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Ponies are small, colourful equines found across the world of Equestria at War. They are generally friendly, peaceful and capable. Herbivores, they naturally fear predators and defend themselves through cooperation. They wield various magic, but all possess minor magic that allows them to manipulate objects and perform fine work with hooves. There are 3 major types of ponies, and several minor ones.

The Three Major Races

Earth ponies have a natural affinity for nature and agriculture ~ Artist Huusii

Earth Ponies have neither wings nor horn, but are innately connected to the earth and land. They have a magical affinity for growth and agriculture, and tend to be stronger than their counterparts. This practical inclination can also manifest as an aptitude for mechanics and technology.

The most talented unicorns can wield power over time and reality itself ~ Artist Huussii

Unicorns are powerful spellcasters, who channel spells and telekinesis through their horn. However, most are not especially powerful, and only know basic telekinesis and specialist magic relating to their talent and hobbies. With telekinetic magic unicorns can multitask whilst performing highly dextrous tasks such as needlework. For this reason unicorns tend to be more highly employed as scholars, artisans and writers.

Especially skilled unicorns are rare, but can wield incredible power such as shields, healing, flying, teleportation, invisibility, energy blasts and even time travel.

Pegasi can field elite flyers, and manipulate the weather to their advantage ~ Artist viwrastupr

Pegasi are winged, flying ponies, and have natural magical powers over weather and the skies. They can travel quickly and are responsible for managing weather around Equestria, including preventing natural disasters, allocating rain and managing the change of seasons. Because of their maneuverability they are often employed to patrol and range distances, with the best fliers are employed in elite special forces units.

Other Races

The four current alicorns in Equestria - Celestia (Princess of Sun), Luna (Princess of Night), Cadence (Princess of Love), and Twilight (Princess of Magic) ~ Artist Akili Amethyst

Alicorns are legendary ponies who wield the attributes of all 3 races. They age extremely slowly and at present, only a few are known to exist. Alicorns can be born naturally from other alicorns, but can also emerge as the result of ascension, a process by which particularly heroic ponies become avatars of virtue and power. The alicorns Celestia and Luna wield power over the Sun and Moon respectively, leading Equestria. An example of ascension is Twilight Sparkle, who became an alicorn after she finished one of Star Swirl's spells.

Thestrals, flying ponies of the night, are unpopular in mainstream pony society ~ Artist Yakovlev-vad

Thestrals, or Batponies, can fly like pegasi and feature leathery wings, fluffy ears, good night vision and batlike fangs. They like to work and play at night, and tend to be more introverted, avoiding mainstream society and preferring the wilderness of mountains and caves. Favored by the night alicorn Luna, they are discriminated against in pony society, due to their ancient association with Nightmare Moon, the corrupted form of Luna, who led them in rebellion 1000 years ago.

A Royal Guard of the Crystal Empire ~ Artist InuHoshi-to-DarkPen

Crystal Ponies inhabit the lands of the Flag of Crystal Empire Crystal Empire. While arguably not their own race, as they can be earth ponies, unicorns or pegasi, they have been permanently changed by the long exposure to the crystals of their homeland, causing them to sparkle and refract the crystals' magical lights.

Cutie Marks

Cutiemarkpreview original.jpg

Cutie Marks (sometimes called symbols) are unique images located on flanks of ponies and zebras. They are powerful magical marks of the personality, proclivity, and / or talent of the pony.

The image here shows some examples of cutie marks. Their symbolised talent, clockwise from the top left - flying skill and speed, apple farming, fashion design, care of animals, parties and cheer, power over the night, power over the sun, and magical talent.

From "blank flanks" to Cute-ceañera

Ponies are born without cutie marks, and they work to earn them in their years as a foal. Cutie marks are obtained when ponies discover a unique characteristic that sets themselves apart from others

Ponies who have yet to gain their mark are derisively called "blank flanks". Earning a cutie mark is a momentous occasion for a pony and is celebrated with a "cute-ceañera" (a play on quinceañera in Latin America).

The impacts of cutie marks on ponies, culture and society

Our Town attempted a utopian idea of an equal world in which all ponies had the same mark

Despite their personal, unique meaning, cutie marks can often define ponies in their occupations, reputation and even social hierarchy, and tend to follow the natural talents of each race. Some ponies struggle with various problems, including a failure to live up to their mark, stereotyping and discrimination, and finding meaning and gainful employment in their special talent.

Some pones have experimented with a Cutie Mark free society such as the failed attempt in the commune of Flag of Our Town Our Town, led by Starlight Glimmer.

