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Horses are sometimes considered to be the same race as ponies, but there are several notable differences. Most obviously, horses are much larger in size than ponies and lack cutie marks. In addition, there are only two subgroups, earth horses and unicorns, with no equivalent to pegasi. Horses favour more arid environments, being able to thrive in harsher conditions than ponies.

Racial Technology

Horse racial technology tree does not contain Pegasi Divisions and other pegasus technologies, but otherwise identical to the Pony one.

Earth Pony Tech

Earth Pony Agriculture icon

Earth Pony Agriculture

  • Monthly Population: +15%
  • Supply Consumption: -7.5%
Since the very first wandering pony tribes, earth ponies have been the most proficient in growing and cultivating agricultural areas. Modern machinery and crop cultures would drastically increase our food surplus.
Earth Pony Sappers icon

Earth Pony Sappers

  • Engineer Company Entrenchment: +2.0
Owing to their latent connection to the soil, earth ponies are able to dig trenches and build fortifications much faster than other ponies.
Magic of Industry icon

Magic of Industry

  • Factory Output: +10%
  • Dockyard Output: +10%
  • Construction Speed: +5%
Though they lack wings and horns, earth ponies have magic of their own. Their industrial capabilities are unmatched.
Earth Pony Mining icon

Earth Pony Mining

  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +10%
More earth ponies working in the mines means more resources extracted.
Earthpony Alchemy icon

Earthpony Alchemy

  • Field Hospital Trickleback: +10%
  • Field Hospital Exp. Loss: -10%
Earth ponies are able to grow all kinds of plants, many of which have potential medical applications.

Mage Company Research

Mage Company icon

Mage Company

Enables Mage Company
Unicorns are able to cast many different spells which can support our troops.

-Initial stats

  • Manpower: 200
  • Recover Rate: 0.30
  • Breakthrough: 2.0
  • Hard Attack: -0.5
  • Organisation: 30
  • Weight: 0.1
  • Training Time: 200
  • Defence: -0.5
  • Soft Attack: -0.5
  • Supply Use: 0.04
  • HP: 1

Magical Harmony ⇐
⇒ Magical Supremacy
Tactical Illusion Magic icon

Tactical Illusion Magic

  • Mage Company Breakthrough: +100%
  • Mage Company Reliability: +2%
We can use unicorn magic to create intricate illusions to confuse and mislead our enemies.
Shield Magic Focus icon

Shield Magic Focus

  • Armor: +450 000%
  • Reliability: -2%
Unicorn mages can use spells to create powerful, nigh impenetrable shields.
Helping Horn icon

Helping Horn

  • Mage Company Trickleback: +10%
  • Mage Company Exp. Loss: -10%
  • Mage Company Reliability: +2%
Healing spells can drastically reduce our casualties from combat.
Fire Magic Training icon

Fire Magic Training

  • Piercing: +200%
  • Reliability: -2%
Our mages are able to harness the power of fire, reducing our foes to ash.
Scrying Training icon

Scrying Training

  • Reconnaissance: +0.6
  • Reliability: +2%
Using specialised scrying spells and equipment, our mages are able to gather intelligence they wouldn't otherwise have access to.
Uncover Forbidden Magic icon

Uncover Forbidden Magic

  • Breakthrough: +200%
  • Reliability: -2%
There is much magic we can yet learn, though some of it might be considered... unorthodox.
Teleportation Aided Command icon

Teleportation Aided Command

  • Initiative: +20%
  • Organisation: +5
  • Reliability: +2%
Teleportation spells can be used to relay information over significant distances without the need for specialised equipment.
Embrace Dark Magic icon

Embrace Dark Magic

  • Trickleback: +10%
  • Air Attack: +150 000%
  • Armour: +250 000%
  • Reliability: -2%
We must master even the most profane forms of magic. A tainted soul is a small price to pay for such power.
Modern Spell Matrices icon

Modern Spell Matrices

  • Defence: +66%
  • Soft Attack: +66%
  • Reliability: +2%
Spell Matrices allow even the most incompetent unicorn to cast complex spells.
Maximum Magical Saturation icon

Maximum Magical Saturation

  • Breakthrough: +50%
  • Soft Attack: +75%
  • Reliability: -2%
Every fiber of our being must become one with magic. None shall be able to resist us.

Magical Integration Research

Specialised Training ⇐
⇒ Dispersed Training
Combat Telekinesis icon

Combat Telekinesis

  • Magical Inf. Defence: +10%
  • Magical Inf. Organisation: +5
Our unicorn mages must know how to utilise their telekinesis in combat.
Basic Telekinesis icon

Basic Telekinesis

  • Entrenchment Speed: +7%
Every unicorn serving in our Armed Forces must be able to perform at least basic telekinesis.
Improved Spellbooks icon

Improved Spellbooks

  • Magical Inf. Breakthrough: +5%
  • Magical Inf. Soft Attack: +5%
We must provide our combat mages with the best spellbooks available.
Basic Spellbooks icon

Basic Spellbooks

All Frontline Battalions:
  • Breakthrough: +5%
  • Soft Attack: +2%
Providing all unicorns with basic spellbooks will increase the effectiveness of our Army.
Professional Training Application of Magic icon

Professional Training Application of Magic

  • Magical Inf. Organisation: +5
An extensive magical training program reserved for our mages will increase their discipline and cohesion.
Magic Application Training icon

Magic Application Training

All Frontline Battalions:
  • Organisation: +1
  • Supply Consumption: -5%
A training program open to all unicorns in our army will moderately increase their discipline and cohesion.
Extensive Combat Magic icon

Extensive Combat Magic

  • Magical Inf. Soft Attack: +2%
  • Magical Inf. Hard Attack: +3%
  • Magical Inf. Organisation: +5
Schooling our mages in the art of combat magic will improve their abilities on the frontline.
Fundamentals of Combat Magic icon

Fundamentals of Combat Magic

All Inf, including Motorised and Mechanised:
  • Soft Attack: +1%
  • Hard Attack: +1%
  • Organisation: +1
Teaching all unicorns in our service basic combat spells will slightly improve our entire Army.
Magical Healing Techniques icon

Magical Healing Techniques

  • Magical Inf. Defense: +3%
  • Magical Inf. HP: +5%
Healing spells can be used to perform surgery even in the heat of battle.
Magical First Aid icon

Magical First Aid

All Inf, including Motorised and Mechanised:
  • Defence: +3%
  • HP: +1%
All unicorns in the army must know how to use their magic to provide first aid to their fellow soldiers.