
  • Senior GFX Designer: Riley Vinchers#2446, Darth Riki 01#0169, valencewubs1738, scroup, and .tiddo_knock_off_tito
  • Senior Translator: aquamuro, mister_garion, scorg2, freudensonne, and sosninsky

Newbie Developers - roles of newbies who don't have enough experience but try to help as much as they can:

  • Trainee-Artist
  • Trainee-Writter
  • Trainee-Translator

Other roles:

  • War Correspondent — the distinguished role of youtubers or other content makers who created content based on the Equestria at War modification.
  • Paradox Interactive is a verified member of the Hearts of Iron IV development team.
  • Veteran Boi — role for server oldfags. Given to users who have been actively on the server for at least two years.
  • Private First Class Private First Class role.png - The role of regular members who have been on the server for a long time and have a good reputation. The role is assigned on the recommendation of a more titled member, and also gives access to a unique hidden text channel and voice channel 🔒Moonburger Flesh Pit. Given at request after one year of activity on the server without issue and approval from commissars.
  • Кекс Кекс role.png is an analogue of the PFC role for Russian-speaking participants. The role is given personally by Scroup, and gives access to a hidden text channel, a closed voice channel 🔒Moonburger Flesh Pit, as well as access to the voice channel 🔒Scroup's Kitchen.
  • Lieutenants Lieutenants role.png is a more significant role than Cupcake or PFC. The role is granted based on voting and grants access to its own hidden channel and private voice channel 🔒Moonburger Flesh Pit. Given at request after two years of activity on the server without issue with approval from commissars.
  • Minecrafter Minecrafter role.png is a pingable role for Minecraft players playing with each other over the network. You can get or remove the role by entering the command ?setminecrafter in the channel #tavern.
  • Gamer Gamer role.png is a pingable role for players in multiplayer games in Hoi4. You can get or remove the role by entering the command ?setgamer in the channel #tavern.
  • DJ - a role that allows you to control the sound of participants in voice channels and select the music that plays.
  • Nitro Booster is a role that is automatically issued for server boosting.
  • Pones Pones role.png is a role representing all verified members.

Role requests for Private First Class Private First Class role.png, Lieutenant Lieutenants role.png, and Veteran Boi may be made through this form: https://forms.gle/59EHuczwtTZUGrSY9

In addition to those listed, there are a huge number of unique roles issued to various participants for any service to the community or participation in events.

Colored Roles - Roles that allow a regular member to receive a colored nickname, but they do not affect members who have any higher status roles than Pones Pones role.png. To obtain any of the colored roles, one should contact any of the @Comissar's, indicating the desired role. List of colored roles:

  • Beer Lover
  • Cat Lover
  • Hippogriff Lover
  • Equestria Girl
  • Seapony Lover
  • Centaur Lover
  • Giraffe Lover
  • Parrot Lover
  • Griffon Lover
  • Noot Noot Lover
  • Kirin Lover
  • Bug Lover
  • Bat Lover
  • Good Doggo
  • Snow Furry Lover
  • Deer Eater
  • Zebra Lover
  • Deergenerate
  • Minotaur Lover
  • Dragon Lover
  • Mare Enthusiast (*Exclusively given)
  • Bomzh

Discord Channels


Note; Unless noted, it is not possible to talk in the News section

  • #Releases - All patches are announced here on release.
  • #News - General mod news announced here.
  • #Server-Rules - Current server rules listed here.
  • #Useful-Links - A collection of various links related to the mod.
  • #Teasers - Upcoming content for the mod is shown here by coders and writers.


#EaW-Discussions - General discussion about the mod, HoI4 and gameplay strategy. ENGLISH ONLY

#Civil-Discussions - Off-topic channel for a conversation about anything, whether it is ponies, Cyrus' zany stories and so on. Rules still apply. ENGLISH ONLY

#Civil-Discussion-2-Electric-Boogaloo - Off-topic channel like #civil-discussions. A mirror in almost every form of its sibling

#Feedback - Suggestions and discussion for the future direction of the mod. If you have an idea, this is where to post it.

#Bugreports - Reporting of bugs, missing/misspelled text, faulty AI, obvious balance issues, and simple, uncontroversial suggestions for improvements to existing flawed content. (if a suggestion is not all of these it should be in Future-Discussion).

#Soviet-Bugreports - Same as #bugreports, in Cyrillic languages.

