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The Deer are a pony-like race which inhabit the Flag of Kingdom of Olenia Kingdom of Olenia in Western Equus, Flag of Austurland Austurland on the South-eastern tip of Griffonia, and the region of Hindia in North-eastern Zebrica.

They are a Nordic-based race with a history of raiding and using longships. They are similar to Griffons in that they have limited magical ability, especially compared to Unicorns and Changelings, but the magic they have is based around contacting spirits and the powers of the Seers. Because of this lack of magic, they have adapted to use ferocity and knowledge of the sea and their home terrain to their advantage.

Deer Religion

The deer have a loose religion of related customs and gods that focuses on calling upon appeasing local spirits and giving offerings to a small pantheon of gods. These gods are:

  • Ukko - King of the Gods. God of justice, war, and wisdom.
  • Pellervo - God of the harvest and fertility.
  • Vellamo - Goddess of the sea and weather.
  • Tuoni - Goddess of death.
  • Loviatar - Goddess of disease and decay, daughter of Tuoni.

Racial Tech

The Deer research tree is focused around passive improvements to the nation, boosts towards naval efficiency, reconnaissance and planning bonuses, bonuses towards fighting in mountains and cold terrain. In general, it is suited well for a defensive strategy, but they're capable of going on an offensive.

Economy & Trade

Spirit-aided Geology icon

Spirit-aided Geology

  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +10%
Through their special connection with spirits, some deer can detect minerals through the soil.
Modern Economic Theory icon

Modern Economic Theory

  • Consumer Goods Factories: -4%
For long our economics have been backwards, and in order for us to have hope of competing in the future, we must modernise.
Magical Means of Production icon

Magical Means of Production

  • Production Efficiency Growth: +10%
  • Dockyard Output: +5%
By combining the power of spirits and magic with modern industry, we can form a symbiosis which can help all deerkind progress.
Natural Architecture icon

Natural Architecture

  • Construction Speed: +5%
  • Factory Bomb Vulnerability: -10%
  • Max Factories in a state: +10%
By building our factories and housings in tandem with our surroundings, and not against them, we can not only increase productivity but help hide them from bombing runs.
Preferential Trading icon

Preferential Trading

  • Trade Deal Opinion Factory: +15%
We must promote the capitalists and corporations of our nation to focus on the interests of deerkind above all others.
Reincardian Economics icon

Reincardian Economics

  • Resources to Market: -10%
As of late, an economist in our country has been gaining notoriety for his teachings, specifically his views on inflation and trade restrictions. By adopting his ideas, we can hopefully both promote industrial growth and prevent any future issues with inflation.

Naval Tradition

New Shipbuilding Methods icon

New Shipbuilding Methods

  • Dockyard Output: +10%
Despite the long history of deer shipbuilding, as of late our practices have begun to fall out of line for more modernised techniques. We must prevent that, and make sure that deer ships continue to be top-of-the-line.
Hit and Run Tactics icon

Hit and Run Tactics

  • Retreat Decision Chance: +10%
  • Speed While Retreating: +10%
With the use of hit and run tactics, we can both slowly whittle down larger foes while keeping our ships safe, and pick off smaller ships with much less risk.
Merchant Ship Designs icon

Merchant Ship Designs

  • Trade Convoy Production Cost: -10%
While it may be tempting for us to focus all of our naval resources on warfare, we must not forget what fuels the war machine - trade. By modernising the trade fleet of our merchant classes, we can produce them much more efficiently, and therefore trade more.
Modern Pirates icon

Modern Pirates

  • Convoy Raiding Efficiency: +15%
  • Naval Max Range Factor: +10%
Once, in time long ago, every sailor feared the sight of deer longships on the horizon, and no ship could escape from their plunder - however, just because those times are past, doesn't mean we must abandon our traditions entirely. With modernised privateering tactics we can control the trade of the enemy, and starve them both of resources and food imports.
Naval Camouflage icon

Naval Camouflage

  • All Ship Visibility: -15% (excl convoys)
By reducing the visibility of our ships, we can improve almost every facet of our navy.
Spirits of the Sea icon

Spirits of the Sea

  • Naval Hit Chance: +10%
  • Fleet Coordination: +7%
By calling upon the spirits that inhabit the seas, we can improve the aim and coordination of our fleets, and wreak havoc on all those we face in battle. *Can also be available from completion of Predictive Planning in the Divination branch


Glimpses of the Future icon

Glimpses of the Future

  • Reconnaissance: +10%
  • Planning Speed: +5%
By sending especially trained or gifted seers with our generals, we can help increase their awareness of their surroundings and improve their planning.
Scientific Visions icon

Scientific Visions

  • Research Time: -3%
Some deer have reported visions of the future - of machinery whirring, new, strange inventions, and new designs. It would be a travesty to ignore this opportunity to get ahead of the times (Quite literally).
Field Völvur icon

Field Völvur

  • Recon Company Initiative: +8%
The Völvur are gifted does with extremely heightened abilities as seers and mystics. By employing specialised corps of these deer, we can use their skills for our advantage in combat.

