Polar Bears

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Polar bears are large, winter adapted bears that live in Equus' Frozen North. Simple and with low technology, they have somewhat of a temper and will face a difficult time dealing with the rise of modern powers.

Polar bears are the primary race of the Flag of Polar Bear Communities Polar Bear Communities.

Racial Technology


Magi-Scribes icon


  • Production Efficiency Base: +10.00%
  • Research Speed: +2.00%
It is said polar bears have been around since the start of time. And from the beginning there were magi-scribes who recorded it all. Every development, every conflict, every achievement that was proven to work by will and force! Entire libraries beneath holds are filled with such scrolls! We shall draw lessons from history and let the noble past pave a road of steel into the glorious future!
Shamans icon


Field hospital
    • Trickleback & War Support Protection: +10%
    • Experience Loss: -10%
While other races might invest in field hospitals, we have a much more proper solution: Shamanic magics. By having these elders travel together with more conventional healers, we shall save our warriors from even the worst wounds, using the energies drawn from the northern winds themselves!
Enchanted Industry icon

Enchanted Industry

  • Production Efficiency Cap Production Efficiency Cap: +10.00%
  • Factory Output: +10.00%
  • Dockyard Output: +10.00%
Our "enchantment" is a pale imitation of what is in the grasp of griffons. For our magic is wild and untamed, endlessly unleashing the frost of our souls into the world around us! Yet this can still be used! For wood can be substituted with unmelting ice, metals frozen into greater hardness and even pieces of shattered weapons and armour can be frozen together into working shape again.
Nomadic Crafters icon

Nomadic Crafters

  • Production Efficiency Growth Production Efficiency Growth: +10.00%
  • Factory Bomb Vulnerability: -15.00%
Ursines used to be nomadic creatures, roaming the vast lands of the north, crafting weapons and armour from trophies of war or great hunts. Most bears are not nomads these days, yet the great traditions of crafting and forgery of more untamed days endure.
Resource Dowsing icon

Resource Dowsing

  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +10.00%
It is said among griffons and ponies, that bears are creatures of the land, ones that can feel the veins of metals and oil beneath the earth. There seems to be some truth in these claims, for some magi claim to possess such an ability. Let all who may have the talent learn of their ways, so that bears are never lacking in metals ever again!
Advanced Crafting Techniques icon

Advanced Crafting Techniques

  • Production Efficiency Retention: +20.00%
  • Production Efficiency Base: +20.00%
Bears are a race to whom crafting comes naturally. Yet this talent is unrefined in most cases and many ursines are limited to simple armor and axes. This shall not do! We shall teach all bears of proper ways to work metal and ice and wood and bone so that every ursine can arm themselves with the greatest weapons and armour possible like in the great Age of Starsteel of old!

Polar Berserkers

Polar Berserkers icon

Polar Berserkers

  • Enables Tactic: Berserker Charge
  • Winter Attrition: -50.00
  • Cold acclimatization gain faction: +40.00
We are, and have always been, fierce predators of great size, capable to survive and even thrive in this frozen land filled with monsters. Furthermore some say we are part of this frozen realm itself, for when a bear is transported into another land our wild magic seeks to freeze the land and bring winter. All of this has influenced our tactics and ways of war since the start of days.
Boreal Tactics icon

Boreal Tactics

All infantry.pngAll Infantry & Mot/Mech
    • Hills Hills
      • Attack: +10%
      • Defense: +10%
    • Mountains Mountains
      • Attack: +10%
      • Defense: +10%
    • Forest Forest
      • Attack: +10%
      • Defense: +10%
We fought in our frozen land for thousands of years. We fought to maintain our own dominance against other great beasts during our age of monsters. After that we fought against yaks before they became brothers. Then we fought against each other, all while holding back changelings and griffons! Across millennia we learned every lesson of war within the frost.
Mountain Supply Chains icon

Mountain Supply Chains

  • Supply Consumption: -10.0%
  • Supply Range: +10%
Some bears, the Nanooks, choose to live as small groups of nomads that wander the mountains. They have learned how to survive in these treacherous places, establishing caches of resources, hidden forges and even protected hunting grounds. Many Nanooks are of clan Volsungr or even clanless yet they are willing to help bear armies that find themselves unable to survive in the mountains or other terrain too difficult to endure in, even for our kind.
Biological Scavengers icon

Biological Scavengers

  • Equipment Capture Ratio Gain: +5.0%
  • Supply Grace: +48.0 Hours
We are a race of most capable and extreme omnivores. The sensibilities and morality systems of other creatures should have no bearing upon our instincts of survival. We shall scavenge whatever we need to survive, even if we have to devour the corpses of our enemies to endure.
Modern Berserkers icon

