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A changeling infantry unit in Canterlot - 1002 ALB

Aggressive, deceptive, and loyal to their hive changelings are insectoid pony like creatures.

Changelings have shapeshifting magic that enables them to shift form and voice with stunning rapidity. They use this ability to fool their victims and drain their love, which they innately crave despite not needing it to survive.

Recent pony scholars have discovered that changelings are more insectoid than mammalian - hatching from eggs as larvae in collective hives. But beyond that - how their Hives work, the role of Queens in their society and breeding, how they acquire love, and how they think, are up to the imagination as any who travel to their territory will meet an almost certain demise.

Fortunately for their neighbours, their militarism and aggression mean that changelings spend far more time fighting each other than outsiders, allowing Olenia and Equestria to outmatch isolated incursions.

But all of that changed when Queen Chrysalis united the hives under one banner. Now the changelings have set their sights on neighbouring nations and their lovely inhabitants...

Racial Technology

The changeling research tree is a tree oriented on breakthrough, organization, population, and resources, providing two special units.

  • Jaegers Jaegers are light Changeling special forces that move quickly (6 km/hr) and have decent breakthrough. They excel at fighting in cities, forests and jungles but cost a lot of support equipment to produce.
  • Infiltrator Company Infiltrator Companies are recon Changeling support units that provide small bonuses to the effectiveness of troops, especially in recon.


The infiltration tree has two paths - one boosts general performance and the other greatly boosts infiltrator companies.

Infiltrator Company icon

Infiltrator Company

Enables Infiltrator Company
The Infiltrator Company is a small group of changelings trained specifically to infiltrate both enemy lines and behind enemy lines. This is both to provide intelligence on enemy movements, but to also disrupt their capabilities.
Strategic Infiltration icon

Strategic Infiltration

  • Recon Company Reconnaissance: +2
  • Military Police Suppression Bonus: +30%
Favouring large scale infiltration, the strategic infiltration doctrine will allow infiltration companies to covertly suppress rebellious groups of individuals. It also details the proper way to scout the enemy.
Tactical Infiltration icon

Tactical Infiltration

  • Infiltration Company Breakthrough: +100%
  • Decryption: +5%
Favouring quick decisions and immediate effects, the strategic infiltration doctrine will empower the infiltration companies to perform more efficiently on the battlefield.
Chameleon Cloaks icon

Chameleon Cloaks

  • Enemy Air Support: -10%
  • Encryption: +10%
The development of magically enchanted cloaks that can help hide the identity of a disguised or concealed changeling infiltrator. These cloaks also allow soldiers to blend in with terrain, not good enough to fool somepony on the ground but good enough to mostly hide them from enemy air support.
Targeted Insertion icon

Targeted Insertion

  • Infiltration Company Initiative: +25%
Infiltrator companies will need to hit their targets quickly and efficiently. They need to be adept at planning incursions into enemy territory and thus quicker with completing them, ready to be used.
Spy Networks icon

Spy Networks

  • Decryption: +25%
  • Effect of Partisans on Us: -15%
Establishing spy networks in nations across the world will allow for better gathering of intelligence on the plans of local or opposing nations. A more local spy network would suppress any groups of partisans trying to organise themselves in territory we occupy.
Chaos, Confusion, Concealment icon

Chaos, Confusion, Concealment

  • Infiltrator Company Soft Attack: +60%
  • Infiltrator Company Hard Attack: +60%
  • Effect of our partisans: +15%
Changeling infiltrator companies must be trained into sowing chaos into the front lines and the battlefield. Additionally, we should look into ways to better resist would-be conquerors.
Massive Impersonation icon

Massive Impersonation

  • Subversive Activities Cost: -33%
  • Foreign Subversive Activities Efficiency: -33%
  • Encryption: +10%
  • Decryption: +10%
The mass impersonation of individuals in nations will allow us to perform subversive activities at a reduced cost. With more disguised changelings around to carry out plans, the easier it becomes to organise plots of subterfuge in other countries.
Social Engineering Training icon

Social Engineering Training

  • Infiltrator Company Reconnaissance: +2.0
  • Encryption: +10%
  • Decryption: +10%
To truly live up to their names, changeling infiltrator squads must also know how to act like a pony during reconnaissance excursions. This training will aid them in the circumstance of being forced to disguise to properly gauge the enemy before a fight, and assist them with future decisions.