Strategic Visions icon

Strategic Visions

  • Foreign Subversive Activities Efficiency: -20%
  • Decryption: +10%
We must not let our intelligence programs go unaffected by a practice that could benefit it as much as it can from seeing - by training old and new spies and specialists in gaining and deciphering glimpses of the future, we can hopefully prevent and attempts at infiltration by enemies of the state.
Predictive Planning icon

Predictive Planning

  • Max Planning: +10%
By training certain specialists in both seeing and strategy, we can employ deer who are both able to employ their unique skills in tandem, and plan for outcomes much better.


Alongside the movement bonuses for units, this branch contains two mutually exclusive subbranches. Motti branch focuses on defensive tactics, further movement speed bonus in mountains and hills and division strength on core territory. Spirits of the Ancestors enables aggressive tactics, boosts units fighting in forests and improves the deer marines.

Winter Equipment icon

Winter Equipment

  • Winter Attrition: -15.0%
  • Cold Acclimatisation Gain Factor: +25.0%
While deer of Olenian heritage are already at least mostly accustomed to the cold, territory especially in the far north can still pose an issue to our troops. In order to prevent any injuries or inconveniences this may cause, we can produce specialised winter gear for any troops going into frosty conditions.
Summer Equipment icon

Summer Equipment

  • Heat Attrition: -15.0%
  • Hot Acclimatisation Gain Factor: +25.0%
The deer have settled far and wide across the world, with an especially large population in Hindia. These deer have adapted to the heat, having thinner fur and clothing that does not insulate too much.
Ski Infantry icon

Ski Infantry

  • Special Forces Capacity Multiplier: +5.0%

Leg Infantry / Mountaineers:

  • Hills Movement +5%
  • Mountain Movement +10%
For quite a while, skis have been the preferred mode of transport for many deer who live in snowy climates. Not only does it help avoid the trouble of walking through the snow, it is often much faster. By training our soldiers in ski usage, and using skis in our army, we can outmanoeuvre any invaders much easier.
Sniper Teams icon

Sniper Teams

  • Recon Company Soft Attack: +30%
  • Recon Company Reconnaissance: +1.0
By employing teams of trained snipers both for reconnaissance and attack, our armies will be able to take out priority targets and scout out for approaching enemies with ease.
Mountain Artillery icon

Mountain Artillery

  • Soft Attack: -5%
  • Hills Movement: +5%
  • Mountain Movement: +10%
By using our knowledge of the terrain to improve our artillery, we can design lighter and more manoeuvrable guns, and gain an advantage in battle.
Defensive Strategies ⇐
⇒ Fury of Deerkind
Motti icon


Enables Tactic 'Motti(Defender)'
  • Tactics Combat Width: -50%
  • Attacker Tactic Damage: -75%
  • Defender Tactic Damage: -50%
By employing 'Motti Tactics' - the strategy of forming small pockets around attacking forces, and trapping them while their supplies deplete - we can defend against much stronger foes.
Spirits of the Ancestors icon

Spirits of the Ancestors

Enables Tactic 'Berserker Charge(Attacker)'
  • Tactics Movement: +10%
  • Attacker Tactics Damage: +25%
  • Defender Tactics Damage: +10%
Our ancestors were known and feared around the lands for their valour and aggression, and we must instill this trait in our soldiers. By calling upon their ancestors' will and charging into battles, we shall once again be feared and respected as we once were.
Mastery of Terrain icon

Mastery of Terrain

  • Division Attack on Core Territory: +10%
  • Division Defence on Core Territory: +10%
While our enemies may be marching into unknown terrain, these lands are our homes, and this knowledge lives on in the hearts of every soldier. Never will they give an inch of rightful deer land to invaders or enemies. While the psychological effects of this are profound, the pragmatic effects are equally so - everything from logistics, positioning, and even just plain shooting are easier to those who are comfortable with and knowledgeable of their surroundings.
Spirits of the Woods icon

Spirits of the Woods

All Inf and Mot/Mech:
  • Forest Attack: +10%
  • Forest Defence: +10%
  • Forest Movement: +5%
For centuries, deerkind has lived in harmony with the nature and forests of our homeland. With help from mystical sources, our soldiers may be able harness the power that lies in these forests, making us an unparalleled foe.
Widespread Mountain Training icon

Widespread Mountain Training

All Inf and Mot/Mech
  • Hills Attack: +5%
  • Hills Movement: +5%
  • Mountains Attack: +10%
  • Mountains Defence: +5%
  • Mountains Movement: +7%
By extending mountain training from specialised troops to all infantry, we can improve our performance in any such environment we come across.
Raiding Parties icon

Raiding Parties

  • Marines Breakthrough: +10%
  • Marines Soft Attack: +5%
  • Marines Max Speed: +10%
  • Special Forces Supply Grace: +48 hours
While some nations have simple 'marines', ours shall be so much more. With the spirits of their ancestors empowering them, our soldiers will shine above the competition.