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Should be the go-to for inline text-sized icons on this wiki.


{{Icon|icon name|text|width=22px}}

Parameter Info Required Notes Examples
1 icon name Required The concept you want an icon for infantry, heavy tank
2 text Optional Text linked to be displayed alongside the icon. Leave it blank if you don't want any text. Write 1 if you want the default text that goes with the icon 1, Paradox
width size Optional The size of the image, as in MediaWiki image syntax. Defaults to 22px, except for unit icons, which default to x22px (22px height) instead. 30px

Usage Examples

Code Result
{{Icon|infantry}} Infantry
{{Icon|lighttank|1}} Light tank Light tank
{{Icon|super heavy tank|Bananas}} Super heavy tank Bananas


The following icons are understood by the template. Feel free to add more in the source!


Icon Concept Code
Changeling Changeling changeling
Deer Deer deer
Diamond Dog Diamond Dog diamond dog
Griffon Griffon griffon
Hippogriff Hippogriff hippogriff
Horse Horse horse
Pony Pony pony
Zebra Zebra zebra
Abyssinian Abyssinian abyssinian
Buffalo Buffalo buffalo
Camel Camel camel
Centaur Centaur centaur
Donkey Donkey donkey
Dragon Dragon dragon
Gargoyle Gargoyle gargoyle
Giraffe Giraffe giraffe
Harpy Harpy harpy
Kirin Kirin kirin
Llama Llama llama
Minotaur Minotaur minotaur
Penguin Penguin penguin
Polar Bear Polar Bear polar bear
Undead Undead undead
Yak Yak yak
Yeti Yeti yeti
Unknown Unknown unknown
Icon Concept Code
Hearts of Iron IV Hearts of Iron 4 hoi4
Together for Victory Together for Victory tfv
Death or Dishonor Death or Dishonor dod
Waking the Tiger Waking the Tiger wtt
Man the Guns Man the Guns mtg
La Résistance La Résistance lar
Battle for the Bosporus Battle for the Bosporus bfb, bftb
No Step Back No Step Back nsb
By Blood Alone By Blood Alone bba
Icon Concept Code
Yes Yes yes
No No no
Time Time time
Unknown Unknown unknown
Left Left left, bop left
Right Right right, bop right
Opinion Opinion opinion
War goal War goal cb, war goal
World Tension World Tension world tension
Non-aggression pact Non aggression pact nap, non-aggression pact
Autonomy Autonomy autonomy
Mutually Exclusive Mutually Exclusive exclusivem
Guarantee Guarantee guarantee
Guarantee receiver Guarantee receiver guarantee receiver, guaranteed
Guarantee initiator Guarantee initiator guarantee initiator, guarantees
Declare war Declare war war, declare war
Offensive war Offensive war war initiator, offensive war
Defensive war Defensive war war receiver, defensive war
High Priority High Priority high priority
Low Priority Low Priority low priority
Icon Concept Code
Independent Independent independent
Dominion Dominion dominion
Autonomous Puppet Colony colony
Puppet Puppet puppet
Integrated Puppet Integrated Puppet integrated puppet
Satellite Satellite satellite
Protectorate Protectorate protectorate, reichsprotectorate
Commissariat Commissariat commissariat, reichskomissariat
Imperial Subject Imperial Subject imperial subject
Imperial Associsate Imperial Associate imperial associate
Imperial Protectorate Imperial Protectorate imperial protectorate
Supervised State Supervised State supervised state
Collaboration Government Collaboration Government collaboration government
Personal Union Personal Union personal union
De Jure Puppet De Jure Puppet de jure puppet
Nominal Vassal Nominal Vassal nominal vassal
Autonomous Vassal Autonomous Vassal autonomous vassal
Vassal Vassal vassal
Subjugated Vassal Subjugated Vassal subjugated vassal
Demilitarised Autonomous Puppet Demilitarised Autonomous Puppet demilitarised autonomous puppet
Demilitarised Puppet Demilitarised Puppet demilitarized puppet
Demilitarised Integrated Puppet Demilitarised Integrated Puppet demilitarized integrated puppet