Modern Berserkers

  • Orgarization loss when below 25%: -10.00%
  • Attacking divisions speed: +10.00%

Infantry Army

    • Breakthrough: +10%
    • Soft attack: +5%
    • Hard attack: +5%
The critics say that the time of melee warfare is dead and gone. They are liars, for they merely see berserker tactics as a charge of disorganized blobs of naked flesh against walls of guns. Our warriors will be organized and armoured in heavy armour and shall shatter the enemy lines not as a line of flesh, but as axeblow breakers and sowers of terror supported by machine guns and even artillery!
Lords of Winter icon

Lords of Winter

  • Division Attrition: -10.0%
  • Enemy Air Support: -10.00%
  • Damage Reduction Against CAS: +10.0%

Infantry Army

    • Recovery Rate: +0.10
We were born into the cold, and it pervades our lives and our society. It is said that our souls are of northern blizzard. Many of our weapons and even buildings are enhanced with ice that never melts. And it seems with our ever growing mastery of our natural abilities has allowed the frost to reach our very bones, increasing our very connection to the northern winds! Truly we are the lords of winter!


Tradaitional Panserbjørn Equipment icon

Tradaitional Panserbjørn Equipment

  • Enables Tradaitional Panserbjørn Equipment
  • Enables Panserbjørne
It is not known where such tradition started, but for millenia polar bears have worn great armour, one that would crush lesser creatures with mere weight, into battle. In better days, the so-called Age of Starsteel, every bear could forge a suit of their own from trophies of war. Yet such a thing is a borderline impossibility nowadays, with only the best being able to afford to construct such suits. Though if enough forges and resources can be provided, there is nothing stopping the formation of entire armies of panserbjørne...
Improved Panserbjørn Armor icon

Improved Panserbjørn Armor

    • Armor: +100%
Panserbjørn level armour is rare, for it requires a warrior to gather enough material to cover their entire bodies. Many cannot gather enough metals durable enough, thus resorting to bones or even furs. Yet as the state is centralized, material shall be distributed by it to its warriors, so that no armored ursine finds themselves equipped improperly for their station!
Improved Panserbjørn Tactics icon

Improved Panserbjørn Tactics

    • Breakthrough: +50%
To fight one against a dozen or even more is no rarity for the elite warriors of the clans. Yet in the modern age it seems the disparity of numbers is ever growing. New tactics are needed. And what better foundation to build upon, than the ones that already stand as the top of the warrior hierarchy? The panserbjørn shall carve our way into a great future, even if they must fight a hundred against one!
Anti-Tank Panserbjørn icon

Anti-Tank Panserbjørn

    • Hard Attack: +25%
    • Piercing: +100%
As much as we might despise it, an armoured bear is no longer the most impressive sight upon the battlefield, for tanks now occupy such a spot. Yet despite superior armour and weapons, they are not perfect. It is perhaps strange for our panserbjørn, to be forced to fight from a position of weakness, yet if they are equipped with cannons to match tank calibers and taught to rely upon their superior manoeuvrability, an armoured bear can outmatch and tear down even the heaviest of tanks!
Panserbjørn Thunder Armor icon

Panserbjørn Thunder Armor

  • Enables Panserbjørn Thunder Armor
Sadly, we must admit that the muscles of machines are stronger than ones of flesh. Thus we shall imbue our armour with muscles of steel and blood of frozen magic! These suits shall carry armour which will eclipse even lesser tanks and their weapons shall tear through even most potent enemy armour! And in battle it shall roar like a storm upon the plain and a thunder in the mountains! And all enemies shall break before the advance of our best warriors enhanced with arcane might and untiring steel!
Mountain Terrors icon

Mountain Terrors

    • Hills Hills
      • Movement: +15%
      • Attack: +15%
      • Defense: +15%
    • Mountains Mountains
      • Movement: +15%
      • Attack: +15%
      • Defense: +15%
    • Forest Forest
      • Movement: +15%
      • Attack: +15%
      • Defense: +15%
For the longest time, to march in armies with panserbjørne through mountains was a folly, for even with great might of ursines the terrain was often too difficult to traverse and endure in, even with assistance of nanook hunters and nomads. Yet, now as the suits of our warriors are empowered with arcane might, previously difficult terrain has lost its danger. From now on, no enemy of ursine kind will be able to hide from the wrath of panserbjørne!