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Hippogriffs are a quadrupedal race native to Flag of Hippogriffia Hippogriffia. They are similar to griffons, having the front half of an eagle, but are taller and have the rear half of an equine rather than a feline. Theories about Hippogriffs being the offspring of horses and griffons have not been proven to be true. In addition, hippogriffs can use a shard from the magical Pearl of Transformation to change into Seaponies. In this form, they are aquatic fish-like creatures.

Racial Technology

The Hippogriff Reaserch tree focuses on boosting marines, naval and air efficiency, reconnaissance and industrial improvements. The tech tree suits a more offensive strategies with combination of air and sea, but also provides defensive capabilities.

Seapony Marines

Seapony Marines I icon

Seapony Marines I

  • Marine Amtrac
    • Marsh Marsh
      • Movement: +10%
      • Defense: +10%
    • River River
      • Movement: +10%
      • Defense: +10%
    • Amphibious Amphibious
      • Movement: +10%
      • Defense: +10%
The ability to breathe underwater and swim like, well, fish, makes it remarkably easy to conduct seaborne operations.
Seapony Marines II icon

Seapony Marines II

  • Chance to Receive Critical Hit: -10%
  • Effects of sustained Critical Hit: -10%
Seapony marines and technicians can conduct repairs in flooded compartments, removing much of the headache of naval combat.
Seapony Marines III icon

Seapony Marines III

  • Marine Amtrac
    • Organization: +5.0
  • Amphibious Tank
    • Organization: +1.0
Storming beaches is normally a deadly affair, where one mistake spells catastrophe. For us, we can have whole forward operating bases underwater: hospitals, resupply, comms. Fighting them on the beaches is just regular fighting.
Seapony Marines IV icon

Seapony Marines IV

  • Line ArtilleryLine Artillery:
    • Marsh Marsh
      • Attack: +10%
    • River River
      • Attack: +10%
    • Amphibious Amphibious
      • Attack: +20%
While heavier equipment will still have to be brought in by boat, new aquatic pack artillery can be broken down and carried by seapony squadrons, then assembled to provide fire support directly on the beaches.
Seapony Marines V icon

Seapony Marines V

  • Special Forces Non-Combat Out of Supply: -10%
Our marines, being highly trained and able to function underwater, on land or in the air, are a remarkably self-sufficient fighting force. They can survive on meager supplies for quite some time and conduct hit-and-run warfare even when supplies are running low.
Seapony Marines VI icon

Seapony Marines VI

  • Extra Marine Supply Grace: +240 hour(s)
  • Special Forces Supply Grace: +48 hour(s)
Our marines are able to slip away even when in heavy fighting to recover supplies from ships and underwater caches. That way, we will be able to keep ourselves in the fight for days after other forces would have run out of ammunition.


High-Pressure Engineering icon

High-Pressure Engineering

  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +5.00%
  • Construction Speed: +10.0%
We have learned much about engineering in general through constructing so much of our infrastructure underwater. Our civil engineers know how to deal with loads and stresses which would cause most other species' engineers to throw up their hooves (or claws, or what have you).
Rare Aquatic Materials icon

Rare Aquatic Materials

  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +15.00%
There are a lot of strong materials you can find on the sea floor, with interesting applications both magical and mundane.
Soaring Architecture icon

Soaring Architecture

  • Construction Speed: +10.0%
  • Factory Bomb Vulnerability: +10.0%
  • Factory Repair Speed: +10.0%
Hippogriffkind has always had a flare for the majestic, with Mount Aris inspiring soaring spires and towering skyscrapers.
Form Follows Function icon

Form Follows Function

  • Production Efficiency Base: +10.0%
  • Factory Bomb Vulnerability: -10.0%
Hippogriff design philosophy emphasizes the unity of aesthetics and practicality. Everything is intuitively built: our engineers are almost as much artists as technical specialists, and take great pride in the elegance of their designs.
Hydrodynamics I icon

Hydrodynamics I

  • Destroyer Light CruiserHeavy CruiserBattleshipBattlecruiserAircraft CarrierSubmarineMonitor
    • Max Speed: +10.0%
The seapony body is a magnificent feat of hydrodynamics. Using it as inspiration, we have designed ships which cut through the water like, well, a fish.
Aerodynamics I icon

Aerodynamics I

  • All Airplanes All Airplanes:
    • Agility: +10.0%
The Hippogriff body is a remarkable feat of aerodynamics. Using it as inspiration, we have designed sleek aircraft which can adjust course with tiny movements, creating nimble dogfighters.
Hydrodynamics II icon

Hydrodynamics II

  • Destroyer Light CruiserHeavy CruiserBattleshipBattlecruiserAircraft CarrierMonitor
    • Surface Visibility: -10.0%
  • Submarine
    • Sub Visibility: -10.0%
Our new ships glide through the water, making far less noise and wave signature than older designs.
Aerodynamics II icon

Aerodynamics II

  • All Airplanes All Airplanes:
    • Max Speed: +10.0%
The next generation of hippogriff aircraft will push aerodynamics to the next level, with low-drag designs reaching incredible speed.

Recon & Detection

Eyes Above, Eyes Below icon

Eyes Above, Eyes Below

  • Air Detection: +10.0%
  • Naval Detection: +10.0%
  • ReconRecon
    • Reconnaissance: +100%
Our lookouts are able to get vantage points both high above the ground and deep beneath the waves, allowing us to detect enemies who thought they were well hidden.
Seapony Scouts icon

Seapony Scouts

  • Spotting Speed: +25.0%
Seapony scouts will accompany our ships, tracking down enemy vessels across the waves and warning us when enemies lie in wait.
Advanced Demolition Teams icon

Advanced Demolition Teams

  • ReconRecon
    • Hard Attack: +50.0%
    • Piercing: +50.0%
Our recon troops are able to get quite close to the enemy by exploiting our ability to walk, fly and swim. We will train them in sabotage and minelaying to target enemy armoured elements and supply depots.
Boarding Parties icon

Boarding Parties

  • Screen Attack: +10.0%
  • Convoy Raiding Efficiency: +10.0%
Boarding tactics may seem outdated in an age of modern naval guns, but the ability to swim right up to the enemy and then fly on board makes them far more viable.
A Thousand Hidden Places icon

A Thousand Hidden Places

  • ReconMotorized ReconArmored ReconLight Armored ReconScout Helicopter Recon
    • MarshMarsh
      • Movement: +5.0%
    • RiverRiver
      • Movement: +5.0%
The ability to map riverbeds and the bottoms of ponds makes it far easier to traverse wet terrain.
Advanced Commando Tactics icon

Advanced Commando Tactics

  • Special ForcesSpecial Forces
    • Defense: +5.0%
    • Breakthrough: +5.0%
    • Soft Attack: +5.0%
    • Hard Attack: +5.0%
The special forces truly are the pride of Aris. Equally at home on land, in the water and in the air, they train every day to outfox and outfight the enemy in any theatre of operations.
Total Naval Supremacy icon

Total Naval Supremacy

  • Destroyer Light CruiserHeavy CruiserBattleshipBattlecruiserAircraft CarrierSubmarineMonitor
    • Fjords And ArchipelagosFjords And Archipelagos
      • Attack +10.0%
      • Defense +10.0%
    • Shallow SeaShallow Sea
      • Attack +10.0%
      • Defense +10.0%
    • Deep OceansDeep Oceans
      • Attack +10.0%
      • Defense +10.0%
Nocreature can fight in the water like we can. Our navy incorporates boarders, aerial spotters, and underwater screens into a beautiful, elegant whole.

Combined Arms Warfare

We Can Swim! icon

We Can Swim!

  • Leg InfantryLeg Infantry
    • MarshMarsh
      • Attack: +5.0%
      • Movement: +5.0%
    • RiverRiver
      • Attack: +5.0%
      • Movement: +5.0%
    • AmphibiousAmphibious
      • Attack: +5.0%
      • Movement: +5.0%
You know it's remarkably easier to cross bodies of water when you can just turn into a fish.
Air-Sea Warfare icon

Air-Sea Warfare

  • Air Superiority Mission Efficiency: +10.0%
  • Sortie Efficiency: +10.0%
The aircraft carrier represents the purest embodiment of the Arisian way of war: a ship carrying planes across the water to bomb other ships.
Natural Fliers icon

Natural Fliers

  • Leg InfantryLeg Infantry
    • HillsHills
      • Attack: +5.0%
      • Movement: +5.0%
    • MountainsMountains
      • Attack: +5.0%
      • Movement: +5.0%
Verticality is much less of a barrier to us than to other species, as we are able to simply fly up onto ridges and peaks to get a good vantage point.
Seapony Screens icon

Seapony Screens

  • Screening Efficiency: +10.0%
Patrols of seaponies can spot enemy torpedoes and warn their home ships to steer clear.
Universal Marine Training icon

Universal Marine Training

  • Special Froces Capacity Multiplier: +10.0%
  • Special Forces Minimum Capacity: +24
Not every soldier can be a marine. Even with all our advantages, it takes nerves of steel to assault enemy beaches and it takes a lot of specialised equipment. But every soldier should at least be comfortable in both hippogriff and seapony form, and should know how to use the latter to gain an edge.
Three-Dimensional Thinking icon

Three-Dimensional Thinking

  • Air Superiority: +10.0%
  • Capital Ship Attack +10.0%
Being the creatures we are, we naturally think in three dimensions. By taking advantage of this, we can allow our air forces to work more closely with our ground troops and our aerial spotters to more effectively direct the fire of naval batteries.
Multilayered Combat icon

Multilayered Combat

  • Destroyer Light CruiserHeavy CruiserBattleshipBattlecruiserAircraft CarrierSubmarineMonitor
    • Organization: +5.0
  • All Infantry & Mot/MechAll Infantry & Mot/Mech
    • Organization: +5.0
The army, the navy, and the airforce will fight as one complete weapon of war. Each service branch will understand the others at an instinctual level, and support each other in all things.


As Strong as the Mountain icon

As Strong as the Mountain

  • Capital Ship Armor: +20.0%
Building upon the foundations of the Mountain and the ocean floor, we hippogriffs are remarkably good at making things that last.
Applied Regeneration icon

Applied Regeneration

  • Ship Repair Speed: +50.0%
  • Field hospital
    • Trickleback & War Support Protection: +5.0%
    • Exp. Loss: -5.0%
As a species adapted to physically transforming our bodies, we hippogriffs are possessed of a certain ability to rearrange our tissues, which with some coaxing can be put to use in regenerating damaged tissues.
Half-Submerged Redoubts icon

Half-Submerged Redoubts

  • Coastal Fort construction speed: +25.0%
Other creatures hate it when their fortifications become waterlogged. For us, it's just an extra layer of protection. So long as we make sure no shells land in the water itself: hydrostatic shock is not your friend.
Ocean-Proof Gear icon

Ocean-Proof Gear

  • Division Attrition: -10.0%
  • Attrition: -10.0%
Our gear is built to survive constant exposure to saltwater. It is remarkably tough stuff.
Ocean Trench Warfare icon

Ocean Trench Warfare

  • Naval minelaying efficiency: +10.0%
  • Engineers
    • Entrenchment: +200.0%
While we can't survive the pressures at the deepest ocean trenches, wargames conducted in the shallower trenches have revealed much to us, like how to lay magnetic mines by fin, or how to dig a foxhole into hard rock.
In-Combat Shifting icon

In-Combat Shifting

  • InfantryArmy
    • Defense: +5.0%
    • Breakthrough: +5.0%
Shapechanging is tough, getting used to each form is tough, but training each soldier to be able to do it under pressure will give us unrivalled tactical flexibility.