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Equestria at War has 44 different awards, all using the Award mechanic. Awards have no in-game effects; the award just pops up in-game, and is then added to the player's career profile.

The difficulty of each award varies; some awards are very easy (e.g. being at war as Flag of Equestria Equestria), while some are more difficult (e.g. x as x or x. The below list groups the various awards by a difficulty level as assessed by the wiki editors (uncategorized - UC - awards haven't been assessed yet).

Awards can only be gained in single-player games, on regular, veteran or elite difficulty. They can be earned while playing older versions of the game as long as said awards were present in that version. They can also be earned with Historical AI Focuses set to off. When starting the game, no nation buff sliders can be adjusted, or any option selected that display a warning that achievements are going to be disabled (even though awards are technically not achievements). Playing in Ironpony mode is not required. There is no "end date", the game can be continued indefinitely, although some awards have set time limits specific to them.

The list of awards is available either in the Career Profile in the main menu, or in Playthrough Overview in the pause menu. As this is a mod, vanilla Hoi4 achievements will not be obtainable through any means. Do not be misled by the grayed-out trophy cup icon next to the World Tension indicator, it has no bearing on availability of EaW awards. Console commands can still be used, but for your own enjoyment it is recommended that you limit its use to the absolute minimum.

List of awards

The "Notes" column lists helpful short tips/strategies.

The Hearts of Iron IV column denotes awards which can't be completed without the use of DLC mechanics. Currently, this column is empty, as every EaW's award can be earned without having any DLC installed and is likely to remain this way for the foreseeable future. Originally, the Thermal Signature Detected! award required owning La Resistance DLC, before its requirements were completely changed. Additionally, Friends in High Places was designed to utilize mechanics from two different DLC's, though it is possible (and arguably easier) to earn it without them.

The "Ver" column indicates in which version a certain award was added. Awards cannot be earned prior to the version they were added in.

The "DI" column is for difficulty as assessed by wiki editors. VE = Very Easy, E = Easy, M = Medium, H = Hard, VH = Very Hard, I = Insane, UC = Uncategorized.

Award Starting conditions Requirements Notes Hearts of Iron IV Ver DI
A Greater Equestria icon
A Greater Equestria
As Stalliongrad, form the Greater Equestrian Union and annex Canterlot state.
Yes Original country is Flag of Stalliongrad Stalliongrad Yes Owns Canterlot

Yes Is cosmetic tag Flag of Greater Equestrian Union Greater Equestrian Union

  • You must go down the Dark Wing path either by supporting Altidiya or reaching a compromise. You'll become an Equestrian puppet and have to wait a long time while dealing with any opposition during the events that follow.
2.0.1 UC
An Eye For An Eye icon
An Eye For An Eye
As Hellquill, Have Starry Night as the country leader.
Yes Original country is Flag of Ordensstaat Hellquill Ordensstaat Hellquill Yes Current ruling party is Communist

Yes Starry Night is the current country leader

  • Before the game start, set Lushi's AI modifier to go the communist route.
  • Take the regular supremacist path (foiling Stackelberg's attempt along the way) until you reach the focus "Might Makes Right", and have Kamphaus's plot succeed.
  • Once you turn communist, simply follow down the new focus tree to elect Starry Night.
2.0.1 UC
Another Victory For Zalathel Zarca icon
Another Victory For Zalathel Zarca
As Colthaginian Republic, make sure Zalathel Zarca gets a hug from his sister.
Yes Original country is Flag of Colthaginian Republic Colthaginian Republic Yes Make Zaphod happy You must complete the focus "One Sufrit Above All" when the Harmonites faction's loyalty is at least at 50%. You will be given opportunity to get started in events from focuses earlier in the focus tree branch. Once you reach 30% loyalty through focuses and events, a decision to appease the Harmonites will become available, which will bring you the rest of the way to your goal. UC
Armageddon icon
As Wittenland, summon a falling star.
Yes Original country is Flag of Kingdom of Wittenland Kingdom of Wittenland Yes Summoned a falling star
  • Keep taking decisions to research more spells till you can't no more.
  • During a war you will have access to the decision "Summon Falling Star". Activate it.
2.0.1 UC
Ascension icon
As the Ascendancy, complete the Grand Ritual.
Yes Original country is Flag of Colthaginian Republic Colthaginian Republic Yes Is Flag of Hippone Hippone

Yes The Godhead is the current country leader

  • Do not do anything to stop the uprising in the west. Maintain your garrison in occupied Coltva, do not allow the resistance in Coltva to exceed 70%.
  • In August, a civil war will start. Switch to the Constitutionalists' side. When the Zarcid side reaches 50% surrender progress, accept the offer to end the civil war early. If Coltva revolted during the civil war, reload an earlier save or reset.
  • Progress down you post-civil-war focus tree. After some time, you will receive demands from the Coltvans. Invite their leader to negotiations in Colthage. This will spawn Coltva as a playable nation, which you should switch to.

As the alternative to all of the above, you can remove all of your garrison from Coltva to trigger the uprising, which will start one month after exceeding 70% resistance in the region. For best chances, try to time it to occur in August. Do not switch to Constitutionalists, wait for Coltva to appear and switch to them. Hopefully, their AI will accept the offer to end the civil war early and invite your leader for negotiations in Colthage. Agree to the negotiations.