All Ponies Front

#EaW-motherland - General discussion about the mod, HoI4 and gameplay strategy. RUSSIAN AND OTHER CYRILLIC LANGUAGES ONLY

#Motherland - Offtopic channel for a conversation about anything RUSSIAN AND OTHER CYRILLIC LANGUAGES ONLY

#Motherland-minecraft - Offtopic channel for a conversation about Minecraft RUSSIAN AND OTHER CYRILLIC LANGUAGES ONLY

#Rzeczpospolita - The Polish language channel. POLISH LANGUAGE ONLY Disabled until further notice

#Multilingual-chat - Channel for a conversation about anything in any language.


#Anime-club - For discussion about anime of all sorts.

#Art - Discussion and sharing of art from the MLP fandom.

#eaw-videos-and-streams - Are you a streamer or a content creator who played our mod? Post your videos here! No discussion allowed.

#eaw-submodding - The mod is great, but you have an idea of your own that doesn't fit in the main mod? Show off your mod making here! Exclusive to Equestria at War submods only. A (mostly) complete list of submods can be found here

#Fanfiction-zone - Discussion about fanfiction of all kinds, especially any set in the EaW Universe.

#mlp-show-chat - Intended for discussion of the MLP TV show itself, though discussion of other canon material also takes place here.

#Wiki-Discussions - Organizing and discussing work on improving the EaW Wiki. Anyone is free to participate.

#Muzyka - Sharing, playing and discussion of music.


#Hall-of-Fame - Best memes of Equestria at War!

#The_Memes_Of_Production - Memes and shitposting.

#Tavern - The roleplay channel. Mantaro is active here and can be used for a variety of reactions and actions. It has some minor games featuring virtual currency that may also be played here. Not recommended for the pure of heart or mind.


#Altdentifier - The place where the alt-seeking bot roams, watching for sockpuppets

Chill Talks

Note, people of all languages are welcome on voice - no matter the channel. Names of Channels may change without any notice.

#Muted-Voice-Chat - The text supplement to discussion occurring in voice - use to share pictures, links, or text commentary when your mic isn't available.

#Music-bot-commands -The bot Mantaro responds to commands here and can be used to broadcast music into your current voice channel. For a list of commands please see here

- Ponyville Cafe - The general voice chat channel.

- Frontline - Spare general voice chat channel.

- Crystal City - Spare general voice chat channel.

- Балкон Channel - Spare general voice chat channel. (Mostly used by our russian speaking community)

- The Heart Chamber - Private PFC channel used mostly by PFCs and LTs

- Scroup's Kitchen - Private dev (also being used for freetime activities) channel used mostly by Major Scroup.(can be used by LTs too)

- Dev Playground - Dev/Tester channel usually used for developer events and testing

- The Peasant Corner - Dev/Tester channel usually used for developer events and testing


Voice chats and channels for EAW multiplayer games.

#Playing-HoI4 - For proposing new games of EaW. Ping people with the @Gamer roll to call for interested parties. Apply here to get the @Gamer role.

#Playing-HoI4-Off-Topic - The #Muted-Voice-Chat to #Playing-HoI4

#weekly-mp-rules-and-links - This channel contains the game rules and other important information connected with the Weekly EaW Multiplayer Games

-republican-deathsquads - Voice chat for Flag of Griffonian Republic Griffonian Republic and its allies

- changeling-hegemony - Voice chat for Flag of Changeling Lands Changeling Lands and its allies.

- reformisten-reich - Voice chat for the reformisten of the Flag of Ordensstaat Hellquill Ordensstaat Hellquill.

- all-ponies-alliance - Voice chat for Flag of Equestria Equestria and its allies.

- river-coalition - Voice chat for the River Coalition.

- aquilia - Voice chat for the Flag of Kingdom of Aquileia Kingdom of Aquileia and its allies.

- karthinian-pact - Voice chat for Flag of Kingdom of Wingbardy Kingdom of Wingbardy and its allies.

- reichspakt - Voice chat for the Flag of Griffonian Empire Griffonian Empire and its allies.

- palace-of-the-soviets - Voice chat for Flag of Stalliongrad Stalliongrad and its allies.

-communist-international - Voice chat for Flag of Griffon Liberation Army Griffon Liberation Army and its allies.

-not-japan - Voice chat for Princely Lake City and its allies


The server has 4 bots used for various needs:

  • AltDentifier[3] is a bot for verifying participants with a young discord account.
  • Mantaro[4] is a bot for music, simple games and entertainment commands for responding to and interacting with images. Active in music, voice channels and taverns.
  • Dyno[5] is a bot that provides various options for simplified server moderation.
  • VK Music Bot#2031 — bot for listening to VK music in voice channels.
  • Yardbot - the unholy creation and sidekick of Major Yard1. Managed to predict a fire.


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  2. For the convenience of developers, the role of artists is highlighted separately, located above the role of Contributor Contributor role.png.
  3. https://altdentifier.com
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