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Diamond Dogs are known for their mischievousness, curiosity and obsession with crystals.

Diamond dogs are sentient canine creatures who live underground. They originated in the deep mountains of East Griffonia, in the Riverlands to be precise, which became known as Diamond Mountain. Thanks to their ability to use claws effectively, they are able to extract resources, and most importantly, can dig tunnels and trenches with ease. However, they lack the magical abilities of ponies, changelings, and griffons.


Same as griffons and dragons, diamond dogs are known for their endless greed and selfishness. They are obsessed with gemstones, especially diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and crystals. They value their wealth above everything else, and thus their society is traditionally hierarchical where the rich minority rules over the poor majority. Unlike most other civilizations, diamond dogs have wide-scale slavery.

Slavery has existed in diamond dog society for more than a thousand years and still survives to this day. The poorest and weakest diamond dogs are used for dangerous tasks such as mining and warfare, while the richest and strongest ones rule the country, rule the others and enjoy luxurious lives. 

Because diamond dogs are proficient miners, they can amass vast riches in their subterranean homes without much outside interference. Their Kings Under the Mountain jealously guard their wealth, accrued by using a large caste of slaves. The magical crystals that they extract are the most valuable wealth they have. Unlike the ponies, who use crystals for scientific and/or militaristic purposes, the dogs use them as "measurement" in everyday lives, such as currency, social status and so on. 

Racial Tech


The Ironpaws divisions are good for their high organisation and small bonus to soft attack. Because of their organisation, you can use them as the breakthrough divisions - for their attacks can be sustained longer than most infantry divisions, or you can use them defensively, to hold the line for a long time.

Ironpaws Division I icon

Ironpaws Division I

Enables Ironpaws
Heavily armoured dog warriors, akin to griffon knights, these soldiers are particularly adept in establishing fortifications and operating in rough territory, such as mountains and underground tunnels. They are considered to be the military elite, and wield the finest weapons that can be provided.
Ironpaws Division II icon

Ironpaws Division II

  • Ironpaws Soft Attack: +5%
  • Ironpaws Organization: +5
Subjecting the Ironpaw recruits to harsher training regimen will improve their cohesion in battle, as well as improving their accuracy with rifles.
Ironpaws Division III icon

Ironpaws Division III

  • Ironpaws Organization: +5
Continued improvements to our Ironpaws' armour and arms will ensure their supremacy on the battlefield.
Ironpaws Division IV icon

Ironpaws Division IV

  • Ironpaws Organization: +5
As wars grow ever more destructive and deadly, our soldiers must adapt to the changing conditions with new training drills.
Ironpaws Division V icon

Ironpaws Division V

  • Ironpaws Organization: +5
Pride of the Diamond Dogs, Ironpaws are entitled to the best designs our engineers can come up with. Our success rests on their continued high performance.
Ironpaws Division VI icon

Ironpaws Division VI

  • Ironpaws Organization: +5
From their humble origins as a shock melee batallion, Ironpaws have become an unparalleled force, equipped with contemporary heavy firearms, able to take on any foe and come out on top.

 Mining and Industry

Because of their specialty, they can have a decent amount of bonuses about mining and underground construction. With them plus the bonuses from the industrial trees. The combined bonuses are a force to be reckoned with.

Mining icon


  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +15%
Underground Construction icon

Underground Construction

  • Construction Speed: +5%
  • Factory Repair Speed: +10%
  • Factory Bomb Vulnerability: -25%
Underground Construction II icon

Underground Construction II

  • Max Factories in a State: +15%
  • Factory Bomb Vulnerability: -10%
Mining II icon

Mining II

  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +10%
  • Infrastructure construction speed: +10%
Industrial Growth icon

Industrial Growth

  • Factory Output: +10%
  • Dockyard Output: +10%
  • Production Efficiency Cap: +10%
Mining III icon

Mining III

  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +10%
  • Infrastructure construction speed: +5%


Mountain Home icon

Mountain Home

Leg Infantry:
  • Mountain Movement: +10%
  • Hill Movement: +5%
Mountain Training icon

Mountain Training

Leg Infantry:
  • Mountain Attack: +15%
  • Mountain Defence: +5%
  • Hill Attack: +7%
  • Hill Defence: +3%
Defensive Tunneling icon

Defensive Tunneling

  • Max Entrenchment: +1
  • Division Defense: +10%
  • Damage Reduction Against CAS: +20%
  • Enemy Air Support: -20%
Offensive Tunneling icon

Offensive Tunneling

  • All Infantry and Mot/Mech: Breakthrough: +10%
  • Damage Reduction Against CAS: +20%
  • Enemy Air Support: -20%
Advance Fortifications icon

Advance Fortifications

  • Land Fort construction speed: +20%
  • Coastal Fort construction speed: +10%
Mountaining Training II icon

Mountaining Training II

  • Mountain Attack: +5%
  • Mountain Defence: +5%
  • Hill Attack: +3%
  • Hill Defence: +2%
Advance Tunneling icon

Advance Tunneling

  • Entrenchment Speed: +20%
  • Damage Reduction Against CAS: +20%
  • Enemy Air Support: -20%