  • The second civil war is now triggered. After you win it as Coltva, a new stability mechanic is introduced. Fail it, by allowing four prefectures to go into anarchy.
  • You will now have a new leader. The next few events will familiarize you with the situation. At first, one nation will break away from you, and another one shortly afterwards. Finally, the third civil war kicks off for good and you will get an event where you need to pick your side. Choose the one that has its capital city in Hippone, in the west.
  • Complete your first focus tree (some of the needed focuses can only be taken after you won the civil war). This will load another, larger focus tree, which you will need to complete as well. Be prepared for a lengthy playthrough. Notably, you will have to defeat Hippogriffia completely (including the capture of their island). To get enough blood crystals for the grand ritual, you may end up having to conquer most of Griffonia and northeastern Equus, including Stalliongrad. One of the elixirs will double the amount of blood crystals you earn, so you may consider delaying your biggest wars until you have prepared it.
2.0.1 UC
A Series of Unfortunate Events icon
A Series of Unfortunate Events
As the Realm of Kiria, create the worst possible timeline for the kirin.
Yes Original country is Flag of Realm of Kiria Realm of Kiria Yes The Grand Gallop Onward Failed

Yes The Triumvirate collapsed

Yes Fickle Current won the Kirian Civil War

Yes The Kirian Corporate War happened

Yes The Atomic Bombing of Radiance happened

Yes The Children of Concord rose up

Yes Neofeudalism was enacted in Kiria

Yes Changelings took over Fragrance

  • Complete the focus "In the Vermilion Court" and invite Rising Sun to the plenum in the subsequent event. Bring stability below 10% to trigger civil war. Don't switch to a different country.
  • Unlock the balance of power mechanic through your focuses and push it above 80% (representing a ratio of non-aligned to communism popularity, or vice versa) in either direction to activate The Death Spiral mission and let it time out. This will switch you to Fickle Current automatically.
  • Win the civil war as Fickle Current. At some point take the "Overseas Investors" focus and accept changelings' offer. Do not core your occupied states.
  • Complete the focus "The Twelfth Vassal-Corporation". Between Sycee Trading House and All-Kiria Artificers' Guild, let one of the two corporations charter more than twice the states than the other. Timeout the Sycee-Guild Rivalry mission and wait a few months for things to escalate.
  • While the corporate war is ongoing and you have Atomic Research tech either already researched or currently being researched, there is 1/3 chance each month for a one-time event to fire in which Radiance is nuked. Kirin Astrology reduces that chance. After that happens, send your best divisions as volunteers to either side to finish the war.
  • Take the decisions to integrate the western puppets back into your country. Beware of potential invasions from Zaikirian Militarchy in 1011 and Roam Kaiserate (but not Talonsvaal Republiek) in 1012. Once you feel secure and in control of all of your starting territory, remove all garrison from Kirian states and wait until the average resistance exceeds 45%. Don't switch.
  • Complete the focus "Wards of the State".
  • Start another war. Allow your enemy to capture Fragrance while Chrysalis is still in charge of the Changeling Lands. Setting Stalliongrad to choose Sinister and New Mareland to become non-harmonic before starting the game ought to buy you some extra time.

If for some reason you don't get an event loading a new focus tree after winning the civil war as Fickle Current, saving the game and loading it again ought to fix it.

Some initial setup steps are shared with Matrilineal Succession award. While attempting this award, create a save before Children of Concord's uprising, complete either of the two awards, and reload to get the other. UC
Balefire Blues icon
Balefire Blues
As a zebra nation, drop a nuclear bomb on Canterlot state.
Yes Country Starting Race is Zebra Zebra Yes Dropped a nuclear bomb on Canterlot
  • Hard due to there not being many Zebra countries, and even fewer being able to build a power base high enough to rival Equestria.
  • Best done while doing the Ascention award. After finishing your Focus Tree, build a large number of long range fighters and a few Strategic Bombers. Try dropping a nuclear bomb at the very start of the war since Canterlot of unlikely to have air support.
2.0.1 UC
Blitzkrieg icon
As the Changeling Lands, complete "Lead the Armies" focus and annex Canterlot state before 1010.
Yes Original country is Flag of Changeling Lands Changeling Lands Yes Owns Canterlot

Yes Has completed focus Lead the Armies

Yes Before 1:00, 1 Jan, 1010

  • Playing on non-historical can make this award easier.
  • Start building a collaboration Government in Equestria as soon as possible.
  • Rush the political focuses to "Peaceful Integration of Olenia". On non-historical there is a 10% chance that Olenia will submit without a fight if they are still non-aligned. This is not required, but gives you more time. Have naval invasions ready if the war breaks out.
  • Rush to "Lead the Armies" as soon as the Olenia was is over. Push aggressively on the main front. You can naval invade the south with a small force to split the enemy armies. If Equestria is currently in a Civil War capitulating them will be easier. You only need to bid for Canterlot in the peace deal.
2.0.1 UC
Comeback icon
As Hippogriffia, first lose the North Zebrican War, then defeat Chiropterra.
Yes Original country is Flag of Hippogriffia Hippogriffia Yes Hippogriffia has been defeated

Yes One of the following must be true:

  • The North Zebrican War will trigger after Chiropterra and the Colthagian Republic for an alliance and declare a war on you, or you declare war on them.
  • Abandon all your continental holdings and wait for The Trotguirat Treaty to trigger.
  • You'll load into a transitional focus tree. Take some focuses that remove debuffs you got after loosing the war, but don't finish the tree since that will remove all your old National Spirits that will help you in the next war.
  • Justify when you can (or use a spare wargoal you got from your focus tree) and declare after the truce is over. Garrison your ports and the one island with a strait to the mainland. If the Colthagian Republic is not a major, simply naval invade the few Chiropterra core states to capitulate the entire faction.
2.0.1 UC
Crime Against Griffonkind icon
Crime Against Griffonkind
Drop a nuclear bomb on Griffonstone state.
Yes Dropped a nuclear bomb on Griffonstone A good choice for this achievement is The River Federation, which means you will end up earning the Ode To Joy award along the way. In historical mode, they don't have to wage many wars, and have sufficient industry to achieve the necessary degree of air superiority, at least temporarily, and nuclear research bonus from a focus to make it take less time. The only serious threat is Hellquill; to make the award even easier to earn, you can change their standard AI modifier to something more peaceful. By 1016, when the nuclear bomb is generally unlocked, Griffonstone will likely end up under the Griffonian Empire's control; if you cannot get the war goal from a focus for any reason, simply justify manually. An air base built in the state that is the closest to Griffonstone, right on the border with Hellquill and Lushi, will be enough to get 1016-era heavy fighters in range. 2.0.1 VE
Day of the Black Trident icon
Day of the Black Trident
Be the faction leader of the Zebrika-Aegis with at least 9 members.
Yes Original country is Flag of Realm of Kiria Realm of Kiria

Yes The Zebrika-Aegis has been formed.
Yes Is faction leader
Yes In a faction with at least 9 members

  • Accept Rising Sun in the plenum and fail the Great Gallop Onward by dropping stability below 10%. Switch to the new country.
  • Defend the northwestern portion of your country, including the capital.
  • Complete the focus Overseas Investors and take the changelings' offer. Then allow Kiria to capture Fragrance. Try not to reach 100% capitulation progress, or the event might not fire.
  • Switch to a new country again. About halfway through the second focus you will unlock a new UI button allowing you to switch between two focus trees.
  • Make use of various decisions to subvert other countries and gain benefits in the process. More powerful decisions will be unlocked after successfully executing false flag operations in Auburn Isle and Rhapsody.
  • The decision to form the Zebrika-Aegis alliance requires that you own many states in northwestern and western Kiria. You will have to fight Kiria, and possibly Roam to get them.
2.2 UC
Deforestation Expert icon
Deforestation Expert
As the Changeling Lands, defeat the Everfree Forest.
Yes Original country is Flag of Changeling Lands Changeling Lands Yes Subdued the Everfree Forest
  • Conquer Equestria to unlock the Pax Chysalia occupation focus tree.
  • Use the "Secret Police" or harsher occupation laws to keep resistance and damage to garrisons down.
  • You must have 750 aircraft deployed, of which at least 250 must be tactical bombers, and 250 fighters. You also need to at least be able to research or have already researched Magical Munitions in the Changeling tech tree and Atomic Research in Engineering tech tree. In addition to that, you need to complete "Jadgkommando Brigades" or "The Panzerzugkorps" focus before the rebellion starts.
  • Eventually, the Everfree rebellion will fire on its own.
  • Surround the Everfree Forest with an army, but hold position. Have divisions without any assigned orders to ensure that they won't move without your command.
  • When the Subjugate the Everfree focus becomes available start going down that path immediately. Cancel your current focus if it's not near completion.
  • Pick either of the two new decisions "Operation Durchbruch" or "Operation Fernauf". (30 CP and 25 PP respectively) when they become available.
  • During the Everfree subjugation events pick the following options:

"Target the Castle of the Two Sisters"

"Discreetly switch to the better strain"

"The Herr's prerogitive is to stop the Everfree through any means necessary, plain and simple."

  • Once you're able to pick the "Taming the Forest" decision, do it and proceed to order your army to attack. Provinces in the region will periodically flip back to Everfree, so it might be necessary to micro a unit onto each province once the enemy army is dealt with to capitulate the enemy.
2.0.1 UC
Defying Fate icon
Defying Fate
As Olenia, Capitulate Changeling Lands while being independent and having no allies.
Yes Original country is Flag of Kingdom of Olenia Kingdom of Olenia Yes Defeated Changelings alone
  • Go down the Plavate the Godar focuses for good millitary bonuses.
  • Don't defend at your border. The Changelings outnumber you. Use the natural choke-points created by the impassable terrain and defend behind rivers when possible. If any divisions are running low on organization, swap them out for fresh ones.
  • Eventually, the Changelings will find themselves at war with Equestria. Help them capitulate the Changelings. You'll get the award as long as you're not in a faction with anyone.
2.0.1 UC
Emperor Of Griffonia icon
Emperor Of Griffonia
Have Grover VI reach full age and become the Emperor.
Yes One of the following must be true: Yes Emperor Grover VI is the current country leader Grover VI, assuming he is alive, will be coronated via event in 1021 if you are on a valid path. 2.0.1 UC
Equestria at War icon
Equestria at War
While playing as Equestria, be at war.
Yes Original country is Flag of Equestria Equestria Yes At War

Yes Current ruling party is Harmonic

The quickest way to obtain this award is to complete the focus "Buffalo Relations" and select the aggressive option in the event that comes up afterwards. 2.0.1 VE
Friends in High Places icon
Friends in High Places
As the Changeling Lands, promote the Canterlot Clique to the uppermost echelon of the Changeling Heer.
Yes Original country is Flag of Changeling Lands Changeling Lands Yes Jachs:
   Is a Field Marshal.
   Is the Chief of Army.

Yes Alcippe:
   Is a General.
   Is in the Military High Command.
Yes Jachs, Alcippe, Marsilio, Finicus Vesali, and Second Wind are in the Canterlot Commissariat.

