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Griffons are sentient creatures who are half eagle and half lion. They originated in the mountains of the eastern continent, which became known as Griffonia after their race spread across it. Thanks to their wings they are able to fly, which makes traversing rough terrain easy for them. However, they lack the strong magical capabilities of Unicorns and Changelings and are only capable of enchantments and incantations.


Since time immemorial, Griffons have fought for wealth and power

Griffons, like Dragons, are known for their insatiable greed and selfishness. They value wealth above all else, and thus traditional Griffon societies are highly hierarchical ones where rich landowners rule over a population of impoverished peasants. Griffon realms tend to be highly fractured and they indeed have only been united once, by Grover I of Griffonstone, and even then only with the help of the Idol of Boreas. After it was lost, the Empire began to decline before finally breaking apart.

Knights of King Guto VI guarding the Idol of Boreas

Knights are another unique feature of Griffon culture that have existed for centuries and have not been made obsolete even by modern technology. It is said the knights originated when wealthy rulers wished to protect their vast treasuries and thus hired and trained elite soldiers to guard them. Whether commoners are allowed to become knights or if the title is only restricted to nobles varies from place to place, but all across the continent they are considered the best soldiers a ruler can have.

Griffonstone, birthplace of the first Emperor, Grover I ~ Artist Silfoe

Original griffon cities, such as Griffonstone, were built in the mountains, but over time the Griffons spread and settled the flat lowlands which were more fertile and suitable for agriculture. As such Griffon architecture is highly adaptive and they have no trouble building and living in plains, hills or even mountains.

Griffon Religion

Griffons have their own pantheon of Gods, and reject the Equestrian claims that Luna and Celestia are responsible for raising the sun and moon, and similarly the more pastoral religious beliefs of the primitive eastern ponies. The four main gods are the following:

  • Boreas - the King of all Gods, god of Rulership, the Sky and Wealth, who gave them Intelligence
  • Arcturius - God of War, Metallurgy, and Sacrifice, who gave them Strength
  • Eyr - Goddess of Fertility, Family, and Agriculture, who gave them Bodies
  • Maar - God of Death, Madness, and Cruelty, who gave them Souls

These gods (except for Maar) are widely worshiped across Griffon society, though more radical secular political movements reject their authority, or at least the claimed authority of its priests. Maar, with its evil associations, is only worshiped in secret cults, and its believers are hunted down wherever they are found. In addition, Griffons worship a variety of local deities and spirits.

The minor gods and spirits are numerous, too numerous to list, as is the amount of minor cults and religious denominations, but some of the prominent ones include:

The Three Archons and The Structure Of The Church

Griffons have always been religious, and the three primary gods Boreas, Arcturius, and Eyr are widely worshipped. The centralization of the Empire saw religion and state intertwine, as the three orders headquartered near or in Griffenheim, claiming a divine mandate for the Grover Dynasty's rule. 

Today, the three Archons (High Priests) are

  • Eros VII - Archon of Boreas, the most powerful of the Gods. Eros was born at the height of the Empire's power, and remained a faithful servant of Empire and Gods. He rescued Grover V from revolutionaries, and has developed a burning hatred for the nobility for its role in the Empire's decline. He is based in Griffenheim.
  • Erion XII - Archon of Eyr, the goddess of fertility and agriculture. Erion is a zealous, charismatic militant who resides in Romau.
  • Proteus III - Archon of Arcturius, Proteus is a knight-priest formerly based out of Rila, but currently resides in Griffenheim. He is friendly to the good and unsparing to heretics and sinners. Popular with both the people and the military, Proteus is less popular with his own priesthood due to his neglect of administrative duties.


Griffon countries receive a unique unit - Knights. Akin to pony Pegasi, those noble, armour clad griffons are a mobile unit with bonuses to fighting in hilly terrain. Compared to Pegasi, they are slower, but with more substantial attack potential. With later techs, it will be possible to choose to whether limit the recruitment to those of noble blood, equipping them with more expensive Magical Weapons, or let the common griffons join their ranks.

With every race having different magical aptitudes, griffons are masters of enchanting objects with magical power. A griffon country will be able to use that to improve their economy and industry, as well as their military.

The tech folder contains one mutually exclusive path, related to military technology. It is between allowing the griffon in charge to either focus on hard-hitting soldiers clad in enchanted armour, or lightning-fast strikes and mobility. The naval and airforce branch focuses on improving ships and aircraft, alongside air / naval base construction speed improvement. Please note that while some percentage stat increases may seem insanely high, they correspond to much smaller increases in reality.