The Settling of Equus and Griffonia

Before the time of the Windigos, Ponies in Northern Equus (where Polar Bears now live) crossed the sea to Northern Griffonia. Over the next few thousand years, they spread far across the north and down the east where they started encountering griffons. In spite of repeated tribal warfare and skirmishing between the two races, the Ponies settled the Riverlands, claiming a sizeable area of Griffonia.

Beyond that, little is known. In the icy north, now occupied by the Dread League, the ponies fell to dark magic. Griffons moved north to tackle the threat, but in doing so, cut off the eastern and northern ponies.

The Eastern Ponies continued to develop in their own ways with no interaction with Equus for many, many years. In fact, none of them knew that the Windigos had driven their pony brethren out of Northern Equus and cut them off completely. These ponies migrated south, and founded the nation of Equestria, growing and spreading across the land.

This changed in 437ALB, when Meanderly Polo, an Equestrian Explorer, journeyed across Griffonia in search of these legendary lost pony tribes, arriving Lake City where she met with Prince Bright Blossom and re-established communications between the two groups, albeit slow and limited.

In recent years, with the advent of long-distance travel, there is limited, but regular trade and diplomatic travel between the two lands. For example, River Swirl, Chancellor of the River Republic, was a student at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.

Racial Tech

The Pony Research tree is focused around passive improvements to the nation, i.e. factory output increase, monthly population increase etc. The tree also improves the race-locked Pegasi Division, grants stat increases towards Magical Infantry, in addition to giving access to the race-specific Mage Company, which can either focus on breakthrough and piercing or defense.


Ponies have a very strong tree, primarily due to their entrenchment, mage companies, and upgrades for the elite magical infantry. They will benefit most from high tech, high production nations that need to save on manpower and play defensively - this is a natural fit for the major pony nations on Equus, but less useful for the smaller nations of the River Federation.

A powerful pony player will bring some of the best infantry in the game to bear en masse, with magical infantry upgraded to be more powerful, supported by powerful mage companies, entrenchment to hold the line, and trickleback bonuses that keep those troops elite and losses low.

  • Mage Companies are one of the best support units in the mod. Magical Harmony notably which gives you a good amount of trickleback for your divisions being a less expensive version of a cheap level one field hospital. Please note that while some percentage stat increases may seem insanely high, they correspond to much smaller increases in reality.
  • Pegasi are effectively just slightly faster paratroopers with an extra +2 km movement speed and is the weakest of the 3 racial infantries in the game.
  • Pony Technology is nothing special, but the Earth Pony Sappers provide a valuable +2 entrenchment and Earth Pony Alchemy give even more trickleback.
  • Magical Integration has a specialised training branch which is a must if you are running Magical Infantry.

Mage Company Research

Mage Company icon

Mage Company

Enables Mage Company
Unicorns are able to cast many different spells which can support our troops.

-Initial stats

  • Manpower: 200
  • Recover Rate: 0.30
  • Breakthrough: 2.0
  • Hard Attack: -0.5
  • Organisation: 30
  • Weight: 0.1
  • Training Time: 200
  • Defence: -0.5
  • Soft Attack: -0.5
  • Supply Use: 0.04
  • HP: 1

Magical Harmony ⇐
⇒ Magical Supremacy
Tactical Illusion Magic icon

Tactical Illusion Magic

  • Mage Company Breakthrough: +100%
  • Mage Company Reliability: +2%
We can use unicorn magic to create intricate illusions to confuse and mislead our enemies.
Shield Magic Focus icon

Shield Magic Focus

  • Armor: +450 000%
  • Reliability: -2%
Unicorn mages can use spells to create powerful, nigh impenetrable shields.
Helping Horn icon

Helping Horn

  • Mage Company Trickleback: +10%
  • Mage Company Exp. Loss: -10%
  • Mage Company Reliability: +2%
Healing spells can drastically reduce our casualties from combat.
Fire Magic Training icon

Fire Magic Training

  • Piercing: +200%
  • Reliability: -2%
Our mages are able to harness the power of fire, reducing our foes to ash.
Scrying Training icon

Scrying Training

  • Reconnaissance: +0.6
  • Reliability: +2%
Using specialised scrying spells and equipment, our mages are able to gather intelligence they wouldn't otherwise have access to.
Uncover Forbidden Magic icon

Uncover Forbidden Magic

  • Breakthrough: +200%
  • Reliability: -2%
There is much magic we can yet learn, though some of it might be considered... unorthodox.
Teleportation Aided Command icon