Best combined with the "Occupation Is Magic" award on the same playthrough. It may be easier to earn without the No Step Back and By Blood Alone DLC.
  • The focus "Das 96. Canterlonian" spawns two divisions, commanded by Jachs and Alcippe. In order to promote them to generals, you must either use decisions (costing 100 command points each) if you don't have the By Blood Alone DLC, or use the regular method if you do.
  • Promote Jachs again to a Field Marshall. This step is not affected by any DLC, as it's a mechanic available in the base game.
  • If you have No Step Back DLC, you must then promote them again to advisors. If you don't, this step is skipped entirely, but it's not reflected in the award tooltip; it always says that you need to do that, even when playing the base version.
  • Complete focuses "Jewel in the Crown" and "Changing of the Guard" to satisfy the final objective. Be aware that some story choices may lead you to losing one of the characters later. Doing this during an "Occupation Is Magic" run ensures that you keep everyone in the long term, as you work on Jachs' and Alcippe's promotions. UC
Friendship Always Wins icon
Friendship Always Wins
As the Equestrian Liberation Front, either annex Vesalipolis state or have Changeling Lands as a subject.
Yes Original country is Flag of Changeling Lands Changeling Lands Yes Country is Flag of Equestrian Liberation Front Equestrian Liberation Front

Yes One of the following must be true

  • Don't take any Pax Chrysalia focuses after conquering Equestria.
  • Soon the Equestrian Liberation Front will spawn and you'll get the option to swap to them.
  • You can sabotage the Changelings as much or as little as you wish by deleting their divisions and emptying the stockpile before clicking on the event to play as the Liberation Front.
2.0.1 UC
Hindia Superpower By 1020 icon
Hindia Superpower By 1020
As a Hindian nation, be a major country and have at least one million army ponypower and 100 factories before 1020.
Yes One of the following must be true: Yes Is considered a Major Country

Yes At least 1.00M ponypower in divisions in the field

Yes More Factories than 99

Yes Before 1:00, 1 Jan, 1020

Easy award due to the very generous time limit. Here's one possible strategy:
  • Play as the Yarildom of Chital. Keep the Axis of Chital's tension high.
  • This flips you to being Hindian-aligned making the Hindian War an easy 3 vs 1. Annexing the others after that one by one comes easy, as does conquering the rest of the region. You should be able to reach the requirements even before unifying the region.
2.0.1 UC
I Love Democracy icon
I Love Democracy
As the Aquileian Republic, earn the support of 350 Députés in the Assemblée Nationale.
Yes Original country is Flag of Kingdom of Aquileia Kingdom of Aquileia Yes 350 Députés support the President in the Assemblée Nationale d' Aquileia
  • Ignite and win the Aquileian Revolution to get a parlament.
  • Take decisions to swing Députés to your side, even at the cost of your party support.
2.0.1 UC
As Romau, be fully independent and own Griffenheim state while having the supremacy ideology.
Yes Original country is Flag of Free City of Romau Free City of Romau Yes is fully independent

Yes Current ruling party is Supremacist

Yes Owns Griffenheim

  • Must play on Non-Historical. The Griffonian Empire must go down the "The Old Guard" route for you to become independent. If they chose "The Council of Three", restart.
  • How hard this award will end up being depends mostly on who the Griffonian Empire goes to war with and when. Hunt for a good opportunity. Be ready to restart the run if necessary. You'll have the easiest time if the Griffonian Empire goes the route of the military dictatorship.
2.0.1 UC
Literally 1048 icon
Literally 1048
As Marelandia, rename Mareland state.
Yes Original country is Flag of Commonwealth of New Mareland Commonwealth of New Mareland Yes MARESOC have taken control

Yes Renamed Mareland

  • To play as Marelandia, go down the Communist branch (Recognize Staliongrad) and pick MARESOC during The First Socialist Conference.
  • Mareland is owned at the start of the game by Equestria, and must be taken in a war in order to be renamed.
  • First, consolidate your power and remove your debuffs by working on your focus tree. Wingbardy might pose an early problem if they decide to attack you with their bigger forces, but you can always fall back all the way to Colton and Sunset if you can't hold the riverline border and counterattack once your enemies are split between you and an eastern coalition.
  • After integrating Wingbardy you can decide on your next course of action depending on what state Equestria is in. If you are not able to declare and take Mareland in a peace, continue conquering parts of Griffonia till you're ready to face your past overlord.
2.0.1 UC
Lord Of War icon
As Tobuck, ensure Pea Shooter leaves with as much money as possible.
Yes Original country is Flag of Republic of Tobuck Republic of Tobuck Yes Maximum money ending achieved

You must end the year with 100 million in overseas funds.

2.0.1 UC
Memento Mori icon
Memento Mori
As Las Pegasus, ensure Mayor Rokenhar has the best possible ending for his life.
Yes Original country is Flag of Equestria Equestria Yes Country is Flag of Las Pegasus Las Pegasus