Racial Tech Tree

Griffon Knights

Knights Division I icon

Knights Division I

Enables Knights

Unlocks division template

Known around the world for their chivalry and bravery, the tradition of knighthood in griffon society dates back to some of the earliest griffon societies. Using enchanted armour and weapons, these soldiers can square up even against some armoured vehicles.
Knights Division II icon

Knights Division II

  • Knights Soft Attack: +5%
  • Knights Organisation: +5
Through the use of improved training and equipment, we can strengthen our Knights Divisions.
Knights Division III icon

Knights Division III

  • Knights Organisation: +5
With the further modernisation and improvement of our knights, we can ensure their prevalence on the battlefield will continue.
Knights Division IV icon

Knights Division IV

  • Knights Organisation: +5
By improving the enchantments used for armour, our knights can survive and fight for longer on the battlefield.
Knights Division V icon

Knights Division V

  • Knights Organisation: +5
In order to keep our knights competitive, we need to ensure they have even stronger enchantments and weaponry.
Knights Division VI icon

Knights Division VI

  • Knights Organisation: +5
By inviting some of the most powerful enchanters from across the world, we can make our knights into unstoppable fighters.

Knight Specialisation

These techs are unlocked after Knights Division II. It is required to complete one of these mutually exclusive choices before continuing to further knight related research.

Noble Recruits icon

Noble Recruits

Knights will use Magical Infantry Equipment instead
  • Knights Organisation: +5
We must ensure that not only do we use the finest equipment for our knights, but also the finest soldiers - only those of noble blood deserve to be part of our elite knights.
Commoner Recruits icon

Commoner Recruits

  • Knights Recovery Rate: +0.10
  • Knights Organisation: -5
We cannot afford to limit our recruiting to nobles. If we extend our drafts to commoners as well, while our quality might suffer our troops will have many more men to draw from.
Highest Standards icon

Highest Standards

  • Defence: +10%
  • Breakthrough: +10%
  • Soft Attack: +5%
  • Hard Attack: +5%
Nothing less than perfect is accepted in our army, and that extends to our training - by enforcing strict guidelines for conscription and training, our knights will be the envy of the world.
Fighting Spirit icon

Fighting Spirit

  • Knights HP: +10%
What commoners may lack in noble blood, they make up for in spirit. While nobles may not be used to physical hardship, the peasantry will fight tooth and nail for their country.

Society and Economy

Enchanted Tools icon

Enchanted Tools

  • Construction Speed: +10%
  • Factory Repair Speed: +10%
  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +5%
While we may not have "proper" magic, as some other races might consider it, we do have a magic of our own. By encouraging the use of enchantments for work, we can make labour much easier and faster.
Enchanted Machines icon

Enchanted Machines

  • Factory Output: +10%
  • Dockyard Output: +10%
Griffon enchanting must be modernised for the new era- and what is more modern than industry? Enchanted machinery can run much smoother and faster than conventional machines.
Griffon Architecture icon

Griffon Architecture

  • Free Repair: +50%
  • Max Factories in a state: +10%
Our architecture is famous for its incorporation of the landscapes, particularly mountains. We can take advantage of this to make repair much easier, and to fit more industry into tighter spaces.
Magical Early Warning Systems icon

Magical Early Warning Systems

  • Decryption: +5%
  • Interception Detection: +10%
Using enchantments, we can set up systems to warn of incoming attacks, helping save civilian lives and improve our efforts to understand the enemy.
Flexible Production icon

Flexible Production

  • Factory Efficiency Retention: +15%
  • Factory Efficiency Base: +5%
We cannot limit our factories to being too specialised, and risk the inability to provide something vital. With enchantments used to make conversion easier, we can make sure our factories are flexible as needed.
Unbreakable Materials icon

Unbreakable Materials

  • Army Reliability: +5%
  • All planes Reliability: +5%
By mass-producing the strong, magical materials used for weapons in armour, we can make our army and air force much tougher to kill.


We Can Fly!? icon

We Can Fly!?