Teleportation Aided Command

  • Initiative: +20%
  • Organisation: +5
  • Reliability: +2%
Teleportation spells can be used to relay information over significant distances without the need for specialised equipment.
Embrace Dark Magic icon

Embrace Dark Magic

  • Trickleback: +10%
  • Air Attack: +150 000%
  • Armour: +250 000%
  • Reliability: -2%
We must master even the most profane forms of magic. A tainted soul is a small price to pay for such power.
Modern Spell Matrices icon

Modern Spell Matrices

  • Defence: +66%
  • Soft Attack: +66%
  • Reliability: +2%
Spell Matrices allow even the most incompetent unicorn to cast complex spells.
Maximum Magical Saturation icon

Maximum Magical Saturation

  • Breakthrough: +50%
  • Soft Attack: +75%
  • Reliability: -2%
Every fiber of our being must become one with magic. None shall be able to resist us.

Magical Integration Research

This tree provides improved training for unicorn forces in the military. Specialised training aims to produce elite, magical unicorn infantry that use magical weapons - its upgrades provide strong bonuses to Magical Infantry. Dispersed training aims to ensure that every serving unicorn, even those in non magical regiments, can provide basic support. It provides smaller bonuses to ALL divisions in the game.

Specialised Training ⇐
⇒ Dispersed Training
Combat Telekinesis icon

Combat Telekinesis

  • Magical Inf. Defence: +10%
  • Magical Inf. Organisation: +5
Our unicorn mages must know how to utilise their telekinesis in combat.
Basic Telekinesis icon

Basic Telekinesis

  • Entrenchment Speed: +7%
Every unicorn serving in our Armed Forces must be able to perform at least basic telekinesis.
Improved Spellbooks icon

Improved Spellbooks

  • Magical Inf. Breakthrough: +5%
  • Magical Inf. Soft Attack: +5%
We must provide our combat mages with the best spellbooks available.
Basic Spellbooks icon

Basic Spellbooks

All Frontline Battalions:
  • Breakthrough: +5%
  • Soft Attack: +2%
Providing all unicorns with basic spellbooks will increase the effectiveness of our Army.
Professional Training Application of Magic icon

Professional Training Application of Magic

  • Magical Inf. Organisation: +5
An extensive magical training program reserved for our mages will increase their discipline and cohesion.
Magic Application Training icon

Magic Application Training

All Frontline Battalions:
  • Organisation: +1
  • Supply Consumption: -5%
A training program open to all unicorns in our army will moderately increase their discipline and cohesion.
Extensive Combat Magic icon

Extensive Combat Magic

  • Magical Inf. Soft Attack: +2%
  • Magical Inf. Hard Attack: +3%
  • Magical Inf. Organisation: +5
Schooling our mages in the art of combat magic will improve their abilities on the frontline.
Fundamentals of Combat Magic icon

Fundamentals of Combat Magic

All Inf, including Motorised and Mechanised:
  • Soft Attack: +1%
  • Hard Attack: +1%
  • Organisation: +1
Teaching all unicorns in our service basic combat spells will slightly improve our entire Army.
Magical Healing Techniques icon

Magical Healing Techniques

  • Magical Inf. Defense: +3%
  • Magical Inf. HP: +5%
Healing spells can be used to perform surgery even in the heat of battle.
Magical First Aid icon

Magical First Aid

All Inf, including Motorised and Mechanised:
  • Defence: +3%
  • HP: +1%
All unicorns in the army must know how to use their magic to provide first aid to their fellow soldiers.

Pegasi Tech

Pegasus Division I icon

Pegasus Division I

Enables Pegasus Division
Pegasi are able to remain highly maneuverable in areas that are difficult for Earth Ponies and Unicorns to traverse.

-Initial stats

  • Manpower: 1000
  • Recover Rate: 0.40
  • Breakthrough: 0.4
  • Suppression: 2.2
  • HP: 20
  • Weight: 0.5
  • Training Time: 130
  • Defence: -0.1
  • Soft Attack: -0.5
  • Supply Use: 0.07
  • Organisation: 70
  • Max Speed: 6.4 km/h
Pegasus Division II icon

Pegasus Division II

  • Pegasi Soft attack: +5%
  • Pegasi Organisation: +5
Inspecting schools for qualified pegasi and funding specialised flying schools will increase the number of talented recruits.
Pegasus Division III icon

Pegasus Division III

  • Pegasi Organisation: +5
Stricter training and drills will allow us to weed out any non-qualified recruits who made it past initial inspection.
Pegasi Weather Engineering icon

