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While most countries in Equestria at War have a unique focus tree, there are some that instead have one of three generic focus trees. Which one a country has is based on the continent they're on, with there being a tree for Equus (used by the Flag of United Dragon Lands Dragons, Flag of Les Meridiennes Les Meridiennes and Flag of Puerto Caballo Puerto Caballo), a tree for Griffonia (used by Flag of Deponya Deponya[1], Flag of Kingdom of Griffonstone Griffonstone, Flag of House Erie Erie, Flag of House Eyrie Eyrie, the Flag of Northern Tribes Northern Tribes, Flag of Pomovarra Pomovarra, Flag of Barony of Pridea Pridea, Flag of Duchy of Rila Rila, Flag of Duchy of Vinovia Vinovia, Flag of Watertowns Watertowns, and Flag of Marquisate of Westkeep Westkeep) and a tree for Zebrica (used by Flag of Kingdom of Abyssinia Abyssinia, Flag of Aestlonia Aestlonia, Flag of Alwani Alwani, Flag of Anseruk Anseruk, Flag of Aoranda Aoranda, Flag of Arabian Popular Front Arabian Popular Front, Flag of Arabian Republic Arabian Republic, Flag of Asstyria Asstyria, Flag of Azir Azir, Flag of Barasingha Barasingha, Flag of Boltrian Kingdom Boltria, Flag of Free Camel Tribes Camel Tribes, Flag of Central Zebrican Empire Central Zebrica, Flag of Talarayi Talarayi, Flag of Doelhi Confederation Doelhi, Flag of League of Four Emirs Four Emirs, Flag of Kingdom of Gargiloya Gargiloya, Flag of Gelon-Zornu Gelon-Zornu, Flag of Gyzwindid Realm Gyzwindid, Flag of Haymirite Kingdom Haymir, Flag of Hayzeb Federation Hayzeb, Flag of Ice Dragon Tribe Ice Dragons, Flag of Naugdaw Naugdaw, Flag of Maglibing Maglibing, Flag of Karkadannistan Karkadannistan, Flag of Khamrin Khamrin, Flag of Realm of Kiria Kiria, Flag of Klugetown Klugetown, Flag of Lan Kir Militarchy Lan Kir, Flag of Llambet Llambet, Flag of Macawia Macawia, Flag of Macigena Macigena, Flag of Maregypt Maregypt, Flag of Magocracy of Maretania Maretania, Flag of Duchy of Maretonia Maretonia, Flag of Imperial Mazwi Mazwi, Flag of Melahaka Melahaka, Flag of Mozzi Mozzi, Flag of National Salvation Movement National Salvation Movement, Flag of Emirate of Osqat Osqat, Flag of Protectorate of Uusi Hirvimaa Uusi Hirvimaa, Flag of Qaylidi Dervishes Qaylidi Dervishes, Flag of Quaggatai Quaggatai, Flag of Re'em Re'em, Flag of Roaman Kaiserate Roam, Flag of Saddle Arabia Saddle Arabia, Flag of Yarildom of Sambar Sambar, Flag of Sambovato Sambovato, Flag of Sen Kinh Sen Kinh, Flag of Kingdom of Senturya Senturya, Flag of Feathisian South Zebrides South Zebrides, Flag of Stagpal Stagpal, Flag of Stormland Regency Stormland, Flag of Icepaw Provisional Directorate Icepaw, Flag of Talonsvaal Republiek Talonsvaal, Flag of Tanaigha Tanaigha, Flag of Taungpau Taungpau, Flag of Thundarian Magocracy Thundarian, Flag of Timbucktu Timbucktu, Flag of Twizanyika Twizanyika, Flag of Ugabi Ugabi, Flag of Emirate of Yemane Yemane, Flag of Zar-Hay Zar-Hay, Flag of Zeblu Zeblu, Flag of Kingdom of Zongo Zongo and Flag of Zuid-Zebrikaansche Vrystaat Zuid-Zebrika).


Generic National Focus Tree (Equus)
Main article: Generic National Focus Tree (Equus)

The generic focus tree for countries on Equus has 5 main branches:

  • Army Effort gives army experience and research bonuses to army research.
  • Aviation Effort gives air experience, builds air bases, and research bonuses to air research.
  • Naval Effort gives navy experience, builds naval dockyards, and research bonuses to navy research.
  • Industrial Effort builds civilian and military factories (usually even if building slots are already full), infrastructure and grants extra research slots.
  • Political Effort gives the country choices on which political path they will take.


Griffonia Focus Tree
Griffonia Generic Focus Tree.png

Dreams of a Federation

Dreams of a Federation Focus Tree Section
Dreams of a Federation Focus Tree.png


Zebrica Focus Tree
Zebrica Generic Focus Tree.png


  1. Due to being a member of the River Coalition, Deponya also has the generic Dreams of a Federation tree.