Leg Infantry
  • Hills Attack: +5%
  • Hills Movement: +5%
  • Mountains Attack: +5%
  • Mountains Movement: +10%
Ever since the birth of griffonkind, one of our greatest gifts have been our wings - so we better know how to use them.
Messenger Enchantments icon

Messenger Enchantments

  • Signal Company Initiative: +6%
  • All frontline Battalions Organisation: +2
Many armies use radios to communicate. However, by integrating enchanted messaging into our companies, communication will be much easier and harder to intercept than radio.
Quick Hitters icon

Quick Hitters

  • Knights Max Speed: +5%
  • Leg Infantry Max Speed: +5%
We must prioritise speed in our armies above all else.
Enchanted Armour icon

Enchanted Armour

  • Knights Armor: +500 000%
  • Special Forces Hardness: +5 000%
  • Special Forces HP: +3%
  • Special Forces Max Speed: -3%
Griffon armour has been the envy of the world for many years, famously used for our knights. By employing this in all of our special forces, as well as improving the design, we will keep things this way.
Tip of the Spear icon

Tip of the Spear

  • Recon Company Reconnaissance: +1.0
  • Special Forces Attack: +10%
Utilising special forces and reconnaissance in high concentrations can make our assaults go much better.
Hardened Tanks icon

Hardened Tanks

Tanks and Armour Variants
  • Breakthrough: +5%
  • Defence: +10%
By enchanting tank armour much in the same way as we do conventional armour, we can make sure our tanks are sturdier than the competition.
Leap of Faith icon

Leap of Faith

  • Paradrop Attack: +15%
Unlike the paratroopers of earthbound races, who may be fearful of falling to their doom, our paratroopers have wings. With this extra insurance, they are much more willing to follow commands.
Armoured Claw icon

Armoured Claw

Tanks and Armour Variants
  • Organisation: +2
Improved communication between tank officers will allow us to perform various manoeuvres much easier.
Air Resupply icon

Air Resupply

Supply Grace: +36hr
Through the use of flying couriers and the dropping of supplies from planes, our armies can stay out of the range of supply chains for longer.
Enchanted Barrels icon

Enchanted Barrels

  • Artillery Soft Attack: +5%
  • AT Hard Attack: +5%
  • AA All Attack: +5%
With a few special enchantments, our artillery can be improved greatly.
Outrider Enchantments icon

Outrider Enchantments

Mot / Mech
  • Soft Attack: +5%
  • Hard Attack: +5%
  • Organization: +3
Enchantments for motorised vehicles can improve both their speed and attack capability, making them a much fiercer foe.

Air & Naval

Machine Nests icon

Machine Nests

  • Air Base Construction Speed: +10%
  • Naval Base Construction Speed: +10%
The griffon practice of "nesting", despite being a natural phenomenon, can be learned from and adapted for use in the military - particularly the air force and navy. By encouraging the construction of strong "nests" for ships and planes, our aviators and sailors will always have a strong base to operate out of.
Enchanted Hulls icon

Enchanted Hulls

  • All airplanes Air Defence: +5%
  • Capital Ship Armour: +5%
  • Screen Defence: +5%
We can use enchantments on our planes and ships, making them just as tough as the armour on our soldiers.
Seeker Munitions icon

Seeker Munitions

  • Naval Hit Chance: +10%
  • Naval AA Attack: +5%
The idea of "Seeker Missiles" - enchanted missiles made to track their targets - has been gaining traction in the minds of a few of our naval officers. With widespread adoption of this technology, we can make hitting enemy ships much easier.
Fighting Pilots icon

Fighting Pilots

  • Interception Attack: +10%
  • Air Superiority Attack: +10%
Using training exercises to instill a fighting spirit in our pilots will ensure more aggressive tactics are used to their best effects.
Boarding Parties icon

Boarding Parties

  • Convoy Raiding Efficiency: +10%
  • Screen Attack: +10%
The act of capturing enemy convoys must be encouraged, if we are to keep strong blockades.
Modern Airships icon

Modern Airships

Heavy / Medium Bombers
  • Air Defence: +10%
Our bombers must be sturdy and strong, to survive campaigns into enemy territory.
Magical Naval C&C icon

Magical Naval C&C

  • All ships organisation: +7
Improved command structure and communication within our navies will improve our navy all-around.
Born to Fly icon

Born to Fly

  • Ace Generation Chance: +15%
Many races see flying machines as an opportunity- a peculiar vehicle used to reach places they couldn't before. We see them as an extension of ourselves, and our pilots will be much more skilled as a consequence.