Pegasi Weather Engineering

  • Winter Attrition: -10.0%
  • Heat Attrition: -10.00%
  • Bad Weather Penalty: -5.00%
We can minimise weather extremes by using pegasus weather factories for military purposes.
Pegasus Division IV icon

Pegasus Division IV

  • Pegasi Organisation: +5
Standardisation of pegasus equipment will improve the cohesion of our units.
Pegasi Weather Engineering icon

Pegasi Weather Engineering

  • Bad Weather Penalty: -15.00%
Pegasi are able to clear the skies, allowing our air forces to fly even in bad conditions.
Pegasus Division V icon

Pegasus Division V

  • Pegasi Organisation: +5
Portraying the pegasi as a prestigious elite unit will lead to more recruits and better morale.
Military Applications of Weather icon

Military Applications of Weather

  • Pegasi Air Attack: +20%
  • Enemy Air Support: -10.00%
  • Ground support: +10.00%
Weather manipulation can not only be used to support our forces, but also to hinder the enemy.
Pegasus Division VI icon

Pegasus Division VI

  • Pegasi Organisation: +5
Auxiliary flying-devices will allow our pegasi to land safely, even if their wings are hit.

Earth Pony Tech

Earth Pony Agriculture icon

Earth Pony Agriculture

  • Monthly Population: +15%
  • Supply Consumption: -7.5%
Since the very first wandering pony tribes, earth ponies have been the most proficient in growing and cultivating agricultural areas. Modern machinery and crop cultures would drastically increase our food surplus.
Earth Pony Sappers icon

Earth Pony Sappers

  • Engineers Engineer Company:
    • Entrenchment: +100.00%
  • Engineers Battalion Modifier: Leg Infantry:
    • Entrenchment: +0.10
Owing to their latent connection to the soil, earth ponies are able to dig trenches and build fortifications much faster than other ponies.
Raise This Barn icon

Raise This Barn

  • Construction Speed: +5.00%
  • Free Repair: +15.00%
Where pegasi have cloud structures and unicorns have magic to trivialise construction, earth ponies have had to make do with physical labour, each other, and a good sense of materials. There's no denying that earth ponies are incredibly apt at building strong, sturdy structures at such speeds that put even some unicorns and pegasi to shame. We don't need the comfort of pegasi cloud buildings or the aesthetically complex unicorn edifices, but the reliable, quickly-built blocks and structures of the earth ponies.
Delicious Rations icon

Delicious Rations

  • Supply Range: +15%
Our soldiers have some of the most demanding jobs in our nation, and their meals must be more than adequate. Field conditions make transporting food and ingredients difficult, seriously limiting how far back supply hubs can be from the frontlines before running into food spoilage issues. Some of our earth pony chefs and cooks have conceived a new methodology (adding copious amounts of sugar) that not only acts as preservative, but also has the added bonus of being delicious!
Earth Pony Mining icon

Earth Pony Mining

  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +10%
More earth ponies working in the mines means more resources extracted.
Earthpony Alchemy icon

Earthpony Alchemy

  • Field hospital Field Hospital:
    • Trickleback & War Support Protection: +5%
    • Exp. Loss: -10%
Earth ponies are able to grow all kinds of plants, many of which have potential medical applications.
Magic of Industry icon

Magic of Industry

  • Factory Output: +10%
  • Dockyard Output: +10%
  • Construction Speed: +5%
Though they lack wings and horns, earth ponies have magic of their own. Their industrial capabilities are unmatched.
Rustic Ingenuity icon

Rustic Ingenuity

  • Initiative: +12.0%
  • Coordination: +5.0%
The notion that earth ponies lack flight and magic makes them inferior is not only idiotic but also naive. Putting aside their inherent strength and attuned connection with the earth, earth ponies have consistently driven technological innovation in pony society. Many tools and vehicles are born from earth pony ingenuity, and it would be remiss of us to ignore this fact. Let us encourage their affinity so that our society can enjoy their achievements.
Resourceful Workers icon

Resourceful Workers

  • Max Factories in a State: +10%
  • Lack of Resources Penalty: -15.00%
Long ago, before the time of the windigos, earth ponies were almost always relegated to poor working conditions and were given little to work with. The working conditions may have changed, but earth pony workers' know-how has never gone away. A particularly clever and imaginative earth pony supervisor can do with far less than a unicorn or pegasus, allowing for production to continue mostly unabated even in conditions that unicorns and pegasi would struggle with.