Yes Rokenhar has died

  • Trigger the Lunar Civil War: Wait for the event "A Modest Proposal". Pick "You can do it, Luna. I believe in you." or "Everything is fine as it is." and in the event "The Aftermath" soon after, pick "Recruit a team of supporters and activists.". The Lunar Civil War is now guaranteed. To have the Lunar Empire be reasonably strong, pick all middle options in the following events. When the Civil War fires, chose to stay with Celestia.
  • Soon after, you will start getting events for to play as breakaway states, first in the south-east, then the south. Next you'll get the option to play as Las Pegasus.
  • Use your focuses and events to balance Communism and Fascism, but keep them low, lower Harmony and above all else increase Non-Aligned support. Your goal is to have Non-Aligned be the strongest party so you can take the focus "Checkmate".
  • With your new focus tree, beeline to "Reinforcing the House of Cards". For the best possible ending you must complete the following focuses: "Root Out Corruption", "Fairer Taxation", "An Actual Constitution", "Ensure a Smooth Succession", "The Swan Song". You have to ignore the famine to have enough time.
2.0.1 UC
Matrilineal Succession icon
Matrilineal Succession
Coronate Princess Mahogany Blaze.
Yes Original country is Flag of Realm of Kiria Realm of Kiria Yes The Kingdom of Concord has been formed.
  • Have Fickle Current win the civil war by dropping stability below 10%. It will play out differently, depending on whether you invited Rising Sun into the plenum or not. However, it is important that she doesn't escape to Tangpau, and the surest way to guarantee that is to invite her.
  • Children of Concord will revolt once the average resistance in Kiria's states exceeds 45%. Shortly before that happens, delete all of your units (or don't, if you want extra challenge); it will be too late once the event pops. Switch to the rebels.
  • Some focuses grant influence points to either Kindling Flash or Dayspring Rose. The latter is also available as a political advisor, which can grant her an additional point while she is active. To achieve the Kingdom of Concord ending, upon completing the focus "We Are Free", the difference between both must either be kept within one point of each other (in which case you will get to decide which ending you want), or have Dayspring Rose's influence be two or more points higher than Kindling Flash's (in which case you will skip some story events and become a kingdom automatically).
  • Note: while the final focus requires you to be in control of all of "Kiria proper", Fragrance is not considered a part of it for the purposes of this and other similar focuses. This means that a changeling takeover of the city will not prevent your progress. It will even grant a strong debuff towards Fickle Current's surrender progress and his army overall, lasting for one year, potentially making your job easier.

Some initial setup steps are shared with A Series of Unfortunate Events award. While attempting that award, create a save before Children of Concord's uprising, complete either of the two awards, and reload to get the other.

2.2 UC
More In Common icon
More In Common
As the Realm of Kiria, complete Mayflower Bloom's story arc.
Yes Original country is Flag of Realm of Kiria Realm of Kiria Yes Appointed Mayflower Bloom as Political Advisor
  • Complete the 3 and 1/2 year plan.
  • At some point during the first 10 focuses of the new tree you unlock Mayflower Bloom as a fifth character for the journal.
  • Complete every focus that adds a journal entry for Mayflower Bloom.
  • Complete the new focus called Mayor Mayflower that has just become visible. You will need the mayor of Radiance to be from MMK (PB).
  • At some point a new decision will become available to appoint Mayflower as a political advisor. To take it, the position of mayor of Radiance must be available for a replacement again.
  • Once the decision is taken, a series of two events will appear. In the latter, you are to choose whether or not you want to actually unlock her as an advisor. You will earn your award regardless of your choice.

Sometimes you need to wait until the first day of the month to move to the next step.

2.2 UC
Occupation Is Magic icon
Occupation Is Magic
As the Changeling Lands, open the Generalmajor's desk drawer.
Yes Original country is Flag of Changeling Lands Changeling Lands Yes Opened Jachs' drawer Requires achieving the best ending for the Pax Chrysalia occupation of Equestria. To this end, you have to pick a few specific event options while progressing through the focus tree (options that are for pony rights and cooperation) and fail to subjugate the Everfree Forest. You do not need to do any focuses that require owning Ponyville.
  • Pick the following focuses when given the choice: "The Seaddle Protocol", "Dabble in the Esoteric", "Seeds of Truth"
  • Fail the subjugation of Everfree event chain. Don't bother with any focuses or decisions relating to it.
  • During the following events, pick the listed options:

"Illegal Graffiti": "We have to be lenient with foals, otherwise we're the monsters the resistance says we are."

"The Changeling-Equestrian Treaty of Alliance and Friendship": "Perhaps one day, our children will recognise each other as equals."

"The Equestrian Penal Service Corps": "The ponies deserve at least some rights."

"The Cart Before the Ponies": "Sure, this sounds like an excellent idea."

"The Golden 'ling of the Queen's Guard": "Put the lieutenant on probation for 90 days before we review this again."

"The Changeling Condition": "Maybe we can expand on this and share our thoughts with pony scientists..."

"Nothing to See Here": "I'm not going to commit more resources to projects I know nothing about."

"That Time Between Day and Night": "We need to talk to Twilight."

"A Modest Proposal": "Take the drink."

"Nominative Determinism": "Keep your head down and make the best of what you've got. It's all any of us can do."

2.0.1 UC
Ode To Joy icon
Ode To Joy
As any original member of the River Coalition, become the founder of the River Federation.
Yes One of the following must be true: Yes Founded the River Federation Simply focus on the River Federation branch of your focus tree and ignore the rest. 2.0.1 VE
Reactionaries, Reactionaries Everywhere icon
Reactionaries, Reactionaries Everywhere
As River Republic, defeat all your enemies while having Caramel Haze as the country leader.
Yes Original country is Flag of River Republic River Republic Yes Caramel Haze has established the Proletarian Dictatorship

Yes Has completed focus Triumphant Revolution!

This is going to be much easier if you either form the River Federation first (for example if you are going after the Ode To Joy award as well) or start the game already federalized. UC
Revengeance icon
As Longsword, burn down Griffenheim.
Yes Original country is Flag of County of Longsword County of Longsword Yes Country is Flag of Longsword Liberation Front Socialist Republic of Longsword.