Strategic resources
Icon Concept Code
Aluminum Aluminum aluminum
{{{caption}}} Crystal crystal
Chromium Chromium chromium
Oil Oil oil
Rubber Rubber rubber
Steel Steel steel
Tungsten Tungsten tungsten
National resources
Icon Concept Code
Air experience Air Experience air exp
Army experience Army Experience army exp
Navy experience Navy Experience navy exp
Ponypower Manpower manpower
Population Population pop, population
Victory point Victory point vp, victory point
Political Power Political Power political power
Command power Command power command power, cp, command point
Stability Stability stability
War support War support war support
Consumer Goods Consumer Goods consumer goods
Construction cost Construction cost construction cost
Production cost Production cost production cost
Production cost Production cost (naval) naval production cost
Production Efficiency Cap Production Efficiency Cap pecap
Production Efficiency Growth Production Efficiency Growth peg
Cryptology level Cryptology level cryptology, cryptology level
Decryption power factor Decryption power factor decryption, decryption power factor


Icon Concept Code
Communism Communism communism
Harmony Harmony harmony, democracy
Supremacy Supremacy supremacy, fascism
Neutrality Neutrality neutrality

Laws & Development

Conscription laws
Icon Concept Code
The People's Militia The People's Militia the peoples militia, legation volunteers
Disarmed Nation Disarmed Nation disarmed nation
Volunteer Only Volunteer Only volunteer only
Siren Conscription Siren Conscription siren conscription
Limited Conscription Limited Conscription limited conscription
Extensive Conscription Extensive Conscription extensive conscription
Locally-Led Conscription Locally-Led Conscription locally-led conscription
Mandatory Citizen Militias Mandatory Citizen Militias mandatory citizen militias
Thousand Banners System Thousand Banners System thousand banners system
Neo-Banner System Neo-Banner System neo-banner system
Service by Requirement Service by Requirement service by requirement
All Adults Serve All Adults Serve all adults serve
Scraping the Barrel Scraping the Barrel scraping the barrel
Changeling Garrison Changeling Garrison changeling garrison
Legionaries of the Night Legionaries of the Night legionaries of the night
Soldiers of the Night Soldiers of the Night soldiers of the night
Warriors of the Night Warriors of the Night warriors of the night
All Non-Vital Personnel All Non-Vital Personnel all non-vital personnel
Last Stand Doctrine Last Stand Doctrine last stand doctrine
Trade laws
Icon Concept Code
Embargoed Economy Embargoed Economy embargoed economy
Closed Economy Closed Economy closed economy
Limited Exports Limited Exports limited exports
Export Focus Export Focus export focus
Free Trade Free Trade free trade
Hidden Economy Hidden Economy hidden economy
Chiropterran Economic Dominance Chiropterran Economic Dominance chiropterran economic dominance
Communist Counter-Economics Communist Counter-Economics communist counter-economics
Economy laws
Icon Concept Code
Undisturbed Isolation Undisturbed Isolation undisturbed isolation
Isolation Isolation isolation
Primitive Economy Primitive Economy primitive economy
Criminal Economy Criminal Economy criminal economy
Slave-Based Economy Slave-Based Economy slave-based economy
Libertarian Economy Libertarian Economy libertarian economy
Siren Economy Siren Economy siren economy
Civilian Economy Civilian Economy civilian economy
Early Mobilization Early Mobilization early mobilization
Partial Mobilization Partial Mobilization partial mobilization
War Economy War Economy war economy
Total Mobilization Total Mobilization total mobilization
Collectivized Society Collectivized Society collectivized society
New Economic Policy New Economic Policy new economic policy
Society Development
Icon Concept Code
Detached Country Detached Country industryd
Communal Society Communal Society industryc
Primitive Society Primitive Society industry1
Agrarian Society Agrarian Society industry2
Industrialising Society Industrialising Society industry3
Newly Industrialized Society Outdated Industrial Society industry4
Modern Society Modern Society industry5
Scientific Development
Icon Concept Code
Poor Science Base Poor Science Base science1
Small Science Base Small Science Base science2
Substantial Science Base Substantial Science Base science3
Developed Science Base Developed Science Base science4
Icon Concept Code
Mass Illiteracy Mass Illiteracy illiteracy1
Broad Illiteracy Broad Illiteracy illiteracy2
Modest Illiteracy Modest Illiteracy illiteracy3
Limited Illiteracy Limited Illiteracy illiteracy4
Negligible Illiteracy Negligible Illiteracy illiteracy5
State Religious Education State Religious Education state religious education, illiteracy kic
Religious Morality Religious Morality religious morality, illiteracy kir
Icon Concept Code
Extreme Poverty Extreme Poverty poverty1
Severe Poverty Severe Poverty poverty2
High Poverty High Poverty poverty3
Moderate Poverty Moderate Poverty poverty4
Low Poverty Low Poverty poverty5
Mild Poverty Mild Poverty poverty6
Negligible Poverty Negligible Poverty poverty7