Light Infantry

Jager Division I icon

Jager Division I

Enables Jagers
Jagers are light infantry that are trained to fight in close quarters combat behind enemy lines.
Jager Division II icon

Jager Division II

  • Jager Soft Attack: +5%
  • Jager Organisation: +5
Jagers will be given specialised equipment for guerrilla warfare behind enemy lines, and trained in guerrilla warfare to increase their organisation on the field.
Jager Division III icon

Jager Division III

  • Jager Hard Attack: +5%
  • Jager Organisation: +5
Standardising Jager equipment will reduce the chances of confusion on the field and make equipment easier to maintain.
Jager Division IV icon

Jager Division IV

  • Jager Breakthrough: +5%
  • Jager Organisation: +5
Jager units are given stricter leaders, who are trained exclusively for Jager squads. They will know how to handle command these squads in the field of battle.
Jager Division V icon

Jager Division V

  • Jager Organisation: +5
Jagers go through situational and hypothetical scenario training. Each scenario is devised from experience on the field from other jagers, and from intelligence gathered from other nations.
Jager Division VI icon

Jager Division VI

  • Jager Organisation: +5
Jagers go through very rigorous training to ensure that they act as a cohesive and functional unit on the battlefield or behind enemy lines.


Specialised Factory Drones icon

Specialised Factory Drones

  • Factory Output: +10%
  • Dockyard Output: +10%
Our drones need to be trained for specialised tasks, we should look into how to improve our workers. Training a caste drones of workers specifically to work in factories, with the appropriate physical build and techniques to use in the workplace.
Specialised Miner Drones icon

Specialised Miner Drones

  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +15%
Our drones need to be trained for specialised tasks, we should further train our workers. We should train a caste of miner drones with the aims of increasing the output of raw resources in the mines. The trained workers will have tougher carapaces from a special diet, and increased stamina for longer shifts underground.
Specialised Engineer Drones icon

Specialised Engineer Drones

  • Land Fort Construction Speed: +10%
  • Coastal Fort Construction Speed: +10%
  • Entrenchment Speed: +7%
Our drones need to be trained for specialised tasks, we should begin training our troops for specialised engineering tasks. We need dedicated combat engineers to construct temporary fortifications for the soldiers on the front lines. A tougher and stricter training regimen should give these engineers the strength they need to put up defences quicker than usual.

Love Production

Love Extraction icon

Love Extraction

  • Non-core Ponypower: +15%
Extracting love from another living creature, normally a pony, is a natural process for a changeling. To meet the increased demands of a growing nation, the natural magic involved in the process can be improved through research.
Love Refining icon

Love Refining

  • Logistics Company Exp Loss: -5%
  • Field Hospital Exp Loss: -5%
  • Supply Grace: +12hr
War does not breed much love among the races of the world. To survive and fight in prolonged wars, we must find a way to get the most out of all the love we can harvest.
Advanced Breeding Techniques icon

Advanced Breeding Techniques

  • Monthly Population: +15%
A surplus of love means more changelings. We can look into methods of making more changelings; these methods can then be taught to the general populace. But first, our hypotheses must be 'tested' on some willing members of our science division.

Magical Combat

Warswarms icon


Magical Infantry
  • Breakthrough: +10%
  • Soft Attack: +6%
  • Hard Attack: +4%
A Warswarm is a group of changelings who have formed a unit to punch a hole in the enemies' front line. They are a versatile unit of changelings with the capacity to wreak havoc on the battlefield.
Magical Fuel Additives icon

Magical Fuel Additives

  • All airplanes Agility: +5%

All mechanical battalions

  • Max Speed: +5%
Improvements to fuel technology and magical innovations have lead to the development of magically enhanced fuel to our vehicles. Our ground vehicles have seen an overall increase to their speed, whilst our aviation department has seen improved turning rates and increased acceleration from their planes.
Magical Munitions icon

Magical Munitions

  • All artillery soft attack: +7%
  • Ground Support: +7.5%
Magically enhanced munitions are the natural next step for us to take. More explosive power can be packet into artillery shells, making our shelling operations more efficient. Magical munitions also improve upon the lethally and penetration potential of the guns the air force use in their.