Yes Razed Griffenheim

  • Go down the "Resist and Bite" branch of the focus tree and win the civil war.
  • During the Visaginas Constitutional Convention focus you'll get several events. Pick "The Convention cheers for Longsword's hero!" and "That's nonsense." Soon after that you will get the event "The Showdown". Picking "Try and take the shot, Abba!" puts you on the correct path for the award.
  • Be ready for a hard war with Hellquill to the north, for they will likely declare on you before you manage to fully recover from the civil war. Also keep an eye on Lake City since they might also declare on you later using wargoals from the Secure The West focus.
  • Once you feel stable, hunt for a good opportunity to declare on the Griffonian Empire, preferably before they start reconsolidating their cores. You likely won't be able to hold a wide front.
  • Make sure to take Griffenheim in the peace deal. You should now be able to take the event "Burn down Griffenheim", earning you the award after 60 days.
2.0.1 UC
River Of Blood icon
River Of Blood
As Yale, inflict over one million casualties on the Griffonian Empire in a defensive war while only controlling Greenback state.
Yes Original country is Flag of Yale Rectorate Yale Rectorate Yes Got 'The River of Blood' event
  • Place your entire army on a fallback line on the south side of the river going through Greenback.
  • Build extra military factories in Greenback. Do not build forts since they will prevent the AI from attacking.
  • Convert your divisions into infantry with support artillery and engineers. Use the Grand Battleplan doctrine for extra entrenchment.
  • Work on your economy focuses before your political tree opens up. There are various political options you can go for, but picking Bruma and Gamia and going for Project Auferstehung will give you a large boost to your recrutable population and allow you to also earn the Emperor Of Griffonia award later.
  • Wait for the Griffonian Empire to declare war on you and kill themselves trying to break your entrenched positions behind the river.
  • To get the award an event must trigger that requires you to not be in a faction. If you're in one (for instance with Bronzehill) make sure to kick them and disband the faction.
2.0.1 UC
Sable Spirit Redux icon
Sable Spirit Redux
Ensure the Kirian Revolution comes full circle.
Yes Original country is Flag of Realm of Kiria Realm of Kiria Yes Rising Sun has ascended as the Matriarch Usurper.
  • Start a civil war by dropping stability below 10%. If given the choice, do not invite Rising Sun to the plenum. Switch to the communist breakaway nation in the west.
  • Win the civil war to unlock a new focus tree. Take the first focus to unlock hundred days campaign decisions. You need to get the event "The Zenith of the Sun" after completing all 100-days campaigns. When in doubt, hover on the "Begin the Eighth Hundred Day Campaign" decision and read which event you are going to get after completing it.
  • Certain decisions after focuses will give you an option as to whether you want to behave in an oppressive or merciful way, giving you hidden authoritarian or democratic points. In addition, certain events and focuses will automatically grant you authoritarian points. Conversely, nothing can give you democratic points without a choice. To get the event you want, you need to have more (or equal) authoritarian points than democratic points at the end of the 8th campaign.
  • Be aware that getting too many authoritarian points may lead to revolts. You may try to give some concessions to democracy in events to avoid them, or put them down with your army after they happen. One of those revolts is related to the "Whole Again, Broke Again" award. Create a save if you want to earn it later.
  • Once you have completed all Hundred Days Campaigns and unlocked additional branches of the focus tree, complete the focus "Heir to the Revolution" to unlock a new short series of decisions. You'll get the award shortly after the final one
2.2 UC
Secrets, Mysteries Unveiled icon
Secrets, Mysteries Unveiled
As Brodfeld, complete the initiation ceremony.
Yes Original country is Flag of Kingdom of Brodfeld Kingdom of Brodfeld Complete the focus "Finished Dam". After about one month, you will start receiving events with riddles in them. Each subsequent riddle will either come instantly, or after 75 days. The correct options are:
  • bruena caxfnu
  • bv, f nfqq pb ckzmz tqbgz.
  • Alpha.
  • One
  • Princess Celestia -> Princess Luna -> Princess Twilight Sparkle
  • Se, feumaidh sinn seo a ghabhail.
  • "Light."
  • "Fidelity."
  • "A new age begins in Prywhen."

You have now earned the award and unlocked a secret path. This also replaces your entire focus tree with a new one. Consider delaying the "Finished Dam" focus until you are ready, if you wish to continue the playthrough.

2.0.1 UC
Sisterhooves Social icon
Sisterhooves Social
As Equestria, have both Celestia and Luna as country leaders at the same time.
Yes Original country is Flag of Equestria Equestria Yes Celestia and Luna rule together
  • Wait for the event "A Modest Proposal". Pick "You can do it, Luna. I believe in you."
  • In the event "The Aftermath" soon after, pick "Turn to the Elements of Harmony.".
  • In the following events, always pick the bottom, least suspicious options.
  • During the event "Blood Moon", pick "Resist!"
2.0.1 VE
The Goddess icon
The Goddess
As Barrad, lead Viira on a path to godhood.
Yes Original country is Flag of Barrad Magocracy Barrad Magocracy Yes Has The Focus Tree of True Viira's Barrad The Barrad focus tree has a central trunk in the middle that continues your focuses, and several branches for each member of the Pentarchy. You will have to do most of the branches before going down the trunk. You also should use Leopold's carousing decisions liberally to keep everyone in good standing with each other and to conserve resources for each character, especially Viira.
  • Make sure to go down the "Contact Cultists" focus branch, research Hydraulic Drills so you can take the "Dig Deeper" focus, do Gąsienica's quest before moving on to the final part of the tree.
  • Never spend any resources with Viira, except for searching Silver Star's library.
  • After picking "Strike the Earth" focus, you'll get excavation decisions. Choosing to Dig Deeper a 6th time will initiate a battle. that you must win with the help of Viira. After the Titan is defeated however, it is best for Viira to kill off Leopold at the end.
  • With everything ready, you should not have much problems winning the 2v1 fight.
2.0.1 UC
The Griffon Behind The Slaughter icon
The Griffon Behind The Slaughter
As Wingbardy, find out who was the true mastermind behind King Gumberto's murder.
Yes Original country is Flag of Kingdom of Wingbardy Kingdom of Wingbardy Yes Has national spirit Justice for Gumberto
  • Follow the monarchist path. Declare Martial Law and The Royal Intervention.
  • After securing support, take the focus One Night in Griffenheim. This unlocks "The Murder Investigation" decisions.
  • Investigate thoroughly and find all the evidence before making an accusation to pin down the culprit. The correct options for each event is as follows:

The Grandiose Party: "What do you remember about my father?"

Midnight Discoveries: "The mail offices, there has to be something of value in there."

Recollections: "It was the sweet, exotic taste of Vinovian wine!

The Accusation: Erich Ebonwing, and the blasted Imperials!

Last Thoughts: There must be something deeper here.

The Imperial Seal: The Regency Council.

  • Should the country the culprit is hiding at refuse extradition, you will get access to an Intelligence Agency operation to remedy that. You will also have to conduct another operation after the "The Imperial Seal" event.
2.0.1 UC
The New Cycle icon
The New Cycle
As the Children of Ahuizotl, complete the "A New God" focus.
Yes Original country is Flag of Equestria Equestria Yes Country is Flag of Children of Ahuizotl Children of Ahuizotl.

Yes Has completed focus A New God

  • Trigger the Lunar Civil War: Wait for the event "A Modest Proposal". Pick "You can do it, Luna. I believe in you." or "Everything is fine as it is." and in the event "The Aftermath" soon after, pick "Recruit a team of supporters and activists.". The Lunar Civil War is now guaranteed. When the Civil War fires, chose to stay with Celestia or Luna.
  • Soon after, the southern states will rebel. Chose to play as the Baltimare Republic.
  • Win the southern war while picking focuses from the right side of your focus tree (Advisors From Staliongrad, State Interventionalism, etc.)
  • After you win the war and get a new focus tree, continue progressing your political focuses down to "Glory To The South-East".
  • You'll get an event that will trigger another Civil War and allow you to switch to Children of Ahuizotl. Delete you army before switching and rush for victory points with your numerical advantage.
  • Follow their focus tree and conquer Equestria who is hopefully weakened by the civil war, changelings and/or Staliongrad. You only need to take Canterlot in the peace deal.
2.0.1 UC
The Unwilling Dictator icon
The Unwilling Dictator
As Feathisia, have Edgar Pechvogel as the country leader.
Yes Original country is Flag of Grand Duchy of Feathisia Grand Duchy of Feathisia Yes Edgar Pechvogel is the current country leader
  • When the Crisis in the Coalition triggers, complete both "The PvdA" and "The FNV" focuses.
  • Soon after "The Attempt" event will trigger. Pick "Duke Gerlach dies!".
  • Soon after that a special Civil War will trigger. Don't select any Civil War decisions.
  • You have to wait in this state until you end up in a defensive war, most likely from the direction of the Griffonian Empire.
  • When that happens you'll be able to take a new decision "Call for a Truce" which will take 7 days to complete.
  • This will temporarily load the FNV Focus Tree. Do not take anything from it. Instead, wait another 7 days for the event that puts Pechvogel as the new leader, replacing the FNV focus tree.
  • If you want to continue playing the game past earning the award, you can try delaying the political focuses to not have to spend so much time with a ruined economy.
2.0.1 UC
Thermal Signature Detected! icon
Thermal Signature Detected!
As Novaya Severyana, attack Azir while having at least 250 aircraft deployed.
Yes Original country is Flag of Republic of Tobuck Republic of Tobuck Yes Alesia rules over Flag of Chiropterra Chiropterra

Yes Is at war with Flag of Azir Azir

Yes Has deployed at least 250 aircraft

  • Beeline to the focus "The White Severyanian" and fail to avert Warlord Suspicion to have Alesia take over Tobuck.
  • Work on your focuses while getting ready for an inevitable war with Chiropterra. If the Equestrian civil war did not fire they will attack you, and if it did fire you will have to attack them via decision.
  • A good tactic for fighting Chiropterra is letting them take over Manerba and northern Zufra, letting them severely overextend their supply lines and opening up the ability to create a wedge and cut off a sizeable chunk of the enemy armies. Repeating this maneuver once more should cripple their ability to defend their territory.
  • You will have to justify a war goal on Azir manually.
2.0.1 UC
Third Time's The Charm icon
Third Time's The Charm
Ensure the Third Aquileian Revolution is successful.
Yes Original country is Flag of County of Francistria County of Francistria Yes Country is Flag of Kingdom of Aquileia Kingdom of Aquileia

Yes Tarrin restored the Republic

  • As Francistria change your occupation law to No Garrison and delete your army. Keep the rebels adjudicated and raid for the Second Aquileian Revolution to fire. The revolution must fail. Switch to Tarrin when given an option.
  • Form up your army at the Francistrian border as they will soon declare on you. Blitz enemy victory points. They can call in other members of their faction, but will White Peace you by event if they capitulate.
  • Start working on your political and economic focuses. You have to go down the Harmonist path.
  • Meanwhile, build a defensive army of 6 infantry with support engineer divisions and position them east of Transista, behind the river and in the southern mountains. Take Grand Battleplan and recruit Meinard Nocere for extra entrenchment. Build a Supply Depot in Chateau Accueillant (remember to take the decision to reorganize the supply network after you lower your consumer goods and have extra civilian factories).
  • Invite all possible allies to your faction, but don't declare war yourself unless all Aquileian minors are in your faction. If you wait for a defensive war even the nations that could not join will be fighting on your side, while with an offensive war they can declare on you and some allies might not join due to risky borders.
  • When the war breaks out, play defensively. Take the Watter Our Furrows! focus and flood your provinces for extra defence. Be patient and only push when the enemy is exhausted and their line thins. Find a weak point to breakthrough and encircle enemy divisions.
  • Be sure to take Aquila in the peace deal. You can now take the decision Move The Capital To Aquila to earn this award.