Icon Concept Code
Building slot Building slot
Building Slots
building slot
building slots
Military factory Military Factory mic, military factory
Civilian factory Civilian Factory cic, civilian factory
Naval dockyard Naval Dockyard nic, naval factory, naval dockyard
Infrastructure Infrastructure infra, infrastructure
Railway Railway railway
Supply Hub Supply hub supply hub
Anti-air Anti-air (building) static aa, static anti air, static anti-air, aa building, anti air building, anti-air building
Air base Air base air base
Radar station Radar station radar station
Naval base Naval base naval base
Synthetic refinery Synthetic refinery synth, synthetic, refinery, synthetic refinery
Fuel silo Fuel silo fuel silo
Rocket site Rocket site rocket site
Nuclear reactor Nuclear reactor reactor, nuclear reactor
Land fort Land fort land fort
Coastal fort Coastal fort coastal fort


Codes given are examples. More are supported.

Icon Concept Code
Infantry Infantry inf, infantry
Magical Infantry Magical Infantry magicalinfantry
Jaegers Jaegers jaegers
Knights Knights knights
Pegasi Pegasi pegasi
Ironpaws Ironpaws ironpaws
Troll Hounds Troll Hounds trollhounds
Dragon Whelps Light Dragons lightdragons
Heavy Dragons Heavy Dragons heavydragons
Chargers Chargers chargers
Vanguards Vanguards vanguard, vanguards
Panserbjørn Panserbjørn panserbjorn, panserbjørn
Horrors Horrors horrors, windigo horrors
Hydra Company Hydra Company hydras
Tatzlwurm Tatzlwurm tatzlwurm
Crude clockworks Crude Clockworks weak clockwork, crude clockworks
Military clockworks Military Clockworks ok clockwork, military clockworks
Soul-bind clockworks Soul-bind Clockworks good clockwork, soul-bind clockworks
Commanding clockworks Commanding Clockworks commander clockwork, commanding clockworks
Marine Marines marines
Paratroop Paratroopers paratroopers
Mountain Mountaineers mountaineers
Irregular Infantry Irregular Infantry irregular, irregular infantry
Militia Militia militia
Penal Battalion Penal Battalion penal, penal battalion
Fake Intel Unit Fake Intel Unit fake, fake intel unit
Icon Concept Code
Cavalry Cavalry cav, cavalry
Camelry Camelry camelry
Bicycle Infantry Bicycle Infantry bike, bicycle
Motorized Motorized mot, motorized
Mechanized Mechanized mech, mechanized
Magical Motorized Magical Motorized magical mot, magical motorized
Magical Mechanized Magical Mechanized magical mech, magical mechanized
Armored Car Armored Car ac, armored car
Amtrac Amtrac amtrac
Icon Concept Code
Anti-air Anti-Air aa, anti-air
Anti-tank Anti-Tank at, anti-tank
Artillery Artillery arty, artillery
Rocket Artillery Rocket Artillery rart, rocket artillery
Motorized Rocket Artillery Motorized Rocket Artillery mot r art, motorized rocket artillery
Icon Concept Code
Engineers Engineers eng, engineers
Field hospital Field Hospital fh, field hospital
Logistics company Logistics Company logistics, logistics company
Maintenance company Maintenance Company maintenance, maintenance company
Military police Military Police mp, military police
Recon Recon Detachment recon, recon detachment
Motorized Recon Motorized Recon Company mot recon, motorized recon company