Warning: None of your alliance members can create a puppet Aquileia during the peace deal or your game will crash. If this happens, try loading a backup save and redoing the peace deal, or annexing the puppet through console commands, since you will not be able to declare war via justification as a harmonic state.

2.0.1 UC
Trade Tycoon icon
Trade Tycoon
As the Colthaginian Republic, have at least 10 trade routes.
Yes Original country is Flag of Colthaginian Republic Colthaginian Republic Yes Trade decisions have been unlocked

Yes Has 10 trade partners

Before the start of the game, set Equestria's AI modifier to start a civil war to distract Chiropterra from disturbing peace in Zebrica. After handling the Constitutionalists (preferably peacefully), reach the "Reinvigorate Commerce" and "Streghten Domestic Production" focuses and start trading. Then, start dealing with Coltvans to give you extra options for domestic production. Do not do anything that increases world tensions or make claims to neighboring territories in order not to discourage harmonic nations from accepting your trade proposals. You should be able to achieve your goal before the Hindian wars while Equestria is still in a civil war (if either side starts losing noticeably, you may lend-lease them). 2.0.1 UC
Tricolour Over Griffenheim icon
Tricolour Over Griffenheim
As the Griffonian Republic, bring the Revolution of 978 back to its starting point.
Yes Original country is Flag of Griffonian Republic Griffonian Republic Yes Owns Griffenheim

Yes Is a republic

2.0.1 UC
Under Our Spell icon
Under Our Spell
As the ancient creatures in the Abyss, get your revenge over a thousand years in the making.
Yes Original country is Flag of Hippogriffia Hippogriffia Yes The cult has taken over

Yes Has completed focus Fate Of The Pillars

  • Rush to "The Anti-Harmonic Activities Committee".
  • Pick the decision "Patrol the Deepest Depths" while having the Divided Society national spirit at Seapony Total Control, Seapony Primacy, Hippogriff Total Control or Hippogriff Primacy.
  • Soon you'll get the event "The Mareiana Report" and some time after that "Breakdown Of Order". Picking "This chaos is simply temporary, we just have to wait it out." will allow you to start spreading the cult's message and take over.
  • When you eventually get a new focus tree, follow it to it's conclusion. Prepare yourself since it will require you to conquer Equestria.
2.0.1 UC
War Of Sun And Moon icon
War Of Sun And Moon
Become the Solar Empire as Equestria while being at war with the Lunar Empire.
Yes Original country is Flag of Equestria Equestria Yes Current ruling party is Supremacist

Yes Is at war with Flag of Lunar Empire Lunar Empire

  • Trigger the Lunar Civil War: Wait for the event "A Modest Proposal". Pick "You can do it, Luna. I believe in you." or "Everything is fine as it is." and in the event "The Aftermath" soon after, pick "Recruit a team of supporters and activists.". The Lunar Civil War is now guaranteed. To have the Lunar Empire be weak, pick all aggressive options in the following events. When the Civil War fires, chose to stay with Celestia.
  • Contain the Lunar Empire, but don't capitulate them. During the war, you will get several several events relating to things like conscription, censorship etc. Always pick the bottom, harshest options. Doing this will eventually change you into the Solar Empire.
2.0.1 UC
Whole Again, Broke Again icon
Whole Again, Broke Again
Form the Kirian Second Republic with 18 constituent member-states.
Yes Original country is Flag of Realm of Kiria Realm of Kiria Yes Has completed focus Tail Wagging the Dog

Yes The Kirian Second Republic has been formed with 18 constituent member-states.

The initial setup for this award is similar to "Sable Spirit Redux". Read that first for full context.
  • Win the civil war as Rising Sun. You must control Fragrance as well. To be absolutely sure that it happens, you may set Changeling Lands to choose the path of Thoraxian revolt.
  • You don't need to do 100-days campaigns, but the first couple will help you boost your industry a bit so that you can better deal with Zaikiria (annex them) and Roam (ideally, just ensure that they don't have a border with you). Conquer and annex Taungpau as well. Once you are secure, delete all of your units and stockpile.
  • Get at least 9 hidden authoritarian points through decisions in events. You'll know that you have once you get the events "No Easy Answers" and "To Devour the Revolution".
  • Complete one of the following focuses: "Unity Within", "Seize Northern Industry", "Paramountcy Without", "Campaign Against Foreign Infiltration" or "The Incendiaries, Institutionalised". You may complete most of those early, as long as you have saved one until after you have at least 9 authoritarian points.
  • Switch to the rebels and capitulate your previous nation as fast as you can. While the focus "Tail Wagging the Dog" only requires that you have conquered "all of Kiria proper", to get all 18 constituents, you also need to control key states in aforementioned Zaikiria and Taungpau, more specifically Cherry Blossom, Lotus Crown, Cassia Reach, and Baganta.
2.2 UC