Light Armored Recon Light Armored Recon Company ac recon, light armored recon
Armored Recon Armored Recon Company light tank recon, armored recon
Scout Helicopter Recon Scout Helicopter Recon scout heli, scout helicopter recon
Signal company Signal Company signal, signal comapny
Support Anti-air Support Anti-Air sup aa, support anti-air
Support Anti-tank Support Anti-Tank sup at, support anti-tank
Support Artillery Support Artillery sup art, support artillery
Support Rocket Artillery Support Rocket Artillery sup r art, support rocket artillery
Attack Helicopter Attack Helicopter Company attack heli, attack helicopter company
Magical Support Company Magical Support Company magicalsupportcompany
Infiltrator Company Infiltrator Company infiltratorcompany
Valiants Valiants valiants
Ursa Company Ursa Company ursacompany
Icon Concept Code
Light tank Light Tank light tank, light armor
Light SP Artillery Light SP Artillery light sp artillery, light sp art
Light Tank Destroyer Light Tank Destroyer light tank destroyer, light td
Light SP Anti-Air Light SP Anti-Air light sp anti-air, light sp aa
Medium tank Medium Tank medium tank, med armor
Medium SP Artillery Medium SP Artillery medium sp artillery, med sp art
Medium Tank Destroyer Medium Tank Destroyer medium tank destroyer, medium td
Medium SP Anti-Air Medium SP Anti-Air medium sp anti-air, medium sp aa
Heavy tank Heavy Tank heavy tank, heavy armor
Heavy SP Artillery Heavy SP Artillery heavy sp artillery, heavy sp art
Heavy Tank Destroyer Heavy Tank Destroyer heavy tank destroyer, heavy td
Heavy SP Anti-Air Heavy SP Anti-Air heavy sp anti-air, heavy sp aa
Super heavy tank Super Heavy Tank super heavy tank, s heavy armor
Super Heavy SP Artillery Super Heavy SP Artillery super heavy sp artillery, s heavy sp art
Super Heavy Tank Destroyer Super Heavy Tank Destroyer super heavy tank destroyer, s heavy td
Super Heavy SP Anti-Air Super Heavy SP Anti-Air super heavy sp anti-air, s heavy sp aa
Modern tank Modern Tank modern tank, modern armor
Modern SP Artillery Modern SP Artillery modern sp artillery, modern sp art
Modern Tank Destroyer Modern Tank Destroyer modern tank destroyer, modern td
Modern SP Anti-Air Modern SP Anti-Air modern sp anti-air, modern sp aa
Amphibious Tank Amphibious Tank amtank, amphibious tank
Railway Gun Railway Gun railway gun
Icon Concept Code
Destroyer Destroyer dd, destroyer
Light Cruiser Light Cruiser cl, light cruiser
Heavy Cruiser Heavy Cruiser ca, heavy cruiser
Battlecruiser Battlecruiser bc, battlecruiser
Battleship Battleship bb, battleship
Super-Heavy Battleship Super-Heavy Battleship shbb, super-heavy battleship
Aircraft Carrier Aircraft Carrier cv, carrier, aircraft carrier
Submarine Submarine ss, submarine
Convoy Convoy convoy
Monitor Monitor monitor
Icon Concept Code
Fighter Fighter fighter
Close Air Support Close Air Support cas, close air support
Naval Bomber Naval Bomber nav, naval bomber
Heavy Fighter Heavy Fighter heavy fighter
Tactical Bomber Tactical Bomber tac bomber, tactical bomber
Strategic Bomber Strategic Bomber strat bomber, strategic bomber
Transport Plane Transport Plane transport plane
Scout Plane Scout Plane scout plane
Maritime Patrol Maritime Patrol